Episode 5217

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2011
UK Air Date: 8th February 2011

Alf, angry on his return home, attacks Will. Ruby attacks Charlie about her and Angelo’s break up. Irene tries to help Will move on with his life. Nicole and Marilyn return to Summer Bay.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Bill Hughes

Extended Summary

Alf returns home with Morag and is pleased to see Summer Bay House again. Morag is keen to crack on with the defence, and reveals she is convinced that Will is lying to police to protect himself. Alf angrily agrees – everything Will is saying is a lie. Morag tells him to calm down and that she’s getting him prepared for a cross examination – and that they need to do everything they can to discredit Will. Over at the Beach House, Irene is despairing at Will’s behaviour – he’s been drinking, hasn’t left the house in weeks and seems to be cutting himself off from Lily. Will tells her he’ll move out once he’s got a job but that’s not what she wants. When Will stands up in court and tells everyone what happened, they’re just going to have to come to terms with what Alf’s done, just as she has – Will needs to start picking himself up out of his depression if not for his own sake, then for Lily’s.

Alf and Morag head to the Diner and Colleen is elated to see him free – but Will is less than pleased to see him and the feeling is entirely mutual. Morag hurries Alf out of the Diner, reminded Alf that if he goes near Will he stands to lose his bail. Morag arranges to meet Irene on the beach to ask her if she has any doubts about Will’s statement. Irene is adamant that she can’t believe Will would lie about this. Morag points out to Irene that Alf faces years and years in jail and that it’ll break him but Irene won’t budge in her loyalties.Alf finds out about Nicole’s pregnancy and offers her his full support, though Morag is less than impressed. She points out to Alf that Nicole’s pregnancy is another motive to attribute to the case against Alf. Alf is furious – everything is stacking against him and he seems destined to back to jail regardless of the truth. He heads to the bait shop to clear his head, accompanied by Morag. As he exits the bait shop, he sees Will, Irene and Lily down on the beach. He storms over to confront Will, punching him to the ground and tells Irene he’ll never forgive her for siding with Will.

Nicole and Marilyn arrive back from a holiday they’ve taken, and are greeted by Sid. It transpires that Nicole is still pregnant, despite the trip being for her to terminate the pregnancy. Sid doesn’t seem very impressed with her decision, but Nicole is adamant that she has other options. She admits she’s scared, but she can deal with it. Marilyn tells Sid he should try and be more supportive, and she doesn’t seem impressed that he sticks firmly by the fact it’s the wrong decision. Nicole goes to visit Ruby and tells her she’s pregnant with Penn’s baby and Ruby chastises her for keeping the baby. Nicole is disappointed by her reaction. After talking with Charlie about Nicole’s situation, Ruby apologises and offers her support, realising that her own passage into life was not without it difficulties.

Later at the farmhouse, Marilyn tells Sid she was disappointed with his reaction and he admits he was caught off guard. Sid tells her he just didn’t want Nicole getting herself into a situation she couldn’t handle. Marilyn starts lamenting the benefits of motherhood, with Sid offering a counter view – the situation by Marilyn saying that she’s sure Nicole has a plan. Nicole tells Alf she been offered a place to study fashion at University and she intends to take it regardless of the baby.

Charlie has been thinking about her confrontation with Ruby and tells her she’s sorry for not letting her go and see Ross. Ruby brushes this aside and asks what the deal with Angelo is. Charlie tells her what happened after the wake and Ruby accuses her of using him, but Charlie is defensive. She refuses to feel guilty, she wasn’t using Angelo, she was just escaping her own problems. Charlie goes to see Angelo to discuss what happened, and he tells her he doesn’t need to do this – he realises it was a one off thing and tells her she needs to start going easy on herself. ruby heads over to see Angelo to talk about the relationship break up and it transpires Charlie hasn’t told her anything about the break up – Angelo ended it, not Charlie. Ruby is upset that people are keeping things from her to try and protect her but Angelo tells her the break up wasn’t that simple.