Indi Walker

Samara Weaving played Indi Walker in Home and Away

Indigo Walker (2009, 2010-2013)
Samara Weaving
Episodes: 49094933, 51025873

Parents: Sid & Jody Walker
Siblings: Dex Walker; Sasha Bezmel (half-sister)
Marital Status: Romeo Smith (2011-2013, deceased)

Occupation: Student; Waitress; Gym Owner

Indi arrived in Summer Bay with her parents Sid and Jody and younger brother Dex and was most unimpressed at being forced to move to the small town from the city. She was even less impressed when, within a few hours, Jody had fled back to the city after tiring of Sid’s constant affairs and she and Dex were left with their father, but expressed her approval that Jody had finally discovered the backbone to take a stand.

Having managed to get out of school by claiming it didn’t start until the following week, Indi met up with a boy, Rob, at the surf club and managed to get invitations for herself, Dex and some of the other teens to a party on the beach. She briefly flirted with Geoff, earning herself a serve from Nicole, but turned down Rob’s invitation to go somewhere private, saying she didn’t do randoms at parties. Sid quickly realised their deception, collected them from the party and packed them off to school. Despite not getting off to a good start, she invited Nicole along to another party only to watch Nicole write herself off over what was happening with Belle and have to enlist Geoff’s help to look after her.

She agreed to cover for Nicole when she spent the night with Liam after Belles funeral and persuaded Sid to say she had stayed the night at theirs. Knowing Nicole was worried about Aden, she accompanied him home when she found him stocking up on booze at the bottle shop but was unable to persuade him to stop drinking. When Nicole walked in on them, with Aden practically lying in Indi’s lap, she accused Indi of taking advantage of him. Miles and Sid arranged a family meal for them to sort out their differences and Nicole admitted she was jealous that Aden had opened up to Indi and not her.

When she saw Sid having a coffee with one of the nurses, Therese, she was worried history was repeating itself, despite his insistence they were just friends and that he wasn’t planning to hook up with anyone, and persuaded Nicole to go to Brendan’s birthday party with her. Indi was worried when Nicole scalded her leg on hot coffee and took her to hospital; unaware shed exaggerated the injury in order to see Sid. When she learned Dex was seeing Annie, she expressed her mild frustration that he was in a relationship when she wasn’t and apologised to Nicole for their clash when she first arrived, admitting that because of Sid she had a hard time trusting people.

Nicole invited Indi to the cinema but didn’t show up and when Indi got home she found Nicole kissing Sid. She ran out and tried to get Alf to serve her at the bar before going round Robs place, smoking marijuana with him and his friends and pouring out her woes about her family. He tried to take her up to bed but accidentally dropped her through a glass table. She was reluctant to go to the hospital since it meant seeing Sid and when she did turn up she refused to see him and rebuffed both him and Nicole, even when Nicole insisted it was her fault, convinced Sid was to blame. She was told by a plastic surgeon that her face could be restored to normal and then told Jody she wanted to live with her. She told Sid she would keep quiet about what she’d seen so as not to hurt anyone but ended up telling Dex anyway to persuade him to go with them.

Several months later, Indi turned up at Sid’s place with Dex to reveal that her boyfriend Owen had left her for Jody and the pair were planning to tour Europe together. They asked to live with Sid again, even though he had arranged to return to Summer Bay and stay on Martha’s old farm. Her recovery from her accident had apparently left her more caring and sensitive; when she was reunited with Nicole, things were awkward but she ended up apologising for not understanding what Nicole was going through more.

She was immediately taken with Romeo but disappointed when he said that because of how things ended with Annie he wasn’t after another relationship. She stayed behind in town after school to talk to him about his problems with Jill and gave him her number and was pleased when he texted her to say thanks. They met up again the following day and she advised him to look on the bright side.

She signed up to the boxing classes Tony was arranging at the farm and, when Sid asked her if Nicole was still interested in him, took up Dex’s suggestion of questioning Romeo, getting on well with him. She gave Romeo some advice when he thought Penn was cheating on Nicole. She continued to be attracted to Romeo but told him she was happy being friends. She was disgusted when Sid slept with Veronica, one of the nurses from the hospital, especially when he arranged a date with Marilyn immediately after. She joined Romeo in doing up Angelo’s restaurant and playing a game of 20 Questions, where they both implied they were attracted to the other. She took a job working at the restaurant and considered taking up surfing. She was annoyed when Romeo refused to teach her because he taught Annie and went to the surf clubs coach for lessons, at which point Romeo got jealous and agreed to do it. When he worried they were spending too much time together, she accused him of wanting her as a pseudo-girlfriend to moan to without any of the benefits so he kissed her. She ended up being sprung selling alcohol to Ruby after she claimed she wanted it as a present. She was charged and fined and Angelo sacked her but Irene gave her a job at the Diner. She was slightly disconcerted when she came home to find Sid comforting Nicole but accepted it was innocent.

Indi was worried that Romeo seemed to be keeping things from her until he admitted he was a virgin and worried that she was more experienced. She was worried even more when Romeo lost his voice and panicked that he might be allergic to her but, when it turned out to be just her new lipstick, they made plans to sleep together, although Indi admitted to Nicole she was worried that, after what happened with her previous boyfriend, she was tainted. In the end, she and Romeo couldn’t go through with it. She tried to help smooth things over between Sid and Marilyn after their arguments over Mitzy and felt uncomfortable when Dex told Romeo that she loved him and admitted that she loved him a bit. She was distraught when he broke up with her because he couldn’t say it back and relieved when he came round to apologise and they made up. She asked Romeo about his mixed signals and they tried to sleep together again but Indi burst into tears and ran out of the house. She admitted that Jody going off with Owen had left her uncomfortable about trusting boys and that she wasn’t ready to sleep with him yet. Romeo and Leah helped her send Jody an e-mail asking to speak to her about it but she didn’t receive a reply. When she found a letter that Annie had sent Romeo, she didn’t hand it over until shed steamed it open and read the contents. After taking advice from Sid, she admitted the truth to Romeo and was upset when he seemed ready to break up with her. She was worried he’d take up Annie’s offer to visit her in Japan but instead he told her he loved her. It didn’t stop her getting jealous when she thought Graves was interested in him during a double date.

She was initially reluctant to let Marilyn move in but agreed after talking things over with her and Dex. She fretted over her exams, worried she was going to fail, but relaxed enough to help organise a students informal formal. She insisted she was going to have to repeat school while Romeo went off to university and met another girl and wasn’t any happier when Romeo announced he’d deliberately messed up his exams so he could stay with her although she eventually accepted he was well-intentioned. She was quick to offer him a kiss after he had stopped Vittorio dragging Bianca back to the altar at their wedding.

She befriended Ruby and supported her after her father Ross death. She also discovered shed passed her exams, meaning shed be going to uni while Romeo stayed at school, and enrolled in a Business Studies course. When Marilyn and Sid told her of their plans to adopt Nicole’s baby, she was initially angry, accusing Nicole of using her family to clean up her mess, but quickly came round and gave her support to all of them. She supported Nicole on their first day at uni and dragged her off to a toga party, where she proceeded to get drunk, then turned up late for a date with Romeo and fell asleep on him. She later spent an evening chatting to her uni friends after Romeo had called round to see her. She worried about Dex when he went missing in the bush and enthusiastically welcomed him home. After discussing with Nicole the fact that she and Romeo hardly saw each other, she made plans to sleep with him but he didn’t turn up. She was worried when Ruby ended up in hospital with high blood sugar and puzzled by Ruby’s reluctance to talk to her. She made plans to take Romeo away for the weekend to consummate their relationship. When Xavier told them about Ruby sleeping with Casey, she tried to find out what was wrong with her and was shocked when Ruby announced she’d slept with Romeo. She was furious and ended their relationship and also upset when she found out Nicole already knew. She went round to see Ruby to hear her side of the story but Ruby refused to talk to her, thinking Indi was just looking for an excuse to blame her and forgive Romeo. She admitted to Nicole she still loved Romeo and also had Xavier claiming it was Ruby’s fault and she should get back with him. Romeo turned up at the house to apologise and accepted he’d messed things up between them. After chatting with Marilyn, she went to see him and said she wanted things to go back to how they were but wasn’t ready. She agreed to go for a picnic with him to try and make a fresh start but was plagued by visions of him with Ruby and told him she couldn’t get past it.

She went to a party organised by some agriculture students where she got talking to one of the hosts, Kieran Monroe, and, when Romeo reacted jealously to them, kissed him and let him walk her home. She was persuaded to talk to Romeo when he quit school but he ended up abusing her. She acted as a model for Nicole when she showed off her surf club redesigns and was disgusted to find Romeo had used Emily Logan for sex. When Kieran started hanging around the Diner to see her, she was reluctant to date him but when Romeo warned her to stay away from him she called Kieran to arrange a date. She was uncomfortable when Kieran spent the date quizzing her about her future plans and her views on marriage and children and was relieved when a text about George being born gave her a chance to bail. She was uncomfortable when Kieran turned up at the house, especially when he kept trying to convince her shed love living at his farm in the bush, becoming increasingly aggressive. She turned down another date, going out to a band with Nicole instead but Kieran turned up there and she was forced to accept his help to take a drunken Nicole home. She was worried when he insisted on driving to a lookout point instead of home and insisted he let her out in the middle of nowhere. After trying to phone home and failing to get an answer, she was shocked when Kieran came back and hid in the bush from him despite his saying he only wanted to take her home. She called Romeo who arrived just as Kieran was dragging her back to his car and took her home but turned down an opportunity to spend time with her the next day. She was confused when he seemed to ignore her attempts to contact him and offered to help him out with his surf school business. They got on okay but she was annoyed when he backed off and even more annoyed when he told her Sid had warned him to stay away from her.

She helped Romeo with his business by arranging him a charter booking and had to do a shift at the Diner with Ruby, where they settled their differences. She worried about the growing distance between Sid and Marilyn, talking to Sid about it. She and Romeo then reunited and attempted to get intimate in her room only to be disturbed by the other people in the house. She was worried when Sid told her he’d seen Romeo with another girl but when it turned out to be a misunderstanding they slept together for the first time on the Blaxland, only for Sid to walk in on them. She tried to sort out the pairs differences by having Romeo round to dinner but everyone was uncomfortable when Sid mentioned Emily. She was left in the dark by both men until Marilyn told her Emily had Chlamydia. Romeo also tested positive, although Indi was negative, and Indi seemed to be more angry with Sid than Romeo for keeping it from her. She ended up being the one to tell Ruby about the infection and was among those who encouraged her to get tested. She was upset when Nicole asked for George back and supported Sid when Marilyn went missing with him, saying a quick farewell to Nicole and George when they left. While visiting Romeo on the beach, she was harassed by Rob, one of the River Boys, and Casey came to her defence. She ended up having to defend Romeo to her father again when he was caught up in a drugs bust. She eventually moved out of home and in with Romeo at the caravan park. She accompanied him on a trip to Hawaii where she was offered a job there by one of the attendees but turned him down. Romeo then proposed and she accepted, marrying him the next day and spending time in the honeymoon suite.

She was shocked when she returned to learn Sid and Marilyn had split up. She and Romeo moved in with Roo. When Xavier told them April had been cheating on him with Dex, Indi gave April a serve in the Diner and then went round to the house to confront Dex, only to find Sid and Roo kissing on the couch and declare they were just as bad. Despite Romeo attempting to calm her down, she went and told Marilyn what she’d seen, and then made things so difficult at home that Roo ended up moving in with Sid. When Sid visited her with some knick knacks from home, Marilyn was upset that a teapot shed bought was among them. Indi took Marilyn’s side and returned the teapot to her.

She approved of Romeos plans for personalised picnics, even though the idea had come from Roo. She agreed to be Romeos deck hand on one of his trips but the clients turned out to be Sid and Roo. After a tense few hours, Indi accidentally spilt champagne over Roo, bringing the trip to an end. Romeo convinced her to apologise and, although at first her response was perfunctory, she later admitted she had been being hard on Roo because she was afraid of how much had changed recently. She was shocked to learn Dex was in contact with Jody, who had never replied to her e-mail, and made it clear she didn’t want to see her. She was angry when Jody turned up anyway and had a hostile reunion with her when she went to the farm to have a go at Dex for inviting her. However, she eventually reluctantly attended a family meal with Jody before she departed.

When she found out Romeo had had to borrow money from Sid to pay the rent, she realised they weren’t coping and decided they needed to move back in with her family. Their arrival coincided with the news that Sid had another daughter, Sasha, and Indi was upset with the reminder he had cheated on their mother but agreed they should meet her. She and Dex ended up having to entertain Sasha when Sid turned up with her and announced shed be staying with them. Indi had a row with Romeo the night a storm hit town and was worried when he went out with a rescue party. She supported his decision to go into business with Harvey Ryan and encouraged Sid to ask Roo out. When Harvey began causing trouble for Romeo, she asked Roo to speak with him and later tried to get Roo to give Sid another chance. She went to see Dennis Harling and got an internship at the development. Although she continued to support Romeo against Harvey, she was annoyed when Romeo quit his job and berated him for not looking for work, although she sympathised somewhat when Harvey came round to threaten Romeo and she realised what he’d had to put up with.

Dennis asked her to pose as a model for some beach shots and she ended up in a row with Romeo over them which was interrupted by the arrival of his sister Mink. Indi wasn’t entirely enamoured with the newcomer, who made her give her free meals at the Diner. When Romeo revealed Mink needed $2,000, she insisted they couldn’t afford it and was concerned when Mink accused her of holding Romeo back. After Mink was revealed to have Ménière’s Disease, Indi tried and failed to stop her leaving town without telling Romeo. She was puzzled when her phone bill wasn’t paid and, when Romeo inadvertently sold information from her file to Harvey through an intermediary, learned he had given the money to Mink anyway. They ended up in a row, after which she accepted an invitation to go to Jody’s.

They returned to town to the news that Sasha’s boyfriend Stu Henderson had been beating her and Sid had been charged with assault after beating Stu up. Indi convinced Romeo to take a job as a salesman with the resort in order to get a steady income and, while she was initially unhappy about him taking a client surfing, apologised when he made a good impression and the client made a purchase. She initially advised Romeo to keep quiet when he saw Dennis moving a body at the development site and, when it turned out to be Stu, wasn’t entirely convinced Sid wasn’t responsible. Soon afterwards she lost her internship when Harvey managed to get the resort shut down. She was furious when she heard Ruby had tried to seduce Dex and had a go at her in the Diner. She did her best to console Romeo when the police investigation into Stu’s death brought back unpleasant memories and was unhappy when Sasha confided in Xavier about the case. She joined Dex and Sasha in holding a private memorial for Stu.

She reluctantly agreed to Romeo going on the professional surfing circuit but was unhappy to find Ruby was going with him. Romeo pulled out as a result but after a talk from Ruby she agreed to them both going. She turned up at one of his competitions and planned a celebration meal when he won, only for him to go and check on Ruby, who had left the competition upset, instead. By the time he got home, she had got tired of waiting and gone out with her uni friends. With Romeo away a lot, she began spending time with a friend from uni, Lindsay Meyer. Lindsay’s brother Logan invited her out to a party and she felt tempted but instead she tried to surprise Romeo on the tour. She was furious to find he and Ruby were sharing a room and assumed something had happened between them. Romeo put her straight but she felt their marriage was in trouble.

She went out for dinner with Logan and when he kissed her she responded for a moment before pulling back and deciding to make more of an effort with Romeo. She was shocked when Ruby had a go at her for making Romeo accompany her to Sasha’s trial instead of going to competition, especially since she didn’t know about the competition. She was annoyed when Romeo missed the competition to help Ruby when she was framed for drug possession. Logan bought her some earrings but she told him she and Romeo were making a go of things. When April commented on them, she admitted to Romeo that they were from Logan and also about the kiss, prompting him to end their marriage and leave the farm.

Indi was annoyed when she learned Romeo had returned from tour without telling her and was living at the caravan park house, where Ruby was also living. She retaliated by going out with Logan and then sleeping with him. Despite this, she was annoyed when Romeo admitted he and Ruby had kissed the same night and had a go at Ruby in the Diner. She and Logan began seeing each other but she was still upset when she saw Romeo kissing Ruby and realised they were together. She and Romeo spoke about it and covered up their feelings on the matter. She was uncomfortable when Logan bought her an expensive dress for a dinner they were attending. Lindsay convinced her to buy a dress she couldn’t afford, saying she could get the money off Sid or Logan, and, when Lindsay failed to understand she didn’t want to take money off either of them, decided to put some distance between them. Unable to return the dress since it was on sale, she sold it on eBay only for Jett James to steal the money. When Sid told her Romeo was in hospital with a knee injury, she went to check on him but Ruby stopped her seeing him. She later returned to visit and they both acknowledged their marriage was over. She looked over Romeo and Ruby’s business plan for their surf shop and found several flaws in it, although Ruby dismissed them.

She then damaged Sid’s car by leaving the handbrake off and had to pay for the repairs. She found that, as a result of running up credit card builds to get over Romeo, she was $8500 in debt. She considered dropping out of uni but Romeo lent her the money to pay it back and when Logan, who had asked Indi to go to Hong Kong with him, found out, he realised Indi still had feelings for Romeo and ended their relationship. She then learned Romeo had got the money from Ruby, who intended him to use it for the surf shop.

Ruby asked Indi to give Romeo a wide berth so their relationship would stand a chance. Indi went along with it but Romeo was furious when he found out. Marilyn convinced Indi she still had feelings for Romeo but before she could tell him, she was told Ruby was pregnant and told Romeo she needed to move on. Marilyn suggested she take up modelling to pay back Romeo but the agent she met with told her she needed $1000 to get a portfolio done. She borrowed the money off Dex but walked out of the shoot when the photographer asked her to pose topless. She struggled to ignore her own feelings when Romeo took a salesman job to support himself and Ruby, telling him she was wrong to try and change him, but went into a meltdown when she lost her wedding ring right after Irene had cut her shifts. Marilyn found it in her apron but she declined to put it back on and accepted a loan from Sid to pay back the money she owed Romeo.

Indi spent time with Liam when he worked a shift at the Diner and they became good friends, swapping stories about their failed marriages. She supported Romeo after it was revealed Ruby had lied about the pregnancy and let him stay on the couch. Ruby tried to attack the pair when she saw them on the beach together and Romeo admitted Ruby had a point and he had been using her because his feelings for Indi had never gone away. However, Indi pulled away when he tried to kiss her and told him to leave. When he came to see her again, she told him she’d moved on and he needed to sort things out with Ruby. Liam managed to get Indi a waitress’ job at Angelo’s and, when Romeo began visiting her there, she began to encourage his attention. However, she was annoyed when he tackled Ruby after seeing her kiss Casey and wondered why he was suddenly distant from her, only for Liam to reveal Sid had warned him off. She had a go at both Sid and Romeo but when Sid explained his concerns to her she went for a ride with Liam instead of meeting Romeo on the beach. Leah was unhappy about her lack of availability for shifts at the Diner so she gave up her job there and began working solely at Angelo’s.

Romeo became jealous of her friendship with Liam as she increasingly favoured Liam’s company and he verbally abused them both in Angelo’s, prompting Ruby to angrily accuse her of breaking up her and Romeo when she didn’t even want him. She was angry when Romeo told Liam to stay away from her and brushed Ruby aside when she frantically begged her not to hurt Romeo. She shared a kiss with Liam after he saved her from being harassed by a group of River Boys. He was awkward around her in the aftermath so she promised to tell Romeo it was over. When she did so, she ended up arguing with Ruby again. She let Liam drive her home from work and they shared another kiss. The following day, they went to a motel and slept together, only to come across a message from Ruby telling her not to drive her car: Ruby had cut the brakes and Dex, who Indi had lent the car to, had been in a crash.

Indi and Liam found Dex and got him to hospital. When Romeo realised they were together and had a go at them, Indi responded by playing him the phone message and blaming him for Ruby’s actions and later confirmed she had feelings for Liam. However, she felt uncomfortable when Romeo continued to visit Dex and comforted Sasha. Although Dex recovered consciousness, she was left wracked with guilt that her actions contributed to the accident and apologised to Romeo for the way she’d treated him. She visited Dex and admitted her confusion over her feelings. Romeo later came to see her and Liam to apologise for his behaviour and suggested they all be friends. She had continued sleeping with Liam but when he arranged a first date for them she pulled out and went surfing with Romeo instead. Liam broke up with her, which initially angered her to the point that she tried to quit Angelo’s and get her job back at the Diner, but Liam eventually convinced her they were better off as friends. However, when she told Romeo she was single again he was unsympathetic, accusing her of wrecking their marriage for a brief fling.

She was involved in caring for Dex when he came home. Sasha confided in her that she’d slept with Casey but he’d just been using her and she angrily confronted Casey. She phoned Liam for help when Sid, who had taken on the bulk of the care, went missing and afterwards told Sid they would share the burden from now on. When she learned Romeo had punched Liam and was using steroids to try and build up his knee, he asked her to help him but Liam advised her not to let him replace a dependency on steroids with a dependency on her and she told him he had to get better on his own. When he eventually collapsed, she and Alf took him to hospital. In the aftermath, they told each other they loved each other and reconciled. Their first date back together was awkward but left them resolved to make it work. After Romeo organised a picnic on the pier where they’d shared their first kiss, they talked over what they were willing to compromise on to make their marriage work before sleeping together. She expressed her doubts when Romeo tried to compete in the surf carnival again, getting him to talk to Dex’s physio Lisa Flemming, and he ultimately decided against it. She convinced Sasha to talk to Casey after she began to doubt her decision to put some distance between them. She invited Romeo to move back in and picked up on the attraction between Sid and Lisa, learning they’d been seeing each other in secret and worrying he was reverting to old habits. She and Romeo ended up renewing their vows at the farm.

After Sasha had a pregnancy scare, she was infuriated when Romeo suggested they start a family but, after Sid had a word with her, she told him it was something she was interested in doing in future. When Sid was knocked unconscious, she suspected Lisa’s estranged husband Neil and her comments to Lisa about the trouble she’d brought to the family prompted her to move out to a motel. She shut the door on Neil when he came to the house but he later turned up at the restaurant, grabbing hold of her and demanding she tell him where Lisa was. She refused to answer him and Sid came to her rescue, after which she told Lisa that people needed to stand up to Neil. She realised Romeo and Dex were keeping something secret but Romeo told her not to ask him. She supported Romeo when it was revealed that he had kept quiet about Dex having a seizure and congratulated April on getting into medicine.

When Liam snapped at Jett for asking about VJ’s absence, Indi comforted him and offered to be his friend until VJ came back. Jett asked her to send the evening with him as a babysitter/bodyguard while John and Gina were out and they got on well until Romeo turned up at Indi’s invitation. She told Jett she was happy to fill in again and ended up taking him along to a family barbeque. Halfway through the event, Romeo turned up and revealed Jett had locked him in a shed in order to get alone time with Indi, who he had a crush on, and Indi convinced Jett she only saw him as a friend. Indi expressed some concern about Sid’s mental state during his near breakdown and took part in an intervention. When Romeo was made redundant from his job, he suggested he and Indi use his redundancy payout to buy the surf club gym. Indi agreed but their proposal was rejected by the bank until Sid offered to invest half the money they needed as a silent partner and the bank agreed to put up the rest. She resigned her job at Angelo’s and asked Roo to help with publicity but was frustrated when half the town began offering their advice on the set-up, ending up losing her cool and telling them all to back off. The launch went well, despite Romeo and John causing a power cut, thanks to Alf and Harvey arriving with a back-up generator. Indi was uncertain about Romeo’s decision to employ Casey, given his history with Sasha and the fact he was serving periodic detention, but agreed to give him a try.

When Dex told her he’d seen Liam and Romeo at the hospital, Indi assumed something was up with Liam and Romeo told her he’d had a health scare. With the gym up and running, Romeo surprised her with a romantic getaway in a private tent and trip in a hot air balloon. While they were away, Indi suggested they start a family. However, when she woke the next morning, she found Romeo gone, having left a note saying he couldn’t be with her. Sid admitted Romeo had been diagnosed with stage four cancer, likely terminal, and probably left so she wouldn’t have to see him die. She was furious that he had kept it from her and began taking it out on Casey, refusing to honour Romeo’s job offer. When Casey convinced her he didn’t know what Romeo had been planning, she took him on but continued treating him badly until Dex called her out on it. She then got him to throw out Romeo’s things. She fired him when he disappeared with the company vehicle, but broke down in his arms when he told her she needed help and accepted him as a supportive friend. He convinced her she needed to be with her family and she made her peace with Sid but was annoyed when Tamara accused her of working Casey too hard. When Gina died, she refused to attend the funeral or wake but did briefly commiserate with Xavier.

Chris Harrington began flirting with her and, after initially being thrown, she began to enjoy the attention. She was furious when Casey told Chris about Romeo and fired him, but later reinstated him after admitting she couldn’t cope without him. She started having casual sex with Chris, prompting Roo to warn her that Chris was taking the fling more seriously than she was. Chris refuted the suggestion but Indi felt uncomfortable when he took her out for dinner. She arranged another liaison after an argument with Roo but when he called her beautiful Indi realised Roo was right about his feelings and she was using him, breaking things off. Chris understood. She became obsessed with finding Romeo, discovering that his passport was gone, and Chris helped her arrange a private detective to look for him. Indi brought the gym to the point of bankruptcy paying the detective’s fees without positive results before accepting Sid’s claim that Romeo was probably dead. She made a fresh start by going surfing on her own.

She bounced back by matchmaking, first trying to set April up with Chris, then setting her and Dex up together by inviting them both to Angelo’s and then disappearing; her results were mixed but the pair reunited anyway. She then smoothed things over between Jett and Nina before trying to set Sasha up with Spencer, who Sasha had convinced her to give a job at the gym. Her initial efforts only caused problems as the pair were left awkward around each other but eventually she got them to admit their feelings for each other and convinced Sasha to ignore the fact that Maddy still liked Spencer. She tried to support Casey over Tamara’s memory loss. She received a letter from Romeo’s solicitor signing the gym over to her and refused to be dragged back into false hope at the implication he was still alive. She began giving Dex surfing lessons and was concerned when he decided to propose to April, keeping the pair apart before telling Dex she and Romeo lost a year because they rushed into getting married and she’d have rather had the time than the vows.

She found out Casey was sleeping on the beach after falling out with his family and paid for him to stay in a caravan. She encouraged Sid to apply for a job with the Flying Doctors when they got in touch with him again. Left behind when he relocated to Broken Hill, she argued with Dex over who got his room, although she eventually gave in pretty easily when he invited April to share it with him. They threw a party to celebrate their new arrangement during which a drunken Casey kissed her and she encouraged him to sort himself out. She also encouraged Heath to support Bianca at a works function and advised Sasha over her relationship with Spencer.

Chris then returned to town. Indi seemed prepared to pick up where they left off, making sure they had the house to themselves, but was disappointed when he told her he just wanted a casual arrangement. He turned up with a horse and carriage to try and woo her, prompting her to invite him round to dinner, but when she made a move on him he backed off. She accused him of game playing but he made it clear he only wanted a full relationship. After talking to Sally about knowing when it’s time to move on, Indi agreed. Indi struggled to spend time with him after he moved in with Irene, who was furious when she came home on Chris’ first day staying there to find the table in a mess, an empty bottle of champagne and the pair in bed. Irene refused to let Indi stay over and when they tried to go to the gym they were caught by John. At April’s suggestion, she tried to sneak into Chris’ room through the window but he turned her away, not wanting to disobey Irene. She found herself frustrated when Chris seemed more interested in getting to know Irene than spending time with her until Irene eventually invited her over and let them have the house to themselves.

When she learned Chris had been hiding the fact Spencer was bipolar, he agreed they wouldn’t have any more secrets. However, Indi then saw him hugging Robyn Sullivan. After giving him several openings to give her an explanation, she finally confronted him and learned Robyn was a girl he’d dated for three days who had turned up expecting to pick up where they left off. She stopped Chris telling Robyn about her, not wanting to be dragged into the middle of it. However, she ended up telling Robyn herself when Robyn saw them together.

Then she received a phone call from Liam telling her Romeo had died. She struggled to cope with her renewed grief and rejected Chris’ offers of support, feeling guilty about being with Chris while Romeo was still alive. After Robyn accused her of using Chris, she slapped her and then allowed Chris to comfort her. Eventually, supported by Dex, Sasha, Chris and April, she scattered his ashes from the clifftop near the lighthouse and then removed her wedding ring. She sympathised with Robyn when she revealed her father had died until Kyle revealed she had made it up to make Chris feel sorry for her. She was incensed when she realised Romeo’s death had given her the idea but kept a smile on her face when Robyn left town. She consoled Jett when Nina was sent away to boarding school and encouraged Sasha to get back with Spencer. However, she was bothered by dreams of Romeo coming back well again and felt she needed a clean start. She decided to go travelling and Chris asked to come with her but she broke up with him, saying she needed to go alone. Dex encouraged her to be straight with him and she told him she’d started to fall in love with him but if Romeo came back she’d choose him, so needed time alone to get her head straight.

Dex and April decided to get married before she left, while both Casey and Heath asked to manage the gym in her absence. Indi eventually made them both co-managers. Sid returned for the wedding and Indi asked to stay with him in Broken Hill for a while before working out where to go next. After saying her goodbyes to Sasha and Chris, she left town with Sid, April and Dex, planning to drop the latter two off at the airport.