Sid Walker

Robert Mammone

Sidney Walker (2009, 2010-2013)
Robert Mammone
Episodes: 49094942, 51025790, 58715873

Spouse: Jody Walker (divorced)
Children: Indi & Dex Walker; Sasha Bezmel

Occupation: Doctor

Sid arrived in Summer Bay with his wife Jody and children Indigo and Dexter as maternity cover for Rachel at the local hospital. However, mere hours after their arrival he received a text message from a nurse he had been having an affair with in the city. Although he insisted it was over, it was the final straw for Jody, who decided to return to the city without him and leave him to look after Indigo and Dexter to see how he’d cope.

Sid’s parenting skills were put to the test straightaway when Indigo and Dexter claimed school hadn’t started yet. Leah, who had spoken to Jody and was disapproving of him, quickly informed him of his mistake, although Colleen was taken by his looks and the fact he was a doctor. He went to the beach on hearing Indigo and Dexter were attending a party there and instead found Nicole hitch-hiking. Worried that she might get into trouble, he picked her up and took her home. He chided Indigo and Dexter for lying to him but, unused to being a single parent, forgot to actually punish them.

He examined Charlie after she was involved in a minor road accident, recognising that she had a caesarean scar, and when Amanda took Belle to the hospital because of her cancer he called Rachel for a second opinion so she could die at home as she wanted. He tried to stop Nicole going off with Liam after Belle’s funeral and reluctantly agreed to cover for her and say she spent the night at theirs but also suggested she see a counsellor. When Nicole and Indigo had a falling out, he and Miles arranged a joint family meal to try and get them to resolve things. Although they succeeded, when Sid spoke to Nicole afterwards there was a brief spark of attraction between them.

He was seen having a coffee with Therese, one of the nurses at the hospital, much to the annoyance of Nicole, Indigo and Dexter, despite his insisting they were just friends, and Nicole later ran into her at his house. He tried to avoid Nicole as a result of the situation, cutting her short when she tried to talk to him about Aden going missing. When she later turned up at the house upset about the incident, he comforted her but backed off when she took it the wrong way. She told him she was now eighteen, which didn’t impress him although he did pass the news on to an oblivious Miles. When she followed him home after Brendan’s birthday party he refused to let her into the house and when Indigo invited her to dinner he went to the hospital to avoid her. He was annoyed when she went to hospital with some superficial coffee burns in order to see him.

While Indigo and Dexter were out, Nicole turned up at the house in a revealing outfit. He bluntly told her he wasn’t interested in her and wanted her to leave him alone, then comforted her when she started crying only for her to get the wrong idea and kiss him just as Indigo walked in. She ran off before Sid could explain and after he’d spent a fruitless night searching for her he found her dumped at the hospital with multiple lacerations from falling through a glass table. She refused to see him and when she told Dexter what had happened they both decided to go and live with Jody, despite Sid’s attempts to extend an olive branch.

Sid continued trying to avoid Nicole but had to see her when Miles and Kirsty called him to the house to look at Ollie. She then turned up at his home and kissed him; he briefly responded before pushing her away and reiterating nothing could happen. She tried to get him to go away on holiday with her but he refused and threatened to tell Miles what had been going on, only for her to counter by threatening to tell him about the kiss. He went to see Miles anyway but he was busy so Sid left, then he arrived home to find Nicole in his swimming pool wearing a revealing costume. Although he sent her away, she was spotted there by Annie, who told Irene.

With the news spreading around town, Miles went to confront Sid and refused to listen to his explanations, accidentally pushing him into the swimming pool when he tried to remonstrate with him. He later ended up asking Sid for help, so Sid invited Nicole round to the house, letting her catch him and Therese in a state of undress to set her straight. He then left town, hoping he would be able to find a way to reconnect with his children, after saying a quick goodbye to Miles.

Several months later, Sid found himself accepting a posting back in Summer Bay and arranged to rent Martha’s old farm from Alf. He was surprised when Indigo and Dexter turned up on his doorstep as he was about to leave, announcing they’d fallen out with Jody and asking to go with him. He was grateful for the chance to be a father to them again and the three of them headed back to the town.

He quickly ran into Nicole again and, when he tried to talk to her about what happened, she made it clear she wanted it left in the past. Miles confronted him and told him to stay away from Nicole but he rebuffed him by reminding him he used to be caring and understanding, not a bully. In turn, when he found out Liam was working at the school, he tackled him about what had happened between him and Nicole and told him to stay away from Indigo. He was thrown when Penn told him Nicole still had feelings for him and was worried enough to ask Indigo and Miles about it.

He was in favour of Tony’s boxing classes, feeling boxing was perfectly safe with protective gear, but his attempt to put his point of view across to Rachel was a disaster. He met Marilyn when she came to the hospital to get a hurt finger seen to and she wasn’t put off when Therese threw a cup of coffee over him. Sid had trouble gaining the trust of the nursing staff after what had happened with Therese and they refused to work with him until they had an emergency on their hands when a patient, Hayley Doven, started haemorrhaging during labour. They were impressed when he pretended to be her husband to comfort her in her last moments and then told her husband David of her death; one them, Veronica, was impressed enough to turn up at his house that night and sleep with him. Dexter and especially Indigo were disgusted and he felt uncomfortable when Marilyn asked him out but after speaking to Veronica and making it clear it was a one-off he called Marilyn back and accepted. When Marilyn questioned him about it, he admitted what had happened but assured her he was single. It caused him problems when Veronica turned up during the date to reveal what had happened but Marilyn took it in her stride and invited Sid to stay the night. Marilyn told him that she was dying and Sid managed to deal with it well. When Marilyn came to the hospital with a picnic basket, they ended up sharing a meal in the grounds.

Sid gave Tony some advice on Rachel being offered a job in the States and treated Penn for an injured hand, which he believed had been the result of Penn punching a wall even though Penn denied it. He was shocked when Penn then told Nicole Sid had admitted to having feelings for her. He confronted Penn about his lies and Penn told him he wanted to make sure Nicole didn’t have any feelings for Sid before they got serious. He told Marilyn and Miles what was going on but ended up in an argument with Nicole and helped evict Penn from the caravan park. He was relieved when Nicole came round and told him she now believed Penn was unhinged and when Indigo accepted it was innocent after walking in on them. He then had to treat Penn when he was brought in after being beaten up and claimed Alf was responsible, which he shared with Charlie although he doubted it was true.

Sid misunderstood Romeo and Indigos relationship worries and told Romeo not to sleep with his daughter. He initially fell out with Indigo over her selling alcohol to Ruby underage but eventually managed to convince her he still loved her despite being disappointed in her. When he had to do an extra shift at the hospital when he was supposed to be taking Marilyn out, he arranged for Dexter to bring Marilyn to the hospital for a picnic. Instead Dexter took her out himself. On another occasion, Dexter sent Sid off on a wild goose chase to the hospital, claiming another doctor had phoned in sick, and then went round to Marilyn’s. Sid was furious when he found out his son was romantically pursuing his girlfriend but wasn’t happy when Marilyn’s friend Mitzy kissed Dexter to prove a point. He tried to arrange for Marilyn to see a cancer specialist but wasn’t happy when he learned Marilyn’s cancer hadn’t returned, Mitzy had simply told Marilyn she was going to die. When he argued with Mitzy about it, Marilyn ordered him out of the house. After Miles advised him to keep an open mind, he agreed they’d have to see what happened. The troubles weren’t enough to stop him buying the farm. He was annoyed when Marilyn told him Mitzy now insisted she would die in two months and insisted no-one could tell that. He ended up having a go at Mitzy in the surf club before he and Marilyn agreed not to mention it for the time being.

When he learned Mitzy had terminal cancer, he suggested she only told Marilyn about the end date because she wanted Marilyn to share her pain. When he examined Mitzy and learned the cancer had spread to her brain, he told her to free Marilyn from what she’d told her and passed her treatment on to another doctor, which left Marilyn furious. After chatting to Nicole, he tried to apologise but ended up having another argument with Mitzy. He blanked Mitzy when she waved to him on the beach but was at the house when she collapsed with a seizure. Mitzy told Marilyn Sid was right and shed lied but then told Sid shed told the truth. After Mitzy’s death, Sid comforted Marilyn and asked Alf for help in finding an idyllic spot to take her to so she could find peace.

He advised Indigo against reading Annie’s letter to Romeo and, when she went ahead and did it anyway, advised her to be honest about it but felt guilty that he wasn’t being honest with Marilyn. When Marilyn was upset by one of his jokes, he made up for it by inviting her to move in with him before shared Mitzy’s confidence with her. He was bothered by Penn harassing Marilyn, so joined Alf and Angelo in discussing getting him out of town. He received a tongue lashing from Miles for his part in the vigilante group and was questioned by Robertson when Penn went missing.

Sid had a go at Graves for taking Dexter out on a date to get information while trying to pin the kids down long enough to tell them about Marilyn moving in. When he managed it, they were fine with the idea. He still didn’t believe Marilyn would die and tried to dissuade her from giving her possessions away, although ultimately he agreed to support her, even though he refused a gift himself. He did his best to make what she believed was her last day happy but she got upset that he still didn’t believe hereafter resuscitating the baby Marilyn had saved from drowning, he realised she was still in the water, pulled her out and resuscitated her, accepting Mitzy’s prediction had been true after all. He attended Bianca and Vittorio’s abortive wedding where he helped patch up Romeo’s hand after he punched Vittorio.

One of the first people to learn of Nicole’s pregnant, Sid was shocked when she didn’t go through with an abortion and, after mistakenly taking some cryptic comments from Marilyn to mean she wanted to try for a baby, even more shocked when she announced shed be bringing up Nicole’s child. He sounded out Indigo and Dexter about the idea of having a baby but told Marilyn he’d rather it was their own child. He called Nicole over to discuss the issue and asked her some pertinent questions about who would make the parental choices and how Nicole would feel if they split up or moved away. He shared the news with Indigo and Dexter, neither of whom were instantly happy, but when they changed their minds and Marilyn revealed she was infertile he reluctantly went along with it but told Nicole to take as long as she wanted to make her mind up. He put Dexter’s suggestion of a pre-nup contract to her but quickly realised that Marilyn’s suggestions, such as paying for medical treatment, were illegal and Morag told them the whole contract was. He told Marilyn they needed to do things by the book from now on and tried to get her to drop the adoption plans until Nicole made it clear she still wanted them to have the baby.

He treated April and Xavier when they were brought into the hospital after inhaling toxic fumes. He worried when Dexter went missing, taking part in the search for him in the bush, but was annoyed when he found Dexter had infuriated the River Boys by filming them, telling him to be normal. When Marilyn told him shed seen Dexter wearing her clothes, he questioned him about cross dressing and was only slightly mollified when he found it was for a blog Dexter was doing. He supported Elijah and Grace while treating Thabo. When Thabo was brought into hospital, Sid realised he needed a heart operation. He later led the team that unsuccessfully tried to revive him. He stuck up for Elijah and Grace when Immigration investigated their marriage and helped Miles and Morag find out it was a nurse who’d been talking to Thabo who reported them.

He wasn’t entirely happy when Marilyn tipped him off to the fact Indi was planning to seduce Romeo but agreed to go out with John to give them some space. In the end, Romeo didn’t turn up, leaving Sid even more worried about the relationship. He looked after Ruby when she messed up her blood sugar and felt she and Charlie were hiding something. He was annoyed when he found out Romeo had cheated on Indigo with Ruby and refused to let him talk to her when he came to the house. He was concerned when Indigo agreed to go on a picnic with Romeo and gave advice to Dexter, Xavier and Casey on their science project. He seemed almost pleased to hear Dexter had taken Summer home from a party and shed thrown up on him.

He was unhappy with Marilyn’s interference in Nicole and Angus relationship, saying it would serve Marilyn right if Nicole changed her mind, and although he was impressed with Roo helping them sort out their differences he didn’t seem entirely happy that the adoption was going ahead. He began to get on well with Roo after having her round for dinner and admitted to her that he and Marilyn didn’t communicate much, unaware Marilyn was listening. He attended a dinner party at Roo’s, where Marilyn mistakenly thought his comment about Nicole being immature referred to her. He went round to help Nicole when she experienced Braxton Hicks contractions only to get criticised for Marilyn for not calling her. With Marilyn getting increasingly paranoid about them, he told Roo they should stay away from each other. He helped April with her OCD and told Dexter he did the right thing telling people and should have done so sooner.

He gave Angelo advice over the phone to deliver the baby when Nicole went into labour and told Nicole she could come round and see baby George any time whilst collecting some milk from her. He looked after Angelo when he was attacked by a dog. When Romeo rescued Indi from Kieran Monroe, Sid thanked him but warned him not to take advantage of her gratitude. He was called to school when Dexter started falling asleep in class because of George keeping him awake and was the only person who didn’t mind Dexter’s blog on the subject. He acted as a first aider at the surf carnival, treating Ruby for a minor sports injury and Charlie for a blow from a bottle, and was impressed with Roo resuscitated Gary O’Connor. He was concerned when Marilyn banned Nicole from seeing George but supported her when he went round to explain the situation to Nicole. He was bemused when Marilyn suggested they get married but eventually told her that he was already committed to her by living together and having a baby together. He tried to convince Marilyn to delay Georges naming ceremony while Angelo was in hospital and was the only person to talk to Nicole during the ceremony. He performed his part but later admitted to Roo he was uncomfortable with the New Age ceremony.

He had a brief bonding moment with Romeo when the latter took a drug addled Liam to see him but was still unhappy to find he and Indigo were back together. When he saw Romeo chatting to a girl on the beach and giving her his phone number, he felt he was vindicated and told Indigo but Roo explained she was just a journalist giving Romeos business publicity. He went to the boat to apologise to Romeo only to find him and Indigo in a state of undress. He agreed to have Romeo around for dinner to get to know him but then met Emily Logan, who had Chlamydia and claimed to have caught it off Romeo, and brought her up during the meal. When Marilyn called him on it, he said he was ethically bound not to reveal what he knew. After Marilyn told Indigo anyway, Indigo had a go at Sid for keeping it from her but he retorted by telling her that Romeo, who had tested positive, was banned from the house.

He went along with Nicole’s plan to pretend she was caring for George with Penn’s grandfather and accepted they had to hand George back to Nicole when she decided she wanted him back, although he did try to get Roo to change her mind and persuade Nicole to let them have George one more night. He went home to find Marilyn and George gone and delayed involving the police, asking Charlie to look into it unofficially. When Marilyn finally turned up, Sid was furious with her for what shed put both families through. He later tried to cheer her up by taking her out to Angelo’s restaurant but she said it was just a reminder that George had gone.

He continued to object to Romeo and Indi’s relationship when Romeo was caught up in a drugs bust and was also annoyed when Marilyn went to see Nicole, accusing her of harassing her. He was annoyed when Indigo stayed over at Romeos without telling anyone where she was and gave both of them a serve, which resulted in Indi moving out and in with Romeo. He became involved in the hospital fundraiser Roo and her friend Laura Carmody were organising, offering them the use of the farm for a ball. He was shocked when Indigo went to Hawaii with Romeo without telling him and proceeded to get drunk with Miles and admit his relationship with Marilyn was coming to an end. However, when he came home and found she had cooked a romantic meal he slept with her. When Roo phoned him and told him Romeo and Indi were planning to get married in Hawaii he followed them there to try and stop them but failed to talk them round so gave them his blessing. He then kissed Roo who rejected him before returning to the Bay.

He broke up with Marilyn on his return and then learned Dexter had been seeing April behind Xavier’s back, mirroring his own situation. When Roo came round to discuss the rumours they were an item, he kissed her. She came round the next day and they got together but Indigo walked in on them kissing and was disgusted. He accepted when Roo asked to move in with him because of the tension with Indi, who had been sharing with her. He found Bianca after she had been raped at the bachelor and spinster ball and treated her.

He tried to make peace with Indi by taking some knick-knacks round to her but the gesture backfired when the teapot he gave them turned out to be a gift from Marilyn, who was upset that he gave it away. He looked after Liam when he was beaten up and joined Alf, Morag and Roo for an uncomfortable dinner. He had begun taking Roo for granted, treating her like a housewife, and when he had to cancel a date she decided to move out, telling him she wanted them to just date for a while. When Roo said Marilyn had predicted they would go through a rough patch, he asked Romeo to take them out on the boat but Romeo invited Indigo along after Alf suggested it could get them talking and the trip was a disaster. His patience with Indigo was wearing thin and he asked Romeo to talk to her.

He looked after Bianca after Dean O’Mara, her rapist, hit her with his car and tried to get her to have counselling. With his family back on good terms, he roped Roo, Romeo, Indigo and Dexter into spending a day helping out on the farm, only for Dexter to reveal he’d been in contact with Jody, who had been asking to stay. Sid suggest he consider Indi’s feelings but Jody ended up turning up while he and Roo were having dinner and revealing that they had never got divorced. He let Jody stay with them and comforted her after she’d had a row with Indi. Jody signed the divorce papers before leaving but Roo broke up with Sid, saying his family would always come before her.

Checking a letter Jody had left, he went to see a solicitor and found out he had another daughter, Sasha, the result of his fling with a nurse named Regina Bezmel. Regina had died and there was no-one else to look after Sasha, who wanted to meet him. Sid dealt with the news by going home and getting drunk, rejecting Roo when she came by to help. He lent money to Romeo to pay his rent, which led to Romeo and Indigo moving back in. He told them and Dexter what was going on and they all agreed to make contact with Sasha. He apologised to Roo but wouldn’t tell her what was going on. While treating Stu Henderson and John for wounds they sustained in a feud between the River Boys and a rival gang, he arranged to meet Sasha, telling Indigo and Dexter he needed to see her alone. However, he had to cancel when he was called in to deal with a boy with a burst appendix, only for Sasha to turn up at the hospital. He took her home and left her with Indigo and Dexter, saying shed be staying with them. He was reluctant to talk to Marilyn about giving Sasha a job but eventually bit the bullet and explained the situation to her.

He was worried when Sasha went missing during a storm but had to go into work. He was pleased when Sasha called him to get help for a collapsed John but less so when Xavier told him Sasha had robbed their house afterwards. He also received the news Sasha’s brother Felix had gone missing from his fathers and was then told Sasha had stolen from the Diner, having been hiding Felix, who had turned up at the hospital. He was furious with Sasha, and annoyed that Roo wouldn’t fire her, but offered to let Felix stay with them only for his father Shawn to refuse to allow it. He later tried to ask Roo out but Sasha mixed up the message and he arrived to find she was on a date with Harvey. He realised Sasha had deliberately confused things to pay him back for Felix leaving and chided her for hurting Roo as well and tried to stop her from dropping out of school. He looked after Leah after her miscarriage.

He was concerned when Sasha skipped school to spend time with Stu and told Stu to stay away from her. However, when he discussed the matter with Roo and Brax pleaded Stu’s case, Sid agreed they could see each other under certain conditions and had Stu round for dinner. He was concerned when Leah asked for a tubal ligation, feeling it was too early to make a decision, and implied to Miles that he needed to talk to her. He was worried Sasha was planning to go to a Year 12 party with Stu and gave her a lecture about sleeping with him. At John’s birthday party, he ran into Harvey, who warned him to stay away from Roo, and told her he didn’t think Harvey was right for her. He was concerned when his prescription pad went missing and was on the verge of phoning the police when Dexter found it. However, he then found a sheet was missing so went to see Charlie, suspecting both Sasha and Stu. He accepted Stu’s innocence when he revealed he was on medication from ADHD but still suspected Sasha and planned to take her to the police station, only to witness April collapsing after taking the drugs. He ultimately decided not to report her, telling the police he’d made a mistake, but was left with a lot of bridges to build with Sasha.

He warned Alf to think twice about selling his boat to Harvey, and then told Roo he still loved her. When Roo later came round to discuss it, Sid told her to forget about it. He listened to Dexter’s plans to sleep with April and commiserated with him when it went wrong after April saw him kissing Dallas. When he heard Stu had stolen Xavier’s car and taken Sasha for a ride in it, he grounded her but relented when Stu paid a visit and helped him out with some work. He later found Sasha had been hospitalised with an infected tattoo and, believing Stu responsible, banned him from seeing her. He was a first aider at the surf competition where Mink nearly drowned and learned she had Ménière’s Disease.

While checking up on Irene, he was persuaded to go on a date with her breast cancer nurse, Carrie, but they failed to click and Irene told him that Roo, who had seen them together, still liked him. He defended Roo when she got into an argument with Harvey and they arranged to have lunch. She had to cancel to cover for Sasha when she disappeared and when Sid confronted Sasha she said Stu had been stalking her. He went after Stu and threatened him with violence if he didn’t stay away from Sasha. He then invited Roo round for dinner, where he blew a fuse and caused a power cut but they ended up back together anyway. When he went to pick Sasha up from the school formal, witnessed Stu hitting her and realised he’d done it before, he beat him up, having to be dragged off by Alf. After being questioned by the police, he was allowed home where Roo refused to condone his actions. He was charged with assault and ended up in a lock-up.

He was released on bail in time to treat Charlie when she was shot and declared her brain dead. When Brax briefly holed himself up in Charlie’s room with a gun to stop the life support being turned off, Sid talked the police out of charging him. He was banned from contacting Stu by his bail conditions but entered his room to defend Dexter and Sasha when Stu’s father Alan started threatening them and, as a result, was fired from the hospital. He went to help Irene when she collapsed out at sea but was frustrated when he was unable to help with her treatment at the hospital. Irene asked him to look at her chart and he told her that her chemotherapy had caused heart damage.

He refused to be swayed when Alan threatened to report him for breaking his bail conditions if he didn’t drop the charges against Stu. He was concerned when Sasha reacted badly to Xavier’s attentions and asked Gina to keep them apart. He was initially unhappy when Dexter decided to give up medicine and become a nurse but quickly came round. When Stu disappeared, the assault charges against Sid were dropped. However, Stu then turned up dead and Sid was named as a suspect. After diagnosing Irene with deep vein thrombosis, he applied for a job with the Flying Doctors. He counselled Ruby after she collapsed from alcohol consumption and tried to convince Brax of the dangers of his cage fighting. He co-operated when the police searched the farm until they found a bloodstained shirt and took Romeo in for questioning, at which point he told the family to keep quiet. He was confronted by Alan on the beach and Alan punched him. Sid refused to press charges and began to believe Alan was innocent. Sasha then admitted to him that she had killed Stu. Ascertaining it was an accident, Sid enlisted Morag’s help and took Sasha to the police station to make a statement. However, she was charged with murder.

He played marriage guidance counsellor for Romeo and Indi when they argued over his surfing career. He was reluctant to keep Sasha away from school when the other students began giving her a hard time and told the family he’d been accepted by the Flying Doctors, stationed in the outback, but they all voted against going. Alan collapsed in front of him at the restaurant and he resuscitated him until he got to hospital, saving his life. As a result, Alan withdrew his complaint against him and Sid was reinstated at the hospital. He helped resolve things when Sasha was attacked by her bullies. He convinced Brax to give up fighting when he was hospitalised with a bleed on the brain. When Brax absconded from the hospital, Sid tracked him down and he and Heath spent the night looking after him before convincing him to return.

When Alan was brought back in, Sid went to check his medication and suspected Margaret was poisoning him when he released there was an oleander tree in their garden. He confronted Margaret, who threatened to tell the police that Sasha had broken into her house to try and steal an incriminating book if he said anything. Sid went to the police anyway and Margaret was arrested, at which point she sympathised with Sasha and let Sid retrieve the book. He looked after Harvey when he was brought in with food poisoning. He took the stand at Sasha’s trial, where he was questioned about his attack on Stu, but Sasha was acquitted anyway. He was shocked when, on her 16th birthday, she announced her intention to move to the city to be nearer Felix and joined Dexter and Xavier in trying to talk her out of it. When he found the next morning that Sasha had gone anyway, he followed her to the city and questioned her about the practicalities of her plan. After realising Felix didn’t need her, she returned home.

He agreed to pay for half the cost of Dexter getting a car if he could raise the other half. His attempts to set boundaries for Sasha and Xavier’s relationship were slightly undermined by Indi having Logan Meyer stay over after splitting with Romeo but he laid down a curfew and a no sex rule. He grounded Sasha for breaking her curfew, even though it was because she had fallen asleep, and discussed Xavier’s concerns that she found it difficult to disagree with him after what happened with Stu. He had dinner with Melissa Gregg, Harvey’s ex-wife, when she began working at the hospital. He learned from Dexter that Melissa’s son Ben had drowned and inadvertently let it slip to Roo, assuming she knew, before suggesting to Melissa they came up a way of her handling paediatric cases, since she had avoided a car accident in which a boy was injured.

He remained neutral in Romeo and Indi’s split and looked after Romeo when he was brought in with a knee injury, telling Indi what was going on. When Indi damaged his car by leaving the handbrake off, he insisted she pay the excess. He advised Dexter when he had feelings for both April and Lotti and helped Indi get a handle on her credit card debts. He looked after Bianca when she was brought in with high blood pressure and treated her for pre-eclampsia. He arranged for her to have an emergency caesarean only for her to suffer a bleed on the brain in the aftermath. He had to relieve Melissa when she failed to do a lumbar puncture on the baby. When Bianca came round and insisted her baby was dead, he diagnosed her with post-natal psychosis. He got her back to the hospital after she disappeared, with help from Liam and Heath, and took her to see her son when she woke up her old self. He later comforted Indi when the stress of her marriage break-up got on top of her. He lent her the money to pay back her debt to Romeo so she could make a clean break.

He looked after Rocco when he started fitting and arranged a blood transfusion. He was concerned when Indi let Romeo stay on the couch after he and Ruby split up and tried to send him away when he later came to the house. When Indi admitted she and Romeo might be getting back together, he pretended to be fine with it then warned Romeo to stay away from her. Indigo was furious when she found out and he apologised but reiterated his concerns. He was also unhappy when Dexter announced he and April were moving in together but was won round when he and April gave a presentation on their plans. When Indi was on the receiving end of rants from both Romeo and Ruby, he again told Romeo to stay away from her. He acted as a guarantor when Dexter and April applied for a lease on a house.

When Dexter was critically injured in a car crash, Sid was forced to intubate him. The long period Dexter spent comatose after the accident took its toll on Sid, who began to feel he would never recover consciousness, and he ended up losing his temper with April when she kept insisting Dexter would be all right. He later apologised and they were both at Dexter’s bedside when he regained consciousness. Sid looked after Dexter, taking time out to quiz Liam about his relationship with Indigo. He had the job of telling April that Dexter didn’t want to see her, although he later changed his mind. It was advised that Dexter be sent to a rehab centre but Dexter begged Sid to let him come home. Sid agreed, even though he realised what a massive task caring for him would be. Sid insisted on taking on all the care of Dexter himself and admitted to Liam he thought Dexter would never get better, eventually breaking down from the stress so Liam found him sitting drunk in his car. After the incident, Indi insisted on helping him out.

He was disturbed when, after a bad day, Dexter told him he wished he’d died and worried that he might have depression. He treated Romeo for steroid abuse and told him to stay away from Indi if he couldn’t sort himself out but instead they reconciled and Sid gave Heath a lecture about his involvement in the drug abuse. When he heard Casey had used Sasha for sex, he angrily confronted him near the beach to the point that Liam had to step in. When Casey was brought in, Sid treated him but informed the police that he was there. He unsuccessfully tried to stop Sasha visiting him and helped Dexter find April after Rocco died. Bianca asked him for some sleeping tablets but he told her he couldn’t give her any without examining her.

Sid became close to Dexter’s physiotherapist Lisa Flemming and they slept together after going for a drink. He ran into her at one of Dexter’s sessions and they initially agreed with their liaison was a mistake but then they changed their mind and began seeing each other in secret. Dexter revealed Lisa was married but Lisa insisted she was virtually separated and told him she’d ask her husband to move out. When Dexter told Indi about the fling, he admitted they were still seeing each other. He broke up with her after overhearing Indi and Dexter worrying about him getting back into old habits but then Dexter changed his mind and invited her along when Romeo and Indi renewed their vows at the farm. However, Lisa then revealed that, although she considered her marriage over, her husband didn’t, leaving him unsure whether or not to pursue a relationship. He was initially annoyed when Romeo ignored his instructions while looking after Dexter but accepted Dexter’s insistence that he need to be allowed to live. Dexter urged him to go and see Lisa but when he turned up at her house her husband Neil said she wasn’t home. She then turned up at the house with a bruised face, revealing Neil beat her. Sid let her stay with them but when they went to her house to get her things Neil had changed the lock and frozen her bank account. Sid advised Lisa to go to the police and take out an AVO against Neil but was then knocked unconscious. Although he downplayed the incident, it prompted Lisa to move out to a motel rather than place the family in danger.

He overheard Romeo and Indi arguing about his suggesting they start a family and told Indi that, although the timing was bad, it showed Romeo was thinking responsibly. He was annoyed to find out Sasha and Casey were together but after Dexter had a word with him about how important his and Sasha’s relationship was to hers, he gave them his blessing and accompanied Sasha when she supported Casey in court, helping Casey out when he suffered a panic attack. When Neil turned up at the house while Indi was alone, Sid sent him a message on Lisa’s phone luring him to the surf club but Neil saw Sid was the one waiting and left without Sid seeing him. He came to Indi’s rescue when Neil turned up at the restaurant and threatened her. When he couldn’t get hold of Lisa afterwards, he asked Senior Sergeant Emerson to check it out. Lisa later told him she had gone back to Neil and was going to move away with him and that once Neil couldn’t blame Sid’s family for their break-up she would leave him.

Sid was angry when Irene told him that Romeo and Dexter had hidden the fact Dexter had had a seizure from him and ended up in an argument with the pair at Roo and Harvey’s wedding reception. After looking over Dexter’s hospital record, he agreed to give his son some space.

He looked after Heath when he was admitted to hospital with hypothermia. He was annoyed when Dexter delayed having a scan to go to a uni open day and had to break the news to him that the seizures were unlikely to stop completely. He was concerned when Dexter organised a toga party at the house and Sid walked in on him doing a striptease, feeling he was stressing himself out. He later admitted Dexter was managing his condition and confessed to Alf that he felt his children didn’t need him anymore. He arranged a family barbeque in an attempt to reconnect with everyone but quickly saw through Indigo, April and Dexter’s attempts to act like they couldn’t do without him. Having spent so long looking after his children, Sid began to feel lost and patronised by their overcompensating, snapping at Romeo when he lost his job. He looked after Maddy when she was admitted to hospital with meningitis but his hand was shaking too badly for him to do the lumbar puncture and he had to get a colleague to take over. He was unable to cope with making lunch and ended up smashing a toaster in a fit of anger, prompting Indigo, Dexter, Romeo and April to arrange an intervention. He admitted to his colleague Dr. Padley that he feared he was on the verge of a breakdown and checked himself into a clinic as a voluntary patient. When Dexter tracked him down, he agreed to face up to the problem with his family’s support.

Sid helped Romeo and Indi finance their takeover of the surf club gym by investing half the money they needed as a silent partner and suggested they employ Roo as a consultant. However, soon after he became concerned about an injury to Romeo’s shoulder and advised him to have tests done. Tests on a mole showed Romeo had cancer but he refused to tell Indi until further tests were done. The final results showed Romeo had stage four cancer and Sid warned him he might have less than a year to live. He was angry when Romeo refused to tell Indi. He tried to get Romeo to tell Indi the truth before his first chemotherapy session but Romeo not only refused again but decided to discontinue chemotherapy so he wouldn’t have to hide the effects from her. He tried to convince him otherwise and also tried to get Liam to talk him around but Romeo ended up deciding to give up on treatment entirely. He ended up telling Romeo that he would tell Indi if Romeo didn’t and Romeo promised he would tell Indi on a weekend away but in fact he left her without explanation, sending Sid a message to pick her up. Sid told Indi the truth and also broke the news to Dexter and Sasha. Indi was furious he had kept it from her but they made up after she accepted the position he had been in.

He worried when April began to show signs of OCD as a result of uni stress and told Dexter to keep an eye on her. He was concerned about Dexter’s relationship with Steph Green, questioning whether he was just using her to feel better, and Dexter managed to embarrass them both by trying to sell her to Sid with a list of her good points. He had to break the news to the rest of the town when Gina died. Sid was initially proud of Dexter for reporting Steph for neglecting patients until Dexter ended up on a disciplinary for having sex with Steph at work. He angrily berated him, telling him he needed to respect girls more, but felt guilty when the argument caused Dexter to suffer a seizure and supported him. He tried to convince Dexter to change his mind about dropping out of nursing and was pleased when he got back with April and faced up to the disciplinary.

He looked after Rosie after she’d been raped. When Sasha punched Mullens in defence of Rosie, Sid appreciated her sticking up for her friend. He supported Sasha and Rosie again when another victim of Mullens making a statement made no difference. When Rosie fainted, Sid suggested she might be pregnant and was proved right. When Rosie got upset at school, Sid went down there to discuss her options with her.

He admitted to Indi that he had checked to see if Romeo’s records had been requested elsewhere and learned she had brought the gym to near-bankruptcy playing for a private detective to look for him. He paid her rent and told her that Romeo was probably dead. He managed to get April and Dexter to work together when April started a placement at the hospital and looked after Tamara when she was brought in with dehydration and amnesia. He then treated Brax when he was brought into hospital after being shot and successfully resuscitated him when Adam Sharpe gave him a potassium injection, sharing a heart to heart with Dexter about seeing him in the same state. When Indi told him of Dexter’s plans to propose to April, Sid did his best to dissuade him, feeling marriage would put too much strain on their relationship, but was left with an awkward moment when April found the ring Dexter had bought her.

Sid was asked by John to check on Marilyn after she was ill for several days and was annoyed to discover Marilyn was faking when he could have been seeing other patients. He then treated April, who had been bitten by a snake, and had to tell Dexter that Dexter had delayed her treatment by sending the ambulance to their address from ten years previous, but reassured him by admitting he had frozen while treating Dexter. Sid received a call from the Flying Doctors saying they were still interested in him joining them and Indi encouraged him to apply. He told Sasha he wanted her to go to Broken Hill with him. He was visited by Alf and Sally who told him about Pippa having mitochondrial disease, and informed them that the best treatment was at the Mayo Clinic in the US. Dexter, April and Sasha all agreed to go with him to his new job but at the last minute Dexter and April decided to stay. Heath threw him a farewell party at Angelo’s, where John gave a speech wishing the family luck. Sid left town with Sasha but she returned just a week later.

Sid returned to town for Dexter and April’s wedding, walking in on an argument between them and Sasha after she learned they were planning to move to Paris. With Indigo already having decided to go travelling, and asking to go back with Sid while she worked out what to do, Sid felt he had no option but to put the farm up for rent and take Sasha back with him. However, at the reception Irene offered to let Sasha stay with her and Sid agreed, leaving her with Irene, Bianca, Spencer and Chris as he left town with Indi, April and Dex.