Episode 5102

Australian Air Date: 22nd June 2010
UK Air Date: 29th June 2010

After professing their love for each other, Charlie and Angelo restart their relationship. Ruby is thrown by the appearance of April. Sid prepares to return to the bay, but gets a surprise on his doorstep.


Written by Faith McKinnon
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

After reconnecting, Charlie and Angelo spend the night together, but when Charlie starts rushing to work the next morning, Angelo is concerned she’s running away again. She assures him she’s not and is very happy that she’s not freaking out about the relationship. Angelo meets with Wilson, and Charlie is again worried for him, fearing that he could be facing jail. He tells her he doesn’t care – he has her and that’s all that matters to him. After the interview, Angelo is cuffed – he’s been charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive, and has to spend a night in the cells before his bail hearing.

Nicole can tell that Ruby’s mind is on Liam, and she just wishes she would admit it – it’s the only ways she’ll get past it. Nicole tells it to her straight – nothings going to happen with Liam, she needs to get over it. Xavier sees Liam on the beach and apologises to him – he shouldn’t have gone off about all that stuff with Ruby – Liam appreciates the apology. Ruby tells Charlie she is unhappy being single. As she’s about to leave for school, Nicole bumps into Penn and he offers to walk her to school – she agrees, so long as he doesn’t corrupt her again. At school, Ruby meets April for the first time, as Xavier introduces Ruby as “his ex”, a phrase that drives Ruby insane. April picks up on it, and later asks Xavier if Ruby is over him. He isn’t sure, but tells her that he’s over Ruby. When she confides in Nicole, it is clear she has issues with Xavier being with April – though as Nicole points out, he was just showing her around school.

Later, Nicole bumps into Penn – he wants to spend some time with her, and he’s been waiting for her. As he helps Nicole wash up later, the pair flirt, and Nicole starts to think he’s a really nice guy. He tries to get her to open up about Aden but she resists – she tries to get him to tell her more about himself, but he remains enigmatic.

Xavier checks with Tony that he’s still up for clearing out the shed on The Farm, and although Tony is, it is evident that his enthusiasm has changed. Xavier and April help Tony clear out the shed at the farm, and April is more excited than Tony about setting up the boxing ring at the farm. She thinks it’s a fantastic idea. Xavier asks Tony if he’s having second thoughts – he isn’t, but is concerned about putting anymore pressure on his marriage. When April tells a story about one of her friends getting attacked, Tony’s interest in the cause is re-ignited – he wants to help girls learn how to defend themselves. Back at home, Rachel is still off with Tony – she thinks the idea is good in theory, but not in practice. She shows him some literature and photos of the damage that can be done to women’s bodies when they box.

Sid Walker is preparing to return to the Bay when children Indi and Dex arrive on his doorstep. They’ve ditched the trip to Europe with their mother – they want to come with him.

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