Episode 5101

Australian Air Date: 21st June 2010
UK Air Date: 28th June 2010

Angelo confesses to save Charlie’s career. Tony and Rachel clash over the female boxing classes. Marilyn prepares her new business, but Miles is concerned about her.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

After being suspended, Angelo is lamenting the situation with Alf, who starts to suspect that Angelo may have let Martha and Hugo go. Wilson tells Charlie more police officers will be coming down from the city to check over the station’s paperwork for inconsistencies – and as officer in charge, she’ll be first up to be interviewed. Being interviewed by Wilson, Charlie is trying to remain calm as she denies that Angelo is capable of letting Martha and Hugo go. Wilson continues to work Charlie, pointing out all the flaws in the facts, between what happened with Eaves to Hugo, trying to get her to admit Angelo might have done it. But she’s adamant he didn’t, even when Wilson pushes her by suggesting her relationship with Angelo is clouding her judgement. Back at the bar, Angelo confides in Alf that he’s not worried for himself, but for Charlie – he doesn’t want to see her throw away her career defending him. Angelo decides to go to Wilson and confess, on the proviso that investigations cease on Charlie and the other officers. Charlie can’t believe he did that, but he tells her he doesn’t care about his career – he only cares about her. He tells her he loves her, and she says the same. He is taken aback, not expecting to hear her say that – it seems the pair are back on.

Tony and Xavier search for a location to hold the boxing classes, deciding to try the farm. Xavier bumps into Tony as he’s about to meet April in the Diner, and Colleen expresses her concerns about the venture. As Tony leaves, April arrives and Xavier agrees to be her guide at her first day at school the following day. Alf okays the idea to use the shed at the farm house, and tony takes the opportunity to assure him that Hugo will take care of Martha. Tony is on a high until Rachel finds out that the girls will be sparring, not just working out for fitness, and she is appauled. Rachel lays out the scientific reasons behind her concern, but Tony still wants to press ahead. Xavier and April walk in on the pair arguing and, sensing the atmosphere, take a walk on the beach instead. Later, Rachel is giving Tony the silent treatment- she explains that if he’s not going to listen to anything she has to say, she’s not going to waste her breath. Tony is left concerned that if he pushes ahead with the boxing plans he might drive a wedge further between him and Rachel.

Marilyn is excited about the business, planning on introducing massages as well as fortune telling, and Miles worries she might be doing too much. Despite the fact she always looks so healthy he’s worried about her. She says she’s feeling fine, but he doesn’t buy it, wondering how certain she is about her timeline. She tells him she’ll see one more Christmas and that’s it, and wants to share as much positivity with everybody as she can while she still has the time. Back at Summer Bay house, Marilyn tells Colleen about the business venture – Colleen is firmly against any business that promotes ‘the dark arts’. Alf tells her firmly he’ll rent out the space to whoever he sees fit, and that Colleen had no issue with Floss carrying out such practices. Marilyn starts to worry that if Colleen sees the venture that way, then others may follow suit.

Scenes cut from Episode:
April defends the boxing idea in front of Colleen.