Episode 5100

Australian Air Date: 18th June 2010
UK Air Date: 25th June 2010

Alf gives Marilyn’s fortune telling business the green light. Leah earns Lijuan’s respect. Angelo is suspended from duty and the entire station is under investigation for corruption.


Extended Summary

Leah berates Elijah over telling his parents to tone things down. She told him it was the wedding that was stressing her out, not them. Elijah disputes this, but a stern look from Leah sees him take responsibility for the misunderstanding. Lijuan and Song are still adamant they are leaving so Leah seeks advice from Irene re what to do. Irene tells her to lie – it’s the only way. She needs to tell Song and Lijuan how much she needs them around – but Leah refuses. Meanwhile, Elijah is seeking similar advice from Miles. He too suggests lying and surprisingly Elijah agrees. He’s not happy about it, but feels it’s the only way to make peace. Back at the house, Elijah is in the middle of telling his parents he had cold feet over the wedding and made up the fact Leah was feeling overwhelmed, when Leah arrives home. She tells Lijuan that she was feeling stressed having them around, but they probably feel a bit stressed by her, too. That’s what families do. Lijuan appreciates her honesty and chastises Elijah for lying. She thinks Leah has great integrity and will make a wonderful wife.

Miles tries to convince Alf to let Marilyn use the spare space in the bait shop to run her fortune telling business. Alf isn’t sure and even after Marilyn insists how great it would be for his business to diversify, he tells Miles it just won’t work. Meanwhile Marilyn has come up with a business plan and tells Miles what a great money spinner it could be. Seeing her passion, he pleads with Alf a final time. He presses that Marilyn doesn’t have much time left and it would be wonderful for her to spend it doing something she loves. Even if her business did fail, would it really matter, considering the bait shop may go under anyway? Alf thinks on this and finally gives in telling an overjoyed Marilyn she can have her fortune telling business.

Angelo worries about the disciplinary action that may be taken against him over Hugo and Martha’s escape. Wilson, the investigator, grills Angelo over the events surrounding their escape and finds big holes in Angelo’s story. Charlie tries to console him, but Angelo sounds like he’s given up. Later, he emerges from another round of questioning and Charlie is shocked to learn he’s been suspended from active duty. Just as things seem like they couldn’t get any worse, Wilson drops a bombshell, telling them that the entire station is under investigation for corruption.