Episode 5099

Australian Air Date: 17th June 2010
UK Air Date: 24th June 2010

Marilyn comes up with an idea to help the ailing bait shop. Leah stresses out about the wedding. Xavier convinces April to sign up for the boxing classes.


Extended Summary

Alf is struggling to find someone to run the bait shop. When Marilyn says she needs something to do in order to forget about her illness, Miles sees a golden opportunity. Alf offers her the position at the bait shop, but Marilyn’s not keen. She agrees to have a look at the shop, but tells Miles she has moral dilemmas with fishing. Miles understands, but feels for Alf who may have to shut the shop if he can’t find anyone to help. Marilyn notes this and later, when she’s checking out the premises, she stumbles upon an unused space in the shop. Her mind starts ticking over and she tells Alf she may have a solution to his problem – but he’ll have to keep an open mind.

Leah is still struggling having a forthright Lijuan and Song in the house. Things come to a head and Leah can’t take it anymore, telling Elijah she needs a night out so she can relax. They head to the Diner, where Leah confides her fear that planning the wedding will be so stressful with everyone giving their own opinions, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to handle it.

Elijah reassures Leah that they will be fine. They will have fun planning the wedding. There’s no need for her to feel overwhelmed. It seems things are back on track until Leah discovers Lijuan and Song arguing. She asks what’s wrong and Lijuan tells her they know they aren’t wanted. They’ll leave as soon as possible. Leah is confused by their feelings until Elijah confides that he told his parents to tone things down a bit. They got offended and now want to leave.

Xavier is keen on April but after several ill fated attempts to call her, April realises Xavier is nervous and heads over to see him. Xavier does his best to sell April on how great Tony’s boxing classes will be, emphasising the fact he’s Tony’s assistant. April thinks his attempts to woo her are cute and tells him that she will sign up on account of him being involved