Episode 5098

Australian Air Date: 16th June 2010
UK Air Date: 23rd June 2010

Xavier shuts out his friends, angry at the world. Nicole misses an important exam – but Penn uses his charm to make up for it. Tony is surprised when Rachel supports his female boxing classes. John tells Jill he loves Gina.


Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Post scuffle, Romeo tries to defend Xavier but Xavier is still on the attack and Liam puts them both on detention. Ruby tries to reach out to Xavier, but he shuts her down, leaving Ruby hurt. Later, when Xavier and Romeo are at detention, Romeo tries to apologise again, but Xavier isn’t interested.

Tony is surprised when Rachel is positive about his female boxing class fliers. She says it’s about time women were offered fitness options other than aerobics.Tony tells a surly Xavier he can help out with his letter box drop to work off some of his negative energy. Xavier is sour at the suggestion and complains the whole time until April shows up. When she sees the fliers and learns of Tony’s boxing classes, she’s thrilled. It’s a pity Xavier isn’t involved with the boxing, if he was – she’d join up. Suddenly the letter box drop is looking up.

Despite the fact she’s running late for school, Penn charms Nicole into having breakfast with him. The morning gets away from her and after repeated attempts to leave the Diner, Nicole makes her way to school. She’s on a high until she learns from Ruby that she missed an exam that was worth 10% of her HSC mark. She snaps at Ruby and heads off, angry at herself. Later, Penn tells her to look on the bright side – there’s still another 90% up for grabs. He plants a kiss on her, and heads off, leaving Nicole surprised. Eventually Nic and Ruby make up, and Ruby’s surprised at Nicole’s good mood.

After spending another night at John’s, John tells Jill he’s in love with Gina. He thinks it’s best if she stops staying the night at his place. She should be with her son, working on that relationship.