Episode 5097

Australian Air Date: 15th June 2010
UK Air Date: 22nd June 2010

April arrives in the Bay and makes a connection with Xavier. Ruby denies her crush on Liam, but it’s clear she still has feelings for him. Xavier learns of Romeo’s plan to get Gina and John back together and he’s furious. Things heat up at Leah’s when Lijuan cooks a feast and the two women butt heads.


Extended Summary

Xavier is sitting on the Pier, dropping old photos of him and Ruby into the water. Lost in the moment, he’s caught off guard when confronted by an outspoken girl – April. She tells him he’s causing harm to the environment by throwing things in the water and he should walk down and fish the pictures out. Xavier’s head is spinning – who is this girl? But rather than bow to her request entirely, he takes a running jump off the pier into the water. Suddenly April is impressed. The two swap stories and Xavier learns April has just moved to the Bay. They are getting along well until Xavier sees Ruby pass by and clock his ease with April. Feeling bad for Ruby, he suddenly clams up and tells her he has to go. April’s left bemused by his sudden change of mood.

Ruby is caught up with big ideas re her and Liam’s music. As he struggles to write a song, she sits nearby snapping pictures of Liam on her camera. She claims it’s a documentation of the song writing process – pictures they can sell when they are famous, but Liam worries the pictures are for Ruby and that she still has a crush on him. Ruby assures him she doesn’t and Liam accepts this but as he heads off, we see the hurt in Ruby’s eyes. Clearly, she does have feelings for him. When Liam needs inspiration for a song, Ruby is only too glad to open up to him, seeing an opportunity to get closer. Later, as Ruby stands at her locker, lost in a picture of Liam, he approaches and thanks Ruby for her help, the song is great thanks to her. He heads off promising to play it to her later – unaware he’s inadvertently strengthened her feelings for him once more.

Romeo explains to Gina he needs to break up John and Jill so that Jill can focus on her recovery. She’s not strong enough to be in a relationship yet and should be focused on staying sober rather than men. Gina is still resisting any involvement in the plan when Romeo realises he doesn’t actually need her – he can break them up on his own! Later, when he’s recounting his plan to Gina, Xavier overhears and is mortified! Romeo sees his friend’s anger and bails, leaving Gina to cop Xavier’s wrath. Gina explains that she may end up with John in the future and that’s something Xavier will just have to live with, but Xavier tells her he will never accept John Palmer. Later, at school, Romeo tries to explain why he wants to break up John and Jill, but Xavier won’t listen. He’s convinced Romeo is just trying to off load Palmer onto him. Things get tense and Xavier starts a scuffle. Liam tries to break it up, but Xavier pushes him over.

Meanwhile, over at Leah’s the tension is rising as Lijuan takes over in more ways than one. After deciding to cook a huge feast without any involvement from Leah, she sets about telling a despondent Angelo (who has just learned he’s going to be investigated after Hugo and Martha escaped) that he must share his troubles with the whole table. Leah insists Angelo doesn’t have to do that, and after some heated words, Song steps in to calm the waters. He succeeds and the two women smile, crisis averted…for now.