Episode 5221

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2011
UK Air Date: 14th February 2011

Charlie and Morag try to find Will. Liam and Bianca try to get used to having April around. Robertson’s investigation takes a surprise twist.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

After being dumped in the middle of nowhere by Will, Morag is walking home when Charlie pulls up in her car. Morag is relieved that it’s her, and tells her they don’t have a moment to lose – Will has confessed that he lied about Alf, and they need to get to Irene’s to find out what she knows before Will can get too far away. When they get there, a worried Irene tells them that Will has skipped town with Lily, leaving only a note behind him. Speaking to Bianca the next day, Irene voices her guilt about getting things so wrong about Alf – he’s one of her best friends and she believed Will’s lie. Irene approaches Alf to apologise, she doesn’t know why Will lied, but it’s certainly not the Will she knows. Alf doesn’t respond but Morag makes it clear to Irene that it’s too little too late.

With April living with them in their love shack, Bianca and Liam are finding it hard to adjust, which only makes April even more uncomfortable about knowing where she belongs since she returned. Bianca and Liam keep trying to sort out ways to make the living arrangements work, and Bianca seeks advice from Charlie, but the matter is solved when April decides to move back in with Irene instead.

With Will supposedly retracting his statement, Robertson’s case against Alf takes a sharp turn. Without Will to confirm this, Robertson is reluctant to believe Morag and finds the whole situation suspect – it seems convenient for the key witness to clear Alf’s name and then disappear just before the trial. Morag pushes to have Alf exonerated in light of Will’s disappearance, but Robertson’s first priority is to question Alf about Will. When Alf’s alibi checks out, Roberston still suspects that Will may have only done a runner due to being under pressure from Morag. Realising that he’s wasting his time, Alf storms out, and Morag makes it clear to Robertson that he should fix this – if not she will be taking action against him. Morag talks to the DPP who tell her that they intend on pursuing the case – Will’s admission to her means nothing, if he’s going to retract his statement he’d need to do so in open court.

Charlie’s convinced that Alf is not guilty and keeps working against Robertson’s case, and makes it clear that if he doesn’t start looking down other avenues then she will – even if it means going over his head. Meanwhile Angelo has found the tow truck receipt from when he picked up Shandi on her way into Summer Bay. It has Shandi’s address on it so he passes it onto Charlie, though it turns out they’ve already managed to locate Shandi through a contact of John’s. However when Shandi is brought to the station by a Newcastle policeman, Robertson and Charlie are confused – they’ve never seen this woman before. Her ID checks out and she confirms her father is a man named John Palmer. Robertson notes that if this is Shandi Palmer – then just who are they looking for?!