Episode 5233

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2011
UK Air Date: 2nd March 2011

Nicole leaves for the city to think about her baby. Bianca fears the spark has gone from her relationship with Liam. The Braxtons cause trouble in Summer Bay. Miles makes a surprise return.


Written by Phil Sanders
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

With Morag having thrown the idea of the contract for Nicole’s baby into doubt, Nicole struggles to deal with the added pressure and confusion coming from all the parties. Marilyn is also feeling downhearted, questioning their suitability as parents. Morag goes to see Sid later that night and makes it clear that she’s only looking out for them. She also explains that in future, she will be present at any future meetings they have with Nicole. Though Morag is just trying to look out for Nicole, Nicole isn’t impressed that Morag is involved – she feels like she is being treated like a prize cow. When Nicole questions Morag’s motives, Morag states that she suspects Nicole doesn’t want to give this baby up after all. Finally, Nicole decides to leave Summer Bay to spend some time with her mother in the city.

As Liam is preoccupied with preparing for his gig at Angelo’s, Bianca is missing the attention they have had since they ran off. Though dropping hints and trying to seduce him, Liam doesn’t notice how frustrated Bianca’s getting. Later at Angelo’s she purposely flirts with some men in an attempt to make Liam jealous. Finally she confronts him and they make up.

In an effort to boost business for his restaurant, Angelo organises a Singles Night at Angelo’s. The party starts off slow and the girls aren’t impressed. Things suddenly get a lot busier with the arrival of a local surfing gang; “The River Boys”, led by the Braxton Brothers.

It doesn’t take long for the fun to turn rough, with the gang heckling Liam as he performs. When Heath Braxton starts cracking onto Leah, Angelo intervenes which escalates into a full blown bar brawl.

Meanwhile Miles has returned from Africa and steps into Angelo’s, where he’s surprised by the scene that greets him. A few seconds later, as he stands at the door, a glass bottle is smashed over his head.