Episode 5234

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2011
UK Air Date: 3rd March 2011

Miles keeps the truth about Elijah from Leah. Brax makes his presence known – there’s a new bad boy in town. Romeo feels left out of Indi’s new life.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Following the brawl at Angelo’s, Angelo is left with a trashed restaurant to clean up. In light of Heath Braxton’s subsequent arrest, older brother Darryl (Brax) starts calling around to try and smooth things over. From Miles’ description it seems Heath was the one who attacked him.

Brax later approaches Romeo with a thinly veiled threat for Miles to drop the charges, but Miles isn’t willing to let them get away with it, despite advice from Angelo. Romeo also isn’t willing to let things ride, and when he later sees Brax and Heath’s younger brother Casey at the school, lets him know exactly what he thinks of them. Brax later goes to visit Angelo with a case of booze to make up for what happened. He then makes Angelo an offer of cheap booze for his place.

With Miles back in Summer Bay, and having received stitches for his head injury, Leah tries to get some information about what has been happening in Africa with Elijah. Miles is evasive on the subject and Leah continues trying to find out what he is hiding. Finally Miles suggests that Leah just call and speak to Elijah himself instead of digging for information.

As Dex queries Indi about the lack of Romeo in her life, Romeo is similarly questioning what is happening with his relationship – something which Ruby is also quick to take notice of. Frustrated with being back in school for another year without Indi, Romeo is feeling increasingly isolated and he goes to spend some time with Indi. However when he arrives he finds that she is studying with her uni friends. He wastes some time with Dex, watching some of the films he has recently created, but eventually tires of waiting around for Indi and slips away quietly.

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