Episode 5231

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2011
UK Air Date: 28th February 2011

Alf announces an unexpected plan – he’s going to backpack around the world. As Xavier’s life hangs in the balance, April considers making a confession.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

April comes to and still heavily under the effects of the chemicals, manages to drags herself from the house to try and get help. She makes it onto the beach but then passes out again. Colleen eventually finds her and, suspecting she’s drunk, calls Charlie. April tries to inform Colleen that Xavier is still in the house but is unable to. When Charlie arrives and sees how serious April’s condition is, April is taken to hospital. When Charlie shows Sid that her hand has started stinging after touching April, Sid informs Charlie that it is likely chemical related and that they should send the fire brigade to Irene’s house.

Meanwhile Xavier is still alone passed out in the Beach House, and suffering under the chemical fumes. When he is finally discovered by Bianca, she drags him out the house and he is rushed to hospital. Once at the hospital, Bianca is informed that April is already there. When she wakes up, she’s able to tell Sid what the chemicals were which enables Sid to treat Xavier properly. Xavier’s condition is much more serious, he has fluid on the lungs, and there is concern for his chance of recovery – he his fighting for his life.

When he later stops breathing Sid battles to bring Xavier back as Gina, John and April watch on in horror. Sid manages to save him but April cannot believe what she has caused….

John wants Alf’s views on a local issue, but Alf isn’t too interested in giving his opinion – especially, as he announces, he won’t be around for very long. Alf throws a BBQ that afternoon for his family and friends where he announces that as a result of his time locked up, he is going to leave Summer Bay to go backpacking around the world and see it all while he has the chance – and he’s leaving the next day! He wants to visit his family roots in Scotland and visit his various family members around the world, which is the the reason he’s going on a tight budget. Morag is less than supportive of his ambitions, and later lets her guard down to Colleen when she reveals that she’s worred about feeling alone.