Episode 5225

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2011
UK Air Date: 18th February 2011

Irene tries to get through to Will. Sid tells the kids about Marilyn’s plan. Concerned for Lily, Irene is forced to betray Will.


Written by Belinda Johns
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Indi has been accepted into a Business Studies course at Uni. Dex and Indi discuss the obvious tension in Sid and Marilyn’s relationship and Sid decides to tell them both about Marilyn’s plan to adopt. Though Dex is more circumspect, Indi is outraged and takes it out on the struggling Nicole. Indi finally calms down after talking to Ruby and promises Nicole she will be a great big sister. Marilyn is upset that Sid has told the kids of her plan behind her back, and feeling that he’s been against the plan from the start, wonders whether he just did it to bring them around to his way of thinking. Later, Marilyn goes to see a fertility specialist to work out whether Sid and herself do indeed have any other options for children – but the specialist confirms that with her age and the previous treatments she has had, she wouldn’t be able to conceive a child. Adoption is indeed their only option. After Dex and Indi both give him their blessings, Sid tells Marilyn that he has agreed to go ahead with the adoption.

Irene is very concerned about Lily’s health, and is desperately trying to contact Will so she can get Lily’s medication to her. She speaks to Marilyn and they lament the problems they are both having with family. Meanwhile, Will is struggling to deal with Lily’s ever worsening tonsillitis, and sneaks back to Irene’s house during the night to get her medication. Whilst he’s disturbed before he can find the medication, he manages to take some food, and some money from Irene’s purse. Having heard someone creeping around and gone to investigate, Irene is about to call the police when she realises it must have been Will.

When Lily takes a turn for the worse, Will finally decides to contact Irene and she goes to find them. She gives Lily her medication but it’s obvious that she needs medical attention fast. Irene is furious about what Will has done to Alf, and he explains that he panicked. He never thought his statement would be enough to get Alf charged. Irene implores Will to come back with her as he’s the only one who can free Alf, but Will won’t budge – he’d go to jail. In the end Will decides to let her take Lily, on the understanding that she let’s Will leave – it will be the last thing he ever asks of her. She agrees and they say their goodbyes, but not before Irene informs him that ‘Shandi’ is in custody which makes Will worry even more.

After kissing Lily goodbye, Will takes off. But in a tough moment of betrayal, Irene decides Will is not in a good state of mind and calls the police – who stop Will as he is making his escape.