Belinda Johns

Script Producer: 2010-2011

Belinda Johns began her career in the industry in 1995 when she was a production office assistant in 1995 for the movie, Babe. After working as a researcher on the documentary 40,000 Years of Dreaming and a production co-ordinator in Babe: Pig in the City.

In 2003, Belinda was employed as the script editor on the long-running British soap, Emmerdale, and then worked as a script editor on the ITV drama series, Fat Friends and The Chase.

Belinda then became Script Producer alongside Stephen Vagg on Home and Away. Her first episode aired on 22nd November 2010 (Ep#5211) and her final episode aired on 4th February 2011 (Ep#5225). During her tenure with the series, she oversaw the revelation of Penn Graham’s murderer, as well as John and Gina’s wedding.