Episode 5211

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 2010
UK Air Date: 31st January 2011

Charlie tries to mend her relationship with Ruby and pleads for her to stay. Bianca again abandons Liam for Vittorio.


Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Charlie is regretting her public outburst at Ruby during the informal and is trying to mend her relationship with her daughter. Ruby decides that she needs to leave and wants to visit Ross and Morag, getting away from Charlie. Nicole discusses the night’s events with Ruby, informing her that Jackson was quick to move onto another girl after Ruby left. Ruby is starting to lose faith in Mitzy’s prediction that she will soon find true love, but Nicole reassures her that it will happen when it’s meant to happen. Ruby thanks Nicole for her support and Nicole remarks that Ruby would be there for her no matter what…. wouldn’t she? Ruby says of course she would and wonders why Nicole would need to ask, but before she can elaborate they are interrupted by Angelo.

After Angelo informs her of Ruby’s plans, Charlie makes a heartfelt plea to Ruby to stay – she’s sorry and she is trying her hardest to be a good mother, but she is still new to it and so will inevitably make mistakes. However she says she won’t stop her if she really wants to leave, which Ruby does. As Ruby sits waiting at the bus stop, she reflects on how difficult it must be for Charlie to suddenly know how to be a mother. She changes her mind, deciding to stay, and it seems Ruby and Charlie are back on track.

Both Bianca and Liam have to deal with the events on the cliff after they snuck out of the informal together. Bianca decides she needs to talk to Vittorio, but ends up getting sidetracked by Joanna’s plans for the bridal shower. When Joanna realises that something happened between Bianca and Liam last night, she tells Bianca to forget Liam and make her future with Vittorio, who has much more to offer. When she meets with Liam later that day, Bianca tells him that their kiss was a mistake, as far as she’s concerned it didn’t happen. Later that night Liam makes another plea to her, but Bianca is defiant – a relationship between them would only last a couple of months before they burned out. She is marrying Vittorio and that’s the end of it.

April believes that she has finally gotten through to her sister about cancelling her marriage. She finds out that Bianca is still conflicted even though April knows something happened with Liam last night. April tries to rally support from Nicole, who Bianca has asked to redesign her wedding dress, but her attempts fail. Later April has a huge fight with Bianca and Joanna, which ends with her deciding she cannot be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.