Episode 5210

Australian Air Date: 19th November 2010
UK Air Date: 28th January 2011

Roo confesses the truth to Alf. Charlie puts her foot down with Ruby. Bianca and Liam heat things up at the Informal.


Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed David Gould

Extended Summary

In the knowledge that Liam has pulled out of chaperoning, April is no longer happy about having to be a waitress at the informal. Romeo is shocked to discover that Liam isn’t going to the formal. Romeo finds Liam at the Diner, and asks him why he’s not going to the informal. Nicole overhears, and both of them make him see that the whole event isn’t about Bianca – he deserves to celebrate his first year of teaching, and celebrate with the students, for the sake of the students. Liam eventually does decide to turn up, leaving April thrilled and Bianca in a spin. Whilst Nicole hands out some awards, Liam approaches Bianca and the pair lock in a loving gaze. they excuse themselves to the balcony, and Liam tells her Nina broke up with him because she thought his heart wasn’t in it. Bianca tells Liam she got his voicemail and that she wanted to return it. Liam suggests they leave the formal, which Bianca agrees to – April sees them and is overjoyed at what it must mean. Down on the beach, Liam declares his love for Bianca, which she reciprocates with a kiss.

Joanna invites Irene for dinner and she’s a little reluctant, but Joanna talks her into it as payment for her hospitality. Irene see more of the real Joanna on their dinner, and it’s clear Joanna hasn’t won her over. The bucks party turn up at the same restaurant and Joanna takes Vittorio off to buy him a drink. At the bar, Joanna and Vittorio are disparaging about the locals who are trying to befriend them, mocking their small town ways. Later in the evening Irene tells Alf she’s glad she came out – now she understands entirely why April and Bianca travelled to the other side of the world to get away from her.

Jackson tries to convince Ruby that she should press Charlie to let her go to the informal, but Ruby isn’t positive. Ruby tells Nicole she thinks that meeting Jackson is fate, which Nicole isn’t particularly supportive of. Ruby tries to convince Charlie to let her go to the informal, but Charlie remains steadfast – she’s still not convinced Ruby has any idea what she’s done. Ruby phones the station to find out what time Charlie is on duty until – and realises she has enough time to make it to at least part of the formal. Angelo isn’t happy to see Ruby there but Ruby reminds Angelo that Charlie told him to stay out of it, which he resolves is the case. He advises her to leave but doesn’t force her. Charlie turns up at the informal on her break to see Angelo – he tries to keep her out of Ruby’s way, but fails. Charlie is furious and tries to physically pull Ruby out of the dance. Angelo breaks the pair apart, and strongly suggests Ruby should go home. Charlie leaves quickly afterwards, and Angelo can’t help feeling that he’s in a lot of trouble too.

Alf talks to John, making sure he knows what he’s getting involved with in helping out Martha and Hugo. He’s determined to be involved, and thinks it could be a way to affirm his feelings for Gina.