Episode 5209

Australian Air Date: 18th November 2010
UK Air Date: 27th January 2011

Charlie suspects Roo is here to help Martha. Ruby enlists Angelo’s help to change Charlie’s mind. Dex feels like an outcast.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Alf suggests to Roo he extend his overdraft further to help with her debts, but she refuses. Roo meets John for lunch and is confused when he sets her genuine work to do in New York. He points out that they need to do everything legitimately in case they are ever investigated. Angelo interrupts their lunch to ask if they could help chaperone the informal, and Roo is up for helping. Charlie turns up demanding to know why Angelo didn’t act more responsible in ensuring that Ruby was in the house last night. Charlie tells him he needs to take more responsibility with Ruby, which he is happy to do, but she can’t barge into his restaurant and tell him off in front of his customers. She apologises to Roo and John and Roo mentions the work she’s arranging for John. Charlie’s suspicions are aroused, and tells Angelo she finds it odd that Roo has suddenly turned up now that Martha is on the run and is being paid by Gina’s boyfriend to do some work for her. She is convinced the arrangement must have something to do with the money.

Charlie heads over to visit Roo, under the pretence of a friendly visit – however it’s clear that she’s trying to dig for information. Roo is not blind to this fact, and Charlie tells her she understand the lengths a mother would go to protect her child – and that she needs to be careful. Roo plays dumb, but Charlie presses the point before making a swift exit. Affected by Charlie’s warning, Roo is confused, and confides the situation in Alf. Alf is concerned that Roo could get in a lot of trouble, especially as Charlie has seen through the plan. Roo asks whether or not she should go through with it – he resolves that if they can give Martha a chance at a new life, they should give it their best shot.

Sid and Charlie are both furious with Ruby and Dex for stealing the car, and Sid is shocked to learn it was Dex’s idea to steal the car. Charlie grounds Ruby for a month which Ruby takes very badly as she’ll miss the informal. Ruby maintains she hasn’t done anything wrong beyond staying out all night – but Charlie thinks that’s bad enough. Ruby tells her it was all in her quest for true love which Charlie thinks is ridiculous – she doesn’t care if Ruby is missing a date, she’s grounded. Ruby tries to appeal to Angelo about her punishment and he’s initially adamant that it was Charlie’s call. When Ruby tries to explain how badly she needs to go the formal, he relents and says he’ll talk to Charlie. Dexter visits Ruby and she blames him for everything that’s happened to her, before shutting the door in his face. Later, Angelo tries to appeal to Charlie over Ruby’s punishment, but Charlie can see he’s been played by Ruby. Charlie is furious and tells him not to get involved – he should just stay out of matters concerning mother and daughter.

Back at the farm, Sid asks Dex why he behaved like he did – he’s determined that there must be something else behind his behaviour. Dex tells him he was just trying to be a normal kid. Sid understands that Dex is just trying to fit in, but cannot excuse the fact he stole the car and grounds him for 2 weeks. Dex takes this surprisingly well. Marilyn turns up and apologises to Sid for their difference of opinion. She says she understands if he’s having second thoughts about her moving in, but he isn’t – and he tells her she has his full support in whatever she needs to do before her end date. After his rejection for Ruby, Dex is upset, and Marilyn decides to try and talk to him. Whatever he does, people just seem to think he’s a freak – but Marilyn tells him to embrace his differences, being different makes him special and one day he’ll find his place in the world.

Scene cut from episode:
Angelo offers Roo his thoughts on the situation with John.