Episode 5208

Australian Air Date: 17th November 2010
UK Air Date: 26th January 2011

Robertson finds another piece of the Penn puzzle. Sid and Marilyn argue over Mitzy’s prediction. Ruby hatches a plan to find true love.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Will goes to pick up Lily from Leah and the pair realise that they’ve been duped – and realise that the kids are missing. Leah tries calling around but can’t find any trace of them and Robertson turns up at the Diner, to assure her that the officers at the station are doing all they can. Lily and VJ are walking to the airport – they’ve slept in the park and are out of food. VJ tries flagging down a car, but it doesn’t work.They are having second thoughts until a car pulls up and the man inside, Gary, offers them a lift. Lily is initially reluctant but eventually they both get in. The kids become nervous when Gary tells them they need to swing by his house first – Lily’s scared and just wants to go home.

Meanwhile Robertson and Graves have become involved with the hunt. Leah realises that her credit card has been used to buy two tickets to Africa and Robertson assures her and Will that, if they make it to the airport, it will be impossible for them to get on a plane. Graves pulls Robertson aside and reminds him they’re there for a murder investigation – but Robertson assures her he’s doing it to keep Will in his sights. A report comes through that two kids have been spotted hitching a ride, which worries Leah. Robertson and Graves head out to find the car, and pull Gary over – but VJ and Lily are nowhere to be found, and Gary denies all knowledge of having the kids in the back. Later they establish he did see them, it was him that called – they ran off, and can’t have gotten far. Graves suggests they might have hidden nearby, and check the storage at a garage – finding VJ and Lily huddled behind some sacks. Lily confides in Robertson that Will is always sad or angry, and that he told her he did something bad. Robertson asks if she knows what the bad thing was but Lily doesn’t know – however, his interest in Will’s involvement in the Penn case has been tapped. Back in the Bay, VJ apologises to Leah and Will and, although cross about his actions, Leah is just relieved to have him back. When Lily has gone upstairs, Robertson asks Will about ‘the bad thing’ – Will tells him he has no right using Lily like that, and tells Robertson he was talking about cheating on Gypsy. VJ confides in Leah that he thought if he went to Africa, she’d have to talk to Elijah. Leah can see he is hurting, but confirms that the relationship is over.

Ruby is starting to worry that her deadline to find true love is running out, and she’s having to study for exams instead of search for Mr Right. Ruby is determined that Nicole is going to go out partying with her as much as possible, but Nicole seems reluctant. Later, Nicole confirms she’s bailing on Ruby – she’ll need a new wingman. Ruby tries to persuade her otherwise but fails. She runs into Dexter, and suggests to him they he come to a party with her, to try and connect with his social peers – the only catch is that he has to figure out how to get them a car. Later, Dex rocks up to pick up Ruby, evidently not able to drive the vehicle – and reveals to Ruby he’s stolen Sid’s car. It’s a foolproof plan as long as they return the car by the morning. ruby doesn’t seem to have an issue with this, but insists that she drives. The next morning, on the drive home Dex is despondent – he found all the parties boring, and couldn’t connect with anyone. ruby is happy as she’s managed to score a date. However, their conversation is cut short when they are flagged down by the police – the vehicle they are driving has been reported stolen!

Marilyn is recording goodbye video’s for those she wishes to say goodbye to, but it isn’t going well – she needs to keep things more positive. Sid walks in on Marilyn and she tells him it’s proving to be a tricky task. Marilyn tells him she doesn’t want him to think she’s taking him for granted, and gives him a gift. He doesn’t want it, and finally tells her he’s not happy about how she’s handling things. She resolves to spend the night back at Summer Bay House – a night apart might give them some time apart from their differences.

Scenes cut from episode:
Marilyn enlists Nicole’s help in recording a touching message for Sid where Marilyn suggests it would’ve been nice to have a child with Sid. Nicole seems to take heart from that as she ponders her own destiny. What is on Nicole’s mind?