Episode 5207

Australian Air Date: 16th November 2010
UK Air Date: 25th January 2011

Gina calls in reinforcements to help Hugo and Martha. VJ and Lily run away. April struggles to try and get Bianca and Liam together.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Liam runs into Vittorio at the Diner, who wastes no time in boasting that he and Bianca have been looking at properties – and he is shocked to discover that Joanna is in the Bay. Vittorio goes to greet her, and offers to give her a tour of the place. Vittorio checks out why Liam was at Bianca’s and his mind at put at rest when Bianca mentions the guitar lesson – however her mind starts racing when she learns that Liam doesn’t have a very high opinion of Joanna. April is determined to get Bianca on board chaperoning the informal, but sends Xavier so she doesn’t get suspicious. Bianca sees through the cover, and informs Xavier she’s already agreed to do it, and the Vittorio will be joining her. April decides they need to get Vittorio out of the way. Bianca confronts Liam about his problem with Joanna, and he tells her flatly that, for the sake of everyone, he won’t talk to anyone in her family again.

Xavier catches John eating fatty foods and Xavier uses it to blackmail John into throwing Vittorio a bucks party – the night of the informal. John is happy to help – after all, Vittorio’s rich and he might be able to get him to invest in some ventures. Irene confides in Leah that she doesn’t have a high opinion of Joanna – she’s only concerned with her daughters now that one of them is marrying a Prince. After their tour, Joanna offers Vittorio advice – Bianca is impulsive, and he must keep and eye on her and not let it dominate their relationship. Alf invites Liam to the bucks party but he’s dismissive and refuses. Vittorio pulls out of the informal to attend the bucks party and Bianca realises what April is up to – but is powerless to put a stop to it. April happily tells Liam Bianca will be at the informal but he tells her he’s giving up the fight. April is gutted.

Will is still very stressed, and is cold when Robertson turns up at the bait shop. Alf steps in and sees Robertson off. Lily starts asking question about Robertson and Will is snappy with her, telling her to go home. Leah tells VJ she can’t afford for him to keep calling Africa and confiscates his phone, leaving him disappointed. He’s rude to Robertson, who subsequently apologises to Leah for using things she’s told him during personal moments in the Penn investigation. Later, Leah offers Robertson her forgiveness, but tells him that his presence in her life isn’t helping either her or VJ come to terms with the Elijah situation. He unhappily resolves that he’ll take a step back.

VJ runs into Lily on the beach and can see that she’s sad – and he’s got a great idea to help them solve both their problems. He decides they should run away to visit Elijah in Africa. Lily refuses to go, she thinks her Dad needs her, but she agrees not to tell anyone of his plan. Lily goes back home and when Will shouts at her again, she runs off to her room. Later, VJ turns up at the house and Lily runs off with him and tells Will they’re having a sleepover. However, once their out of earshot, it becomes clear that the pair are planning to run away!

Gina comes to see Roo – neither of them really know what they’re doing and they need to call in reinforcements. She wants to bring in two people to help them pull off their plan to get Hugo’s money to him and Martha and if either of them say no, she’s going to back out of the plan. Roo has no choice but to accept. Gina calls upon John and Xavier to ask for their blessing to break the law. Gina takes John and Xavier to see Roo – John thinks there’s a way to do it, but they must be careful. He’ll move the money into his company, and then employ Roo as his US consultant. He’ll pay her the money as a wage and she can withdraw the money and do what she pleases with it. With John and Xavier on board, the plan is going ahead.