Episode 5206

Australian Air Date: 15th November 2010
UK Air Date: 24th January 2011

Bianca’s mother derails April’s plan. Marilyn tries to say goodbye. The Yr 12’s find a way to celebrate.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Indi is still stressing about her exams – and she’s lost her lucky pen! Marilyn finds it but it still doesn’t calm her nerves. Indi is convinced she’s done badly in all her other exams and Romeo manages to convince her that everything going to be OK – but that still doesn’t stop her stressing. After the exams, Indi and the other students are over the moon. They are disappointed to learn the school won’t put on a formal, and Romeo and Indi try to convince Gina. She won’t budge – so many other formals have been a complete disaster. Out of Gina’s earshot, Liam suggests that if the school won’t put it on, maybe the kids should themselves. Romeo and Indi ask Angelo if they host their ‘informal’ at Angelo’s but is reluctant – what if it gets out of control? Eventually he gives in but under one condition – the kids provide adult chaperone’s and a $5000 bond. When Indi and Romeo tell Marilyn and Sid about the situation, she offers them the bond money without question. The kids give the money to Angelo who is shocked they manage to find it – but he reluctantly agrees to it, so long as they can find 5 adult chaperones. Romeo instantly ropes Liam in.

Certain that her end date is approaching, Marilyn decides she’s going to start saying her goodbyes. Marilyn calls into the Diner to say goodbye to Leah and Colleen, but both are far too busy to hear what she’s got to say, leaving her disappointed. Colleen notices that Marilyn is disappointed and speculates that, due to what happened with Mitzy, perhaps Marilyn is setting her affairs in order in case anything bad should happen. Marilyn confides in Sid, she wants to say something really special before she goes, something to remember her by, but nobody seems to want to listen. He suggests she write it down, but Marilyn thinks that is too detatched. when Marilyn gives Indi and Romeo the money for their bond, Sid is concerned she is jumping into giving things away. Marilyn is adamant she’d much rather she make people happy before she goes than afterwards. Sid re-affirms that he’ll be there for her, whatever she needs to do.

Vittorio has arranged a house viewing, but Bianca cannot make it due to the HSC exams – though April is quick to point out Bianca doesn’t seem thrilled at the prospect. However Bianca refuses to discuss Liam again. April runs into Liam on the way to school, and finds it difficult to hide her happiness that Nina has left. April asks Liam to teach her guitar out of the blue. Liam can see through her plan, but agrees to go ahead with it anyway. During the lesson later that afternoon, Bianca arrives home and flaunts her wedding dress in front of Liam. Tension builds, and the old spark between the pair re-appears. Liam tries to excuse himself, but April is on hand to prolong the agony for all concerned – she wants to play at Bianca’s wedding. However the situation is interrupted by the arrival of Joanna – April and Bianca’s mother – who instantly picks up on the spark between Bianca and Liam, just as he rushes off. Joanna is clearly unimpressed with the small town ways of Summer Bay, but resolves to stay at Irene’s regardless. Liam tells Romeo that he thinks Joanna likes him, which could be positive for their potential future. Joanna is baffled why April and Bianca would want to stay in the Bay, especially with everything going for them in Europe. After this, Joanna heads to Angelo’s to get a bottle of wine, and runs into Liam. She is upfront – Liam is clearly in love with Bianca, and despite his suspicion that Joanna likes him, she tells him to forget about the attraction – she is determined Bianca will marry Vittorio.

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