Neighbours Spoilers – Painful reunion for JJ and Felix

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Next week on Neighbours, JJ finally gets his long-awaited reunion with dad Felix, but it doesn’t go quite as he hoped…

JJ’s (Riley Bryant) search for answers surrounding his parentage came to an end last month, when convicted crim Felix (James Beaufort) was revealed to be his biological father.

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The pair had grown close since Andrew’s (Lloyd Will) brother Felix arrived in Erinsborough earlier this year, when Felix gave JJ self-defence tips to ward off bully Slade Westall (Charlie Di Stefano).

While Felix realised that JJ was his son after spotting a matching birthmark, he kept everyone in the dark until Wendy (Candice Leask) discovered the missing pages from Philipa’s diary hidden in Felix’s bag, which revealed all.

Unfortunately for JJ, Felix was carted back to Waratah Prison after his failed robbery of construction materials from Eirene Rising, preventing him from bonding further with the man now revealed to be his dad.

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Remi (Naomi Rukavina) then paid Felix a visit, where she begged him to refuse any further contact with his son.

Felix, who never wanted to be a father in the first place, was more than happy to oblige.

Since then, JJ has sent his dad numerous letters, all of which have come back ‘return to sender’, leaving the teen heartbroken.

This week, he discovered that it was his mums who ordered Felix to reject any contact, prompting an angry outburst in which he told Cara (Sara West) and Remi that he’d never forgive them.

Dex (Marley Williams) told the pair that they’d eventually have to accept that Felix is JJ’s father and that he’d always be a part of their lives.

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Next week, Andrew drops by the Varga-Murphys’ house to check on JJ, and learns that he’s still frosty with his mums.

After JJ leaves, Cara suggests to Remi that they should let JJ see Felix after all, giving him the chance to learn first-hand what a deadbeat he is.

Remi isn’t sure and the pair agree to sit on it and think about it later.

Soon after, Andrew receives an unexpected call from the prison, revealing that Felix is ill and wants Andrew to come see him.

When he discusses the pros and cons with Wendy, he’s unaware that Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) is listening in – does nobody have conversations in private any more?

Andrew eventually agrees to pay his brother a visit, but when Nell sees JJ, she tells him all about Andrew’s trip to the prison and encourages him to tag along.

JJ then confronts Andrew, begging him to take him to see his father, leaving Andrew with a big dilemma.

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In next Tuesday’s episode (14th May), Andrew takes the risky decision to go behind Cara and Remi’s back and grant JJ his wish.

Andrew heads to the prison, where Felix is happy to see him, sharing that his illness has given him time to ruminate on everything that he’s lost.

Andrew suggests that there’s one thing he can put right as he encourages him to have a chat with JJ.

As the father and son finally meet for the first time since the truth of JJ’s parentage came out, JJ is thrilled to finally have an audience with his dad.

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He explains how upset he was when his letters were returned, but knows that it was because of Cara and Remi’s request.

Yet Felix quickly sets JJ straight, making it clear that he would have cut ties anyway – he doesn’t want a son and isn’t looking for a friend.

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While Andrew thanks Felix for being honest with the teen, he asserts that he wants nothing more to do with him and closes the door on his brother for good.

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Back on Ramsay Street, Cara and Remi struggle to make sense of Andrew’s decision to take JJ to see Felix. Andrew explains himself, whilst telling them how Felix rejected JJ once again.

The mums and Dex then rally round a devastated JJ, reunited and appreciative of Andrew for helping them close this chapter.

Is Felix’s hold on their lives finally over?

Also next week, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is keen to play cupid for Krista (Majella Davis) and Leo (Tim Kano), feeling guilty that his now former fiancée Chelsea (Viva Bianca) caused them so much heartache.

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He ropes in Cara to set up a romantic brunch at the rotunda, before telling Krista to meet him there for a ‘work catchup’.

Yet when Leo reveals that he saw them setting up the scene, he warns Paul that he’s too hurt to give things another go with Krista.

With Paul’s plan having failed miserably, he goes to pack up the brunch, only to have Krista arrive early and realise what he was planning. Paul feels terrible, until Krista takes him by surprise by asking him to join her instead.

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Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Tuesday 7th May (Episode 9037 / 134)

JJ pushes back.

Krista’s confronted by a startling realisation.

Paul reassesses his plans for the future.

Wednesday 8th May (Episode 9038 / 135)

Chelsea’s special day faces a set-back.

Toadie is urged to make peace.

Sadie and Byron embark on a covert operation.

Thursday 9th May (Episode 9039 / 136)

The street deals with the aftershock of a surprise departure.

Melanie makes a life changing decision.

Susan and Terese are challenged.

Monday 13th May (Episode 9040 / 137)

Remi is tempted by a promising proposal.

Paul tries his hand at playing cupid.

JJ makes a last ditch bid to see Felix.

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 9041 / 138)

JJ faces a hard truth. Mackenzie’s guilt grows.

A surprise guest on Ramsay street upsets the status quo.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 9042 / 139)

Mackenzie works to correct her wrongs.

Karl faces a fresh humiliation.

Sadie is challenged when she discovers a big secret.

Thursday 16th May (Episode 9043 / 140)

Jane finds life becoming increasingly complicated.

Mackenzie grapples with her personal dilemma.

Abigail finds something she shouldn’t.

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