Home and Away Spoilers – Who dies as Stevie’s stalker returns?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, as Stevie’s stalker escapes and heads straight to the bay, at least one favourite won’t survive the week – but who?

Summer Bay is rocked by tragedy this week, as Stevie Marlow’s (Catherine Van-Davies) story reaches a dramatic conclusion.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been working for the world-famous actress as her personal bodyguard for nearly three months, having been drafted in as she was targetted by a stalker, Sidney Wickham (Joshua McElroy).

Stevie had already been spooked by the death of her friend and Death Throes co-star Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge), who had fallen from a cliff.

Whilst Stevie felt that Crystal never would have put herself in danger by walking near the edge, the police eventually ruled her death as accidental.

After Stevie’s stalker managed to track her down to the new hotel Cash had placed her in for safety, Stevie ended up moving in with Cash and sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) in Summer Bay whilst the investigation remained ongoing.

When the finding of the inquest into Crystal’s death finally came through, Stevie was devastated, knowing that the police would no longer take her case seriously.

Firing Cash, Stevie opted to carry on living her life as normal, and arranged to attend a press event announcing her new romcom movie All Our Tomorrows.

Cash was horrified to learn of her intention to attend and went along to ensure her safety despite being no longer employed by her.

His suspicions were proved correct when, as Stevie greeted fans outside the hotel, Sidney lunged at her from the crowd. Cash was able to pull Stevie out of the way before any harm was done, and he gave chase, eventually cornering and apprehending Sidney in a car park.

Sidney was arrested and placed on remand, and with the police finding a huge of amount of incriminating evidence at his homeincluding a collection of gunsit seemed to be an open-and-shut case.

Cash was therefore surprised when Stevie returned a few days later and asked if he would consider staying on as her personal security. Although Stevie promised he would do well out of it financially, Cash declined, not wanting to leave girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

Stevie said her goodbyes, but returned again with her director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu) in tow, in the hope of relocating the entire production to Summer Bay. Nelson was swayed, and as a result Stevie was able to convince Cash to rejoin her team.

The movie finally commenced production last week amongst a blaze of publicity, and whilst Sidney’s upcoming court appearance is due this week, Stevie was putting it to the back of her mind knowing that he couldn’t hurt her.

But this is Home and Away’s criminal justice system we’re talking about… and with the climactic scenes being filmed publicly on Palm Beach back in December, we already knew the outcome of this story before Stevie had even arrived on-screen.

This week, Cash is horrified to learn from his bosses at the security agency that Sidney is somehow no longer on remand!

Knowing that Stevie is filming on the beach, completely out in the open, Cash races down there.

Meanwhile, as seen in a promo released last week, Sidney has already made his way to Summer Bay, carrying a bag containing one of his firearms.

As an unsuspecting Stevie stands on the beach mid-scene, Sidney is hiding amongst the sand dunes and zeroes in on his target.

As Cash sprints down the pathway, he yells out Stevie’s name. But just as he reaches her, a shot rings out sending everyone into a panic.


Ingrid Rose Foster

Stevie collapses into Cash’s arms, as he shouts that she’s been shot and for someone to call an ambulance.

Ingrid Rose Foster

Sidney makes his escape, with Alf yelling at everyone to get inside the surf club as he calls the emergency services.

As the police arrive and quickly spread out to search the area, Felicity rings Tane (Ethan Browne), who is in his suit for his own court appearance.

She tells him that there’s been a shooting, and that the perpetrator hasn’t been caught.

Just at that moment, Tane turns around and spots Sidney surreptitiously making his way across the parkland with his rifle bag.

Naturally, Tane is the one who ends up giving chase to the gunman, whilst a panicked Flick listens from the other end of the phone.


As Tane catches up with Sidney, a brutal fight ensues with Tane left fighting for his life.

Concerned for her ex-husband, Flick races to the scene, putting herself in danger also.


Is more than one Summer Bay favourite set to lose their life?

As we’ve previously reported, the filming that occured at Palm Beach means that we already know that, sadly, Stevie does not survive.

Shortly after the shooting was filmed, several characters including Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), Justin (James Stewart) were seen down on the beach alongside a makeshift shrine. A photo of Stevie was surrounded by flowers and cuddly toys, with RIP Stevie written on a small box.

Tane and Felicity do manage to make it through however, with the pair since pictured looking quite cosy during our own visit to Palm Beach back in March.

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Could this life-threatening event be a catalyst that brings the two back together?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 27th May (Episode 8265)

Stevie and Remi reunite. The Bay prepares for Tane’s trial. Cash springs into action to save a life.

Tuesday 28th May (Episode 8266)

Summer Bay reels. Bree makes Remi a promise she can’t keep. Cash and Tane spring into action.

Wednesday 29th May (Episode 8267)

Cash is in danger. Bree is torn between two men.

Thursday 30th May (Episode 8268)

Remi opens up to Bree. Dana’s nerves peak ahead of Tane’s trial.