Home and Away Spoilers – Dana ditches Xander after their night together

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, after spending the night together, will Dana and Xander’s one-night-stand lead the way to romance?

It’s a rather awkward morning after the night before for Dana (Ally Harris), after her somewhat unexpected liaison with Xander (Luke Van Os).

Dana had admitted to having a crush on Salt’s barman extraordinaire earlier this year, and was convinced by Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to put her cards on the table and ask him out.

Dana suggested they go out for a drink, but was embarrassed when Xander subsequently friend-zoned her.


After doing her best to avoid Xander for a while, Dana eventually got over her shame, and managed to convince Xander (and perhaps herself) that she was also over her crush.

The two ended up at odds last week after the fallout from Tane’s (Ethan Browne) kidnapping of baby Poppy. Dana was horrified to learn that Harper could be facing charges of obstructing a police investigation, after she accompanied Mali (Kyle Shilling) to Tane’s cousin’s house to convince him to turn himself in.

Senior Constable Rose (Kirsty Marillier) was faced with an impossible dilemma after Sgt Callan (Grant Lyndon) tasked her with making the decision on whether to charge the two of them.

The fact that she’d already been accused of dragging her feet in order to help her boyfriend’s housemate made the dilemma even tougher, but after looking at the case objectively she decided to let the pair off (if she’d been able to charge Mali with acting like a petulant child however, it may have been different…ahem…).

Rose’s decision hadn’t come before Dana had been over to fight Harper’s case however, and when Xander told Dana to stop harassing his sister, the two seemingly had a falling out.

After learning that Rose wasn’t pressing charges after all, Dana went up to the apartment to apologise to Xander. Xander couldn’t help but smirk as Dana stumbled over her apology, and as she accused him of not taking her seriously, he suddenly kissed her.

As we return to the action next week, so to speak, Dana wakes up in Xander’s bed. Quickly grabbing her clothes, Dana sneaks out and is spotted by Harper and Irene (Lynne McGranger) as she partakes in the walk of shame.

Irene and Harper wonder between themselves where Dana’s been, she didn’t come home last night, yet clearly wasn’t on a night shift as she isn’t in her uniform. They’re excited as they suddenly realise that Dana must have had a hot date, but Dana isn’t about to stop and explain as she awkwardly says good morning whilst swiftly walking by.

When Dana later comes to the diner to ask for Harper’s help with something, she ducks behind the counter when Xander then walks in. As Xander asks Harper whether she’s seen her sister, Harper clicks as to what’s occurred.

Harper’s amused when Dana subsequently tells her that she left her phone in Xander’s bedroom, and was hoping that Harper might be able to retrieve it for her. Harper turns her down, and whilst Irene agrees to head upstairs, she wants to ring Xander first to ask permission.

Dana resolves to retrieve the phone herself, and after letting herself in to the apartment (the door was unlocked of course), she makes her way to Xander’s bedroom and finds her phone under the bed… only for Xander to then walk in on her!

After apologising Dana goes to leave, but Xander would like to talk about what happened—he was disappointed that she snuck out as he was hoping to make her breakfast. As Xander wonders whether Dana thinks their sleeping together was a mistake, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Rose, and Dana makes a hasty exit.

Xander offloads to Rose, who tells him that he shouldn’t have led Dana on, but he explains that he does genuinely like Dana.

When the two eventually catch up again, Dana tells Xander that she’s happy to pretend that it never happened. After all, she has a history of jumping into things with guys and later regretting it.

On the contrary, Xander explains that he doesn’t regret a moment of it… and if they both like each other and have a solid friendship, then what happens next?

The two kiss once again and head back to Xander’s bedroom. Is this the beginning of a new Summer Bay romance?

Elsewhere next week, Marilyn (Emily Symons) becomes concerned when she can’t get hold of Roo (Georgie Parker). She fears she’s done something to upset her, but Alf (Ray Meagher) is sure that she’s overreacting.

The next morning, when Roo finally emerges, she confesses that she’d been in the city putting the wheels in motion for something exciting. After failing to provide foster care for baby Poppy, Roo has decided to progress with her journey anyway, and is applying to become an emergency foster carer.

Alf hides his true feelings as he tells Roo that she’ll need to run the idea past Maz, who might not be happy with another person around the dinner table.

Yet Marilyn is overjoyed by the idea, and she and Roo quickly set about with the planning application, and soon begin discussing plans to redecorate Ryder’s old bedroom ready for a new arrival, much to Alf’s annoyance.

The pair are left confused when they hear the back door slam – Alf has left without saying goodbye, and it’s clear that he’s troubled by something.

Later, as Roo heads to the surf club, she’s devastated as she overhears Alf on the phone to Martha, expressing his concerns and referring to the plan as one of Roo’s “little projects”.

With Alf no stranger to caring for foster children, why is he so against the new plan, and can Roo talk her dad around?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 10th June (Episode 8246)

Dana does a runner. Stevie has a fresh offer for Cash. Felicity worries for Tane.

Tuesday 11th June (Episode 8247)

Dana forges a chaotic road to romance. Mackenzie faces the longest wait. Levi confesses.

Wednesday 12th June (Episode 8248)

Eden is a support for Imogen. Levi struggles. Theo takes surprising steps in his recovery.

Thursday 13th June (Episode 8249)

Theo makes a sacrifice. Is Bree ready to move on? Roo follows her new calling.

Friday 14th June (Episode 8250)

Cash is ambushed by a determined Stevie. Bree tries to bury her past. Roo rallies for support in foster caring.