Home and Away Spoilers – Tane lashes out as Felicity sleeps with his lawyer

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity’s faux pas causes trouble for Tane, whilst Theo struggles with an emotional task.

With Tane’s (Ethan Browne) court case looming after he kidnapped baby Poppy, his friends continue to be concerned as he mopes around thinking he’s done for rather than attempting to fight his case.

Tane is yet to even meet the lawyer representing him, and so Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and Tane’s ex-wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) attempt to try and talk some sense into him. Harper asks Tane to join her for lunch at Salt, but when Flick turns up Tane quickly realises that it’s an ambush, as they try and convince him to speak to his lawyer.

They argue that the lawyer would be able to help navigate the best possible outcome, but Tane is resolute—he’s going to prison.

With Flick agreeing to take a step back so as not to further annoy Tane, Harper later goes behind Tane’s back to invite his lawyer Marshall (Nic English) up to Summer Bay.

Marshall is a bit put out when he learns that Tane is not there to meet him, pointing out to Harper that he can’t discuss Tane’s case with her, but she convinces him to give her a couple of hours to talk Tane around. Since Marshall has already travelled to the bay, he agrees.

Marshall heads to Salt for a drink where he meets Flick behind the bar, and offers to buy her a drink.

Harper reminds Tane of the importance of his family, and he reluctantly agrees to meet with Marshall, but not until the following day.

Learning he’s been stood up, Marshall instead spends his evening talking with Flick, culminating in their going back to her place to continue the conversation in the bedroom (or something along those lines).

The next day Marshall explains he has to head off to meet his client, and whilst he’d like to get Flick’s number, she suggests that it may have been a one-off thing.

Marshall finally meets with Tane and Harper in Salt and talks through the case. It’s almost certain that Tane will be facing a custodial sentence, but they need to work out the best way to minimise that. Marshall is amazed to hear that Poppy’s mother Sonia (Olivia Rickard) is on Tane’s side, and wonders if she’d be willing to testify for him.

When Flick and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) later enter Salt, Flick’s face falls as she sees Marshall with Tane…what on earth is her one-night-stand doing sitting at a table with her ex-husband?!

It doesn’t take long for Flick to put two and two together, and when Tane comes up to the bar and confirms the man he’s sitting with is his lawyer, Flick is mortified.

When Marshall steps outside to phone Sonia, Flick takes the opportunity to rush out and ask him to take his meeting elsewhere. Marshall wonders whether it’s a case of her not wanting her one-night-stand in her restaurant, but Flick explains it’s actually to do with Tane.

Flick doesn’t have to explain any further however, when she then realises that Tane is stood nearby and has heard everything.

Tane is furious as he accuses Flick of trying to interfere in his life once again, refusing to believe that it could merely be coincidence that she slept with his lawyer.

As Tane continues to argue with Flick, who wonders whether it’s just the fact that he’s jealous, Tane doesn’t notice that he’s missing several calls from Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

By the time Tane realises that his sulking has caused him to miss his bail check-in, Tane is over two hours late. Arriving at Yabbie Creek police station, he finds a furious Rose demanding to know why he’s so late.

As Tane explains that his meeting with the lawyer turned out to be more complicated than he expected, Rose tells him that’s not good enough, and asks him to give her one good reason to not arrest him then and there!

Will Tane swallow his pride and explain, or just make things even more difficult for himself? (take a wild guess…)

Theo’s (Matt Evans) been doing it tough since the discovery that he had been partaking in recreational drug use with new girlfriend Valerie (Courtney Clarke).

The pair had been carrying on for several weeks after Valerie moved into the household, after meeting Leah (Ada Nicodemou) at a mental health clinic. Theo was already going through a stressful time, and Valerie let him in on her secret to coping with her own trauma by sharing some of her pills.

Everything finally hit the fan during the week of Leah and Justin’s (James Stewart) wedding, when Justin told Theo that he knew what they’d been up to after being informed by Kirby (Angelina Thomson).

Theo told Valerie to get rid of their latest stash, but she ended up hiding them in Theo’s guitar case instead, ready to be found when Rose happened to pull the Lyrik van over the next day.

Forced to return to the bay after hearing the van had been impounded, Justin told Leah what had been going on, and the pair kicked Valerie out of their house.

Whilst Theo begged Valerie to seek help by going back to the clinic, Valerie couldn’t face it, and opted to walk out of Theo’s life, telling him she’d already caused enough hurt.

Valerie later went to the police, exonerating Theo and the rest of the band, whilst Theo was convinced by Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) to seek counselling for his own mental health.

Theo attended his first session last week, but was soon met with a barrage of questions from Justin and Leah. Realising that he needed to simplify his life—due to the pressure he’s been under with juggling the band, his apprenticeship at the garage, and the accompanying TAFE work—Theo reluctantly decided to take a break from Lyrik.

Next week, as they head out for a surf, Justin is having one of those days where he remembers that he runs the garage. Justin tells Theo that he can take care of it by himself if he has other stuff he needs to get on with, but Theo agrees to come in on the condition that he can do some homework whilst there.

Justin assumes he means work relating to TAFE, but Theo actually has a far more difficult task. Opening his workbooks, it’s revealed that inside is a mental health worksheet given to him by his therapist, and he has to write a letter to a loved one.

Theo makes several attempts to write his thoughts down in a letter to Leah and Justin, but he can’t find the right words.

When Leah drops the garage books over, Justin explains to her that Theo’s been stressed out ever since opening his textbook. Leah later asks whether either she or Justin can help out but Theo insists he’s fine, retreating to the office in order to free himself from their distraction.

Justin checks in again a short while later, and after convincing Theo to take a break, he sneaks a peek inside Theo’s book.

He’s surprised to see Theo’s attempts to write a letter, and quickly reports back to Leah, showing her a photo he took of the worksheet.

Having not taken the hint about their interfering, Justin and Leah head back to the garage and ask Theo about the letter, who is furious about Justin’s snooping after he repeatedly told him he didn’t need any help.

Theo’s frustrations spill over as he tells them there’s so much he needs to say to them, but he doesn’t know where to begin. Justin and Leah point out that he doesn’t need to do it in a letter, he can talk to them right here.

Will Theo be able to open up?

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As Hollywood comes to Summer Bay, Bree and Remi end up on an awkward double date with their potential new partners.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 17th June (Episode 8251)

Bree considers moving on. Stevie’s romcom hits Summer Bay. Remi inadvertently crashes Bree’s date.

Tuesday 27th June (Episode 8252)

Stevie crosses a boundary. Remi and Bree have a heart to heart. Eden plays third wheel in her own relationship.

Wednesday 28th June (Episode 8253)

Mackenzie confronts Eden. Levi is heartbroken. Xander and Dana face questions.

Thursday 29th June (Episode 8254)

Tane cuts Felicity off when she tries to help. Felicity has a new fling. Theo feels like a burden.

Friday 30th June (Episode 8255)

Felicity’s worlds collide. Tane faces jail time. Alf is sceptical of the film crew in the Bay.