Home and Away Spoilers – Summer Bay shocked as manhunt is launched for Tane

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Summer Bay reels when Tane becomes a wanted man, as we meet an elusive character for the first time.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is officially a man on the run next week, after absconding from Northern Districts Hospital with baby Maia.

Tane has struggled to separate himself from the infant since finding her abandoned on the beach in a gym bag. Tane gave her the name ‘Maia’, and after spending several weeks by her side in the hospital whilst the police launched a search for her parents, a local reporter from the Coastal News began to question Tane’s motives in a scathing article.

When the reporter, Peter (Roman Delo), barged into the hospital to try and get a quote from Tane, the ensuing struggle saw Tane barred from visiting Maia. Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) superior at the police station, the unseen ‘Sarge’, made it clear that Tane would receive an AVO if he broke that order.

Naturally it didn’t take long for Tane to receive the said AVO, after he rushed back to the hospital on hearing that Maia had a slight temperature.

In the meantime, his hopes of becoming an emergency foster carer for Maia were dashed when Harper informed him that he was ineligible, due to not being a permanent Australian resident. He found a solution in the meantime though in the form of Roo (Georgie Parker), who agreed to apply to become a foster carer herself whilst Tane went through the residency process.

It was made clear however that Roo becoming a foster carer wouldn’t necessarily mean Maia would be placed with her, and last week they learned that a family in the area had finally become available.

Tane was not happy, believing that he was the only person suitable to be looking after Maia, and demanded to know more about these foster parents. This of course was not information that he was entitled to, so he went off in another huff.

With the final preparations being made, Rose gave a press conference explaining that Maia was being placed with a loving foster family, and made a heartfelt appeal for the mother to make herself known.

Rose was stunned when she later received a call from sargethe mother had finally come forward! Whilst various assessments would have to be made, it’s possible that Maia was going to be reunited with her real family.

However, after a request to get his AVO lifted so he could say goodbye to Maia was denied, Dana (Ally Harris) decided to sneak Tane into the hospital. Naively leaving Tane alone with the baby, Dana was shocked to return and find them both gone.

Next week, Dana is forced to admit to Rose what she’s done, and confirms that Tane was seen leaving the premises with Maia on the CCTV. Rose is furious, and Dana feels all the more guilty when she learns that the mother has come forward.

Rose’s first port of call is the farmhouse, where she tells Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) that their housemate has gone missing with Maia. With time of the essence, Rose asks to look in Tane’s room.

Whilst leaseholder Mac is fine with it, Mali stands in her way, refusing to allow his girlfriend access without a search warrant.

Frustrated, Rose heads back to the station to call the magistrate, and the next morning returns to the farmhouse with the required warrant and a colleague Officer Reynolds (Drew Wilson). Mali has no choice this time, but still remains uncooperative when Rose asks about Tane’s laptop.

Mali has a go at Rose for throwing her weight around, but she points out that she gave him no other option when they’re trying to find a missing child.

Meanwhile, Sonia Rickard (Olivia Beardsley) arrives at the station and reveals that she’s Maia’s mother, her daughter’s real name being Poppy.

She confirms that she was the person who left the bracelet engraved with that name at the surf club a few weeks back, and it was Rose’s speech during the press conference that had made her come forward.

Sonia explains to Rose and Harper that she had been completely overwhelmed after Poppy’s father had walked out on her five months into the pregnancy. She had no nearby family for support, having moved from Perth for work, and felt that Poppy would be better off without her.

Sonia is now in a much better place and hopes she will be allowed to take her daughter back, and whilst Rose organises a DNA test to confirm Sonia’s story, she stops short of telling her that Poppy is currently missing, hoping that Tane’s return will be imminent.

After discovering that Dana had not only been on shift as she’d told her, but had also been the one to allow Tane into Poppy’s room, Harper asks her sister what she was thinking, explaining that she’s getting sick of clearing up her mess.

Having left numerous messages for Tane, Dana finally receives a message from him asking her to stop calling and that Maia is safe. Dana confides in Irene (Lynne McGranger) about the message who urges her to tell Rose.

Later in the week, we finally meet the infamous sarge, revealed to be Sergeant Callan (Grant Lyndon).

The last time we saw the most senior officer of Yabbie Creek Police Station was over three years ago, when a couple of one-off appearances in 2020 and 2021 saw Sergeant Cooper (John Atkinson) in charge.

Although there was no indication of when the switch occurred, both Rose and former colleague Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) have butted heads with their boss over the past couple of years, and today is going to be no different.

Callan asks Rose to explain why Sonia hadn’t been told that her daughter was missing. Rose replies that she was waiting for the DNA results to come back first, but that doesn’t wash with Callan who says he’s now filled Sonia in and demands to know why Tane’s face isn’t on every screen in Australia.

Rose explains that she didn’t want to scare Tane off, but Callan points out that it’s been two nights and Tane could be anywhere by now. Callan is equally unimpressed when he sees the search warrant Rose applied for and realises that Mali, her boyfriend, lives with Tane.

Callan asks Rose if she’s been deliberately dragging out the investigation to help her boyfriend’s mate, and whilst Rose denies this is the case, he announces that he is taking over.

The next morning, Sgt Callan gives a press conference revealing that Tane is wanted for the kidnapping of a four month old baby. The residents of the bay are devastated as they watch the news.

As his face is plastered over Australia’s TV screens, Tane is holed up in his cousin Kiri’s (David Wikaira-Paul) house with Poppy.

Will be do the right thing and hand himself in?

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 27th May (Episode 8236)

Mali gets in Rose’s way. Dana faces her mess. Bree has a drastic solution to avoid awkwardness with Xander.

Tuesday 28th May (Episode 8237)

Leah snoops where she shouldn’t. Stevie is at the end of her rope. Cash faces a challenge.

Wednesday 29th May (Episode 8238)

Summer Bay gathers to celebrate Justin and Leah’s big day. Leah is overjoyed by a surprise wedding guest. Justin confronts Theo.

Thursday 30th May (Episode 8239)

Justin and Theo clash. Tane is on the run. Rose makes an unexpected discovery.

Friday 31st May (Episode 8230)

Theo drags his friends down with him. Tane decides it’s time to own up. Eden feels betrayed.