Home and Away Spoilers – 3 favourites return for Leah and Justin’s wedding

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as some old faces return for Justin and Leah’s wedding, is Theo about to make the biggest mistake of his life?

It’s been a long time coming, but Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) finally tie the knot next week in a beautiful vineyard ceremony.

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The couple have been through the wars since Leah’s spontaneous proposal, as Justin lay critically injured in last year’s UK season finale, but after several stops and starts over the months since, the pair finally settled down to start organising their nuptials.

After Leah was made to realise by her friends that she was micro-managing everything, whilst also shutting down lots of Justin’s ideas, she offered to relinquish all organisation to Justin two weeks ago, simply asking him to state the time she should be ready on the day.

The first task Justin gave himself was hiring John (Shane Withington) as their celebrant. John had enrolled himself on a course to become certified, in the hope of presiding over the ceremony as his gift to them, but had then been turned down by the pair.

With that shameful wrong now righted, Justin set to organising everything else (no mean feat in the space of a couple of weeks), with his plans being kept secret from Leah, and largely the viewers too.

Leah’s curiosity is beginning to get the better of her however, and next week the paranoia begins to set in as she worries that Justin is hiding something from her.

Justin is indeed hiding something, but it’s not wedding related. He’s recently learned from Kirby (Angelina Thomson) that new housemate Valerie (Courtney Clarke) has got Leah’s nephew Theo (Matt Evans) into drugs, and the pair scammed Justin into giving them money so that they could buy a new batch.

Justin is yet to have it out with his best man, who has disappeared for a few days with Valerie, and is determined to not break Leah’s heart with the news before the wedding.

The day before the ceremony, Theo and Valerie are still AWOL, and Justin is starting to get the pre-wedding jitters. When Leah asks for some hints on where she needs to be, Justin will only tell her to be ready for pick up at midday.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) prepares the Beach House for Leah’s hen-do, with Marilyn (Emily Symons) setting up a pampering station for the bride-to-be.

When Leah arrives, she tells the girls that Justin is seemingly spending a quiet night in without celebration, and can’t shake the feeling that something has gone disastrously wrong with the wedding planning.

Unable to settle, Leah slips back home and after some snooping, finds Justin’s wedding planning folder. Inside she finds a note circled in red – “THE VJ ISSUE”.

Leah’s interrupted by Justin’s return and when confronted, she asks him what has gone wrong. Justin won’t admit anything more than there’s been a tiny problem with something, but that he has it under control.

Leah concerns are not eased though, and as she returns to Irene’s she’s convinced that son VJ (Matt Little) won’t be able to come over from Cyprus for the wedding.

As the wedding day dawns, Justin comes in from his morning surf to find a familiar face on the beachhis sister Tori (Penny McNamee)!

Tori was last seen departing Summer Bay in 2021 following her marriage to fellow doctor Christian Green (Ditch Davey), with the pair heading off for a new life in the UK.

As Justin welcomes his sister back, Tori explains that Christian had to work, and she didn’t fancy bringing her toddler daughter Grace on a 23-hour flight by herself.

Back at the house, Justin’s daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe) has also arrived, and just as everyone is getting reacquainted, Theo and Valerie finally arrive home. A tense Justin holds his tongue as he asks Theo where he’s been and why he didn’t reply to his messages.

Alf (Ray Meagher) arrives at the Beach House to escort Leah to the ceremony, presenting her with a bracelet as a token. Alf notices she seems a little down, and she explains that VJ can’t make it. Alf gives a wry smile and offers to walk her down the aisle instead.

As the guests gather at a grand vineyard, the wedding car pulls onto the estate and Leah can’t believe her eyes, it’s perfect.

As Alf helps her out of the car, he drops the bombshell that he won’t be escorting her down the aisle after all.

Why not?” asks Leah.

Because I am,” replies a voice from behind the hedge, as VJ steps out to reveal himself! This is VJ’s first return to Summer Bay since his departure over six years ago.

Jeremy Greive

There’s not a dry eye in the house as VJ proudly walks his mum through the gardens where Justin and the congregation wait.

Leah can’t help but chuckle as John reveals himself to be their celebrant, who assures her that he has everything under control.

John starts off proceedings by giving Justin a little surprise of his own, a reading from sister Tori. Except Tori couldn’t find a reading that she thought was right, so apologising to John for going rogue, she instead gives a heartfelt speech about Justin being the Morgan family’s rock.

John invites Justin and Leah to say their self-written vows to one another, and following a rapturous applause from the guests, John is thrilled to finally announce them husband and wife!

Story continues after this bonus gallery of wedding pics…

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As the guests gather on the terrace, Lyrik kick off the party as Justin tells Leah that the ‘VJ issue’ was simply working out who picked him up from the airport – and if she was worried then it serves her right for snooping!

Justin then takes to the stage and performs his specially written song for Leah. As the party continues, John is revelling in his success as a celebrant, and making his way around the room for dancing partners.

Meanwhile, focus soon turns back onto Theo and Valerie’s misdeeds, and when Justin notices the two sneaking off together, he follows. Valerie is keen to really get the party started by popping one of the pills but Theo reels her in, telling her to stop waving the bag around at his aunt’s wedding.

She slips it back into her bag just before Justin approaches, who asks to have a word with Theo in private.

Justin blasts Theo as he reveals he knows all about them stealing money to fund their habit. Theo promises to pay the money back but Justin explains it isn’t about that, it’s him that he’s worried about. Justin has seen the damage that such things can do, referencing his own addiction to prescription painkillers as well as brother Brody’s (Jackson Heywood) battle.

Justin orders that Valerie be gone from the house by the time that he and Leah return from their honeymoon. When Theo catches up with Valerie, he tells her what has happened and demands she dump the pills down a nearby drain if they want any chance of salvaging the situation.

However, out of sight, she instead takes two out and secretly slips the rest into Theo’s guitar case. Later that evening, Valerie takes the two out of her bag, claiming them to be the last ones, and Theo takes one.

The next day, as Theo, Kirby and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) return to the venue to pick up the van and equipment, they’re on their way home when they just happen to pass Rose (Kirsty Marillier) who is conducting a roadside speed test. Whilst Theo isn’t speeding, the van’s brake light is out, and so Rose decides to catch them up in the police car to let them know.

Rose and her colleague indicate for Theo to pull over, but he panics, knowing he may fail any roadside tests.

As a confused Kirby and Eden implore Theo to stop, he instead speeds up, forcing Rose to escalate it into a full blown police pursuit!

Is Theo about to make a huge mistake?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 27th May (Episode 8236)

Mali gets in Rose’s way. Dana faces her mess. Bree has a drastic solution to avoid awkwardness with Xander.

Tuesday 28th May (Episode 8237)

Leah snoops where she shouldn’t. Stevie is at the end of her rope. Cash faces a challenge.

Wednesday 29th May (Episode 8238)

Summer Bay gathers to celebrate Justin and Leah’s big day. Leah is overjoyed by a surprise wedding guest. Justin confronts Theo.

Thursday 30th May (Episode 8239)

Justin and Theo clash. Tane is on the run. Rose makes an unexpected discovery.

Friday 31st May (Episode 8230)

Theo drags his friends down with him. Tane decides it’s time to own up. Eden feels betrayed.