Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie battles to save Harold’s Cafe

Next week on Neighbours, with Harold’s Cafe facing closure after Haz’s shady history was revealed, Mackenzie springs into action to save it.

Lassiters has seen its fair share of businesses over its time.

Who could forget the machinations of Gino Esposito (Shane McNamara) and Lyn (Janet Andrewartha) in the camp hairdressing salon A Good Hair Day, or the short-lived veterinary clinic run by short-lived resident Steve (Steve Bastoni)?

However next week, it seems we could be looking at an entirely new tenant as Harold’s Cafe comes under threat.

For the last few weeks, Haz (Shiv Devkar) has been otherwise preoccupied.

The owner of the café since the show’s return in September 2023, Haz has had his hands full with an AI fiasco that has traumatised Erinsborough for some time now.

From Aaron (Matt Brennan) receiving a beyond-the-grave call from his late husband David (Takaya Honda), to a raunchy video of Jane (Annie Jones) eating a banana for her overseas fiancé Mike (Guy Pearce), there’s been no shortage of drama.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Now, Haz is laid up in hospital and in a bad way, since his pursuit of revenge-seeking computer hacker Wade (Stephen Phillips) saw him fly over the bonnet of ex-girlfriend Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) car.

Mackenzie’s been plagued by the trauma of hitting her boyfriend and landing him in a coma. Meanwhile, Paul (Stefan Dennis) has been quietly reassessing the complex’s tenancies and sees the perfect opportunity to push the broom through, getting rid of Haz and his shady past.

The drama kicks off on Tuesday 14th May. Mackenzie’s trying to juggle her two jobs, as well as caring for Haz. Despite her two friends Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall) and Byron (Xavier Molyneaux) offering to take some of the burden off her, Mackenzie is adamant that she should be the one to look after Haz, and prioritises him over everything else.

There’s a bump in the road though, when Mackenzie finds evidence that Lassiters is advertising someone to come in and take over Harold’s following its temporary closure.

When she approaches Toadie (Ryan Moloney) about the legalities, Mackenzie is devastated to learn that the hotel company is only acting within their rights.

As a matter of urgency, Mackenzie decides there is only one thing she can do to atone for her mistakes – and that’s save Harold’s.

In the episode airing Wednesday 15th May, Mackenzie turns to newcomer Vic (Craig Hall) who provides her with some wise words about business acumen that kicks off her quest for salvation.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Heading down to the Lassiters complex, she opens Harold’s for business, without Haz’s knowledge, determined to prove to Paul that he has no choice but to rescind the optioning of the lease.

Reaching out to all those around her, Mackenzie finds allies in her neighbours who are more than happy to lend a hand to ensure that the operation is up and running as quick and smoothly as possible.

One such neighbour is Wendy (Candice Leask), the manager of The Waterhole, whose flair for hospitality soon has customers coming through the doors by the dozen.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is also pictured behind the counter, juggling her new Eirene Rising responsibilities with serving flat whites.

With the café back booming, Mackenzie believes that there is no way that Paul could choose to get rid of the suburb’s favourite coffee shop – the proof is in the piccolo!

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Mackenzie can’t help but feel anxious, and it’s not long before her best friend Holly picks up on her vibe.

Placations aren’t enough for Mackenzie, who Holly believes should be over the moon at how much of a success the reopening has been.

Pushing her friend to be open and honest, Holly tries to extract information out of Mackenzie. After all, it was only the previous day that she heard that she heard Mackenzie explaining that she needs to get Haz to forgive her.

With all signs pointing to a victory for Harold’s, and with Haz’s condition improving, just why is Mackenzie still not herself?

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Holly becomes convinced that Mackenzie’s guilt stems from more than just breaking up with Haz and hitting him with her car – she’s hiding something.

Just what is it that she needs forgiveness for?

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Tuesday 7th May (Episode 9037 / 134)

JJ pushes back.

Krista’s confronted by a startling realisation.

Paul reassesses his plans for the future.

Wednesday 8th May (Episode 9038 / 135)

Chelsea’s special day faces a set-back.

Toadie is urged to make peace.

Sadie and Byron embark on a covert operation.

Thursday 9th May (Episode 9039 / 136)

The street deals with the aftershock of a surprise departure.

Melanie makes a life changing decision.

Susan and Terese are challenged.

Monday 13th May (Episode 9040 / 137)

Remi is tempted by a promising proposal.

Paul tries his hand at playing cupid.

JJ makes a last ditch bid to see Felix.

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 9041 / 138)

JJ faces a hard truth. Mackenzie’s guilt grows.

A surprise guest on Ramsay street upsets the status quo.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 9042 / 139)

Mackenzie works to correct her wrongs.

Karl faces a fresh humiliation.

Sadie is challenged when she discovers a big secret.

Thursday 16th May (Episode 9043 / 140)

Jane finds life becoming increasingly complicated.

Mackenzie grapples with her personal dilemma.

Abigail finds something she shouldn’t.

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