Home and Away Spoilers – Who’s getting engaged?

Coming up on Home and Away, hot on the heels of Leah and Justin’s wedding, it looks as though another Summer Bay couple could be about to tie the knot.

Plus, could we be about to meet another of Eden’s siblings?

Filming in Palm Beach in mid-March, witnessed by the Back to the Bay team, saw a large number of cast members attending a celebratory gathering on the beach.

We can reveal that as the day went on, whispers on set indicated that the gathering in question was in fact an engagement party, which we anticipate will be airing around August-September (dependent on scheduling).

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But with a whopping 12 known cast members present, all of whom are either together or have romantic history with one another, who could the couple in question be…?

Here we take a look at the possible candidates. Whilst not always a sure-fire indicator in this day and age as to whether a character is engaged or not, we have also meticulously looked through our photos to see if we can identify whether any of the female characters are wearing a ring on the fourth finger of their left hand…

Remi and Bree?

Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) split on Australian screens back in March, after Remi refused to give up his motorbike following an accident.

We saw from pictures taken during filming last year that Bree would begin romancing Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu), the director of Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) new film ‘All Our Tomorrows’ which is now set to be shot in Summer Bay (much like Stevie herself).

This has now hit Australian screens over the past week, but with Nelson being a fleeting guest to the bay, after his movie shoot ends in tragedy, any relationship for Bree and Nelson seemed doomed from the start.

In a surprising twist, as our exclusive photos show, Bree and Remi look to be back together by the time these scenes air later this year.

© Back to the Bay

© Back to the Bay

Some portions of the scenes filmed in the mid-afternoon appeared to shift focus onto Remi and Bree, with Tane approaching Remi at one point to shake his hand and give him a bottle of beer.

© Back to the Bay

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Is Bree wearing an engagement ring?

We can confirm… no, Bree was not wearing a ring.

Levi and Mackenzie?

This would be a pretty fast move given the couple’s affair has not long been revealed on Australian screens.

After conducting their secret romance at the farmhouse, with only Mac’s housemates Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Tane (Ethan Browne) in the know, the secret was blown when the pair foolishly kissed out in the open where Levi’s sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) saw them.

Levi eventually returned to the city to reveal the affair to his devoted wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), and the marriage was promptly ended.

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Whilst Levi and Imogen will certainly not be divorced by the time these episodes make it to screen, given they have to be separated for at least a year before they’re allowed to start the process, could Levi be itching to enter into another marriage already and wants to start the ball rolling by popping the question?

Is Mackenzie wearing an engagement ring?

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We can confirm… no, Mac was not wearing a ring.

Tane and Felicity?

Well this one would be one heck of a turnaround.

Tane and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) wed in Episode 8000, airing in March 2023, but we have already seen the end of their marriage after the issue of children reared its head once again.

Although Tane had assured Flick that her desire to never have children was not a deal-breaker in their engagement, he had hoped that she would come around to the idea like she eventually did about getting married.

Worried that she would lose Tane, Flick agreed to start trying for a baby, but was secretly continuing to take her contraceptive pill behind Tane’s back.

She later claimed that she was buying time in the hope that she could get her head around the idea, but Tane was unable to forgive her and ended their marriage then and there.

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Whilst fans on social media who’ve witnessed filming have linked Flick to a new character played by Joshua Orpin, our pictures show Flick and Tane looking quite cosy towards the end of this particular afternoon of filming as they slow danced together.

© Back to the Bay

© Back to the Bay

Could there be a reconciliation on the cards, or have the pair simply moved past their issues and become good friends?

Is Felicity wearing an engagement ring?

We can confirm… no, Flick was not wearing a ring.

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Fan Sakkara grabs a selfie with Jacqui as filming wraps. ©Back to the Bay

Theo and Kirby?

Attendees Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) are another pair that are currently ex-partners on-screen.

The bandmates struggled to navigate working together after their breakup a year ago, but despite some wobbles during Theo’s recent relationship with Valerie (Courtney Clarke) over their unlawful activities, the pair have managed to become amicable once again.

© Back to the Bay

In the scenes filmed, Theo and Kirby were enjoying their time at the party as they ran over to the splendiferous buffet table, full of fresh fruit, cheeses, and baked sweet treats.

The pair couldn’t help but continue dancing as they topped up on snacks, although there was nothing we saw during the afternoon to suggest that the two were anything more than friends.

© Back to the Bay

Nevertheless, we’ll ask the question anyway…

Is Kirby wearing an engagement ring?

We can confirm… no, Kirby was not wearing a ring on that finger.

Xander and Dana?

We first learned of Dana (Ally Harris) and Xander’s (Luke Van Os) relationship development last year, when the pair were spotted kissing by fans during filming at Palm Beach.

With thanks to Danielle Stevens

Although Dana had asked Xander out earlier this year, after being egged on by sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne), she was embarrassed to be knocked back by Xander who felt they’d be better off as friends.

There was clearly unresolved tension between the pair though, despite Dana doing her very best to convince Xander that she was over him.

After a blazing row, over Dana hassling Rose (Kirsty Marillier) to find out whether Harper and Mali would be charged for aiding Tane, Dana came to the Pier apartment to apologise… only for Xander to plant a kiss on her.

© Back to the Bay

The pair ended up in bed together, and after some awkwardness the following day, decided to finally become a couple.

Xander was given the afternoon off barman duties during the celebrations, as he and Dana enjoyed each other’s company over cocktails and mingled with other guests.

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But are the pair already heading towards the next step…

Is Dana wearing an engagement ring?

© Back to the Bay

We can confirm… no, Dana was not wearing a ring on that finger.

©Back to the Bay

©Back to the Bay

Cash and Eden?

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden first got together in September 2022. The pair had known each other prior to their arrivals in Summer Bay, with Eden and the rest of Lyrik being old friends of Flick’s.

Cash and Eden had hooked up once in the past, and as they both went through difficult times they decided to give in to temptation and relieve the sexual tension between them. Although it was only planned as a bit of clandestine fun, the pair soon admitted they had fallen for each other.

The idea of marriage hasn’t so far been on the cards, with the pair having had a bit of a wobble when Eden played an ill-thought-out prank on Cash following Tane and Flick’s wedding. When the pair returned home, a drunken Cash had jokingly placed the engagement ring he had bought for ex-girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) on Eden’s finger.

However, when they woke up the next morning, Cash had no memory of the antics from the night before and was shocked when he saw the ring on Eden’s finger, thinking he had proposed.

Eden initially decided to go along with the idea for a laugh, but ended up being offended by Cash’s panicked reaction when she couldn’t get the ring off.

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Now, as we approach the two year mark of their relationship, could Cash be looking to reaffirm his commitment to Eden by proposing?

Is Eden wearing an engagement ring?

© Back to the Bay

We can confirm… YES, Eden was wearing a ring on the fourth finger of her left hand.

Any couple entering into an engagement in Summer Bay must do so with trepidation, given the events the last two couples have had to go through before they got to the altar.

Tane and Flick’s original wedding day went awry when the brakes were cut on the bridal car by the bikies going after Cash, leading to the ute running Leah and Justin off the road before crashing into a petrol station.

Leah and Justin became engaged themselves whilst Justin was on the brink of death, after the pair were held captive by members of Vita Nova.

Their ordeal didn’t end there however, with a further attempt later being made on Justin’s life, whilst Leah suffered with an insomnia-induced psychotic episode.

If Cash and Eden are indeed set to be the next pair to walk down the aisle, then they better keep an eye out for any further disasters that may befall themselves or their loved ones!

Whilst we have already listed out the twelve known cast members present during the shoot, actor Hailey Pinto was also on set in an as-yet-unknown role.

© Back to the Bay

Given her presence at the celebration, we presumed that Hailey’s character had a connection to either Eden or Cash, and this seemed to be confirmed with the character spending a lot of time with Eden. Therefore, we suspect that she could in fact be Eden and Levi’s younger sister.

©Back to the Bay

Although not yet named on-screen, both Eden and Levi have made fleeting references to their other sibling in the past months, and in the weeks since we took these photos, Hailey has been seen filming further scenes with Tristan Gorey.

© Back to the Bay

With Levi having set up home in Summer Bay after splitting from Imogen, could the third Fowler sibling be about to follow suit?

Fans on the Home and Away tour, run by our friends at Celebtime, thought they’d hit the jackpot when they rolled up in Palm Beach to find such a large amount of cast filming.

On a short break from filming, several actors including Ethan Browne, Nicholas Cartwright, Matt Evans, Juliet Godwin and Luke Van Os were kind enough to take some time out for photos.

© Back to the Bay

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Whilst filming cannot always be 100% guaranteed on the ‘Filming Very Likely‘ tours that run on Tuesdays, fans can be sure to see a cast member by booking the ‘Meet an Actor‘ tour which usually runs on Sundays.

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Those who had booked for that particular week (some of whom had booked for both tours) had the pleasure of being accompanied by Juliet Godwin on the tour bus, who talked about her experiences on the show and answered fan questions.

After photo and autograph opportunities, the tour carried on to visit the filming locations up at Palm Beach and Avalon Beach.

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Tickets for the tours cost $135 per person, with gift cards also available.

The following cast members are currently scheduled to appear on the Meet an Actor tour bus over the next two months (please note these may be subject to change):

Sunday 12th May – Ethan Browne
Sunday 19th May – Ethan Browne
Sunday 26th May – Stephanie Panozzo

Sunday 2nd June – Juliet Godwin
Sunday 9th June – Kirsty Marillier
Sunday 16th June – Ethan Browne
Sunday 23rd June – Stephanie Panozzo

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 13th May (Episode 8257)

Mali’s overworked and under pressure. Mackenzie and Levi are shunned. Will Tane accept help?

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 8258)

Nelson charms Bree. Mackenzie and Levi face the fallout of the affair. Mali and Kirby establish ground rules.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 8259)

Remi and Bree navigate new loves. John encounters stage fright before his TV debut. Is Dana crowding Xander?

Thursday 16th May (Episode 8260)

Remi calls time on his new fling. Cash makes space for both women in his life. Harper looks out for her sister.