Home and Away Spoilers – Eden disowns Levi in affair fallout

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose is faced with the prospect of charging her own boyfriend, while Eden and Felicity process Levi’s affair.

In the final moments of tonight’s episode, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) finally discovers that her brother Levi (Tristan Gorey) is having an affair with Mackenzie (Emily Weir). 

As we pick up the action next week, Eden rips into her brother as she realises that Mackenzie was the only reason that Levi had been in the bay for many of his recent visits.

Levi insists that he’s in love with Mackenzie, but Eden refuses to listen, as she accuses her brother of being worse than their dad. Not only is he cheating on his wife, but he’s sleeping with one of his patients.

Eden and Levi have only recently reconciled, having been estranged for years after Levi went to live with their father following his own affair, which Eden saw as him taking sides.

The fallout soon extends beyond Eden and Levi, as Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) comes across the pair arguing outside the surf club.

As Levi walks off, Felicity takes Eden back to her house, where she does her best to console her.

Eden explains that she truly believed that Levi really wanted to fix things between them, but now sees that he was only ever in the bay for Mackenzie.

As Mackenzie and Levi head back to the farmhouse in the evening, Mac finds Levi looking through old messages to Imogen (Georgia Blizzard), as he realises that he’s spent the past few months sending her a wall of lies.

It’s clear that despite the truth coming out, he’s struggling to process the pain he’s about to cause to his wife.

The following morning, when Felicity and Eden catch up near the beach, Flick recalls the time she caught Levi and Mackenzie together at Mac’s place, but believed their stories about it simply being a patient follow-up.

Eden, meanwhile, is realising just how often her brother just happened to be nearby when she called.

Eden then wonders whether, if Mac and Levi were hanging out at the farmhouse, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) both knew and kept the bombshell to themselves. It looks like the affair reveal is about to threaten multiple friendships across the bay.

Mackenzie and Levi have a catch-up of their own at Salt, where Mac urges Levi to talk to Eden, to try and calm her down before she decides to get on the phone and reveal all to Imogen.

With Eden having already ignored one missed call from Imogen, she’s debating whether to do exactly that, torn between lying to her and breaking her heart.

Soon after, Felicity heads into Salt, where she finds Mackenzie and Levi together. She immediately rips into her restaurant co-owner and orders Levi out of her restaurant, warning Mac that she’s just getting started.

She then tells Mac that there’s no defending what she did, and can’t believe she went there with a married man.

“I don’t know how you can live with yourself,” she tells Mac.

When Mac tells Flick that she doesn’t need a lecture from her, considering she blew up her own marriage “so spectacularly,” Felicity retorts, “well at least I didn’t blow up someone else’s.”

When Levi heads to the Lyrik house to try and explain himself to Eden, he insists that having her back in his life has meant everything to him, and pleads with her to find a way to get past his actions.

Yet when he asks whether Eden simply plans to cut him out of her life for another ten years, she responds that that’s exactly what she’s doing to do, before telling him to “have a nice life.”

Levi sticks around and tries to talk his sister around, but the unexpected arrival of Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) puts paid to that idea when Eden announces his affair to them before storming out.

Levi tries to follow but is stopped in his tracks by Cash, who tells him that he’s blown his one chance before ordering him to get out.

Later returning to the Lyrik house, riled up after learning what a hard day Mac has had, Levi asks Eden to get Flick to back off, before revealing that he’s heading back to the city to confess all to Imogen, begging Eden to let him do it himself.

Eden later agrees to give him the chance, admitting that Imogen deserves to hear it from him.

“We need to let Levi and Mackenzie clean up their own mess,” she tells Flick. “We wait and hope that he finally does the right thing.”

However, she admits that after that, she doesn’t know where it’ll leave things between her and her brother.

As Levi heads to the city to break Imogen’s heart, are his and Mac’s relationships with their friends and family ruined forever?

Meanwhile, Summer Bay is still reeling from Tane’s decision to take baby Poppy – who he renamed Maia, after the māori word for courage – and leave the bay.

Mali had already frustrated girlfriend Rose (Kirsty Marillier) when he refused to let her into Tane’s room without a warrant as she arrived at the farmhouse looking for clues.

After the story made the national news, with Sergeant Callan (Grant Lyndon) issuing a plea for information, Mali called Tane and urged him to do the right thing and turn himself in.

Tane instead asked Mali to bring him his passport as he searched for a way out of the situation. As Mali got the address of Tane’s hideout, he surprised Tane by turning up with Harper (Jessica Redmayne), and the two pleaded with him to head back to Summer Bay with them.

At the end of the week, Tane arrived at Northern Districts Police Station, where he handed Poppy over to Sonia (Olivia Beardsley), her biological mother, before being arrested by Rose for kidnapping.

Next week, despite Tane returning the baby voluntarily, Rose stresses to Harper that he’s facing serious charges – and on top of that, she and Mali could face charges of their own for hindering a police investigation.

She explains to Harper that she should have gone to the police as soon as she knew something. Harper insists that they didn’t hinder anything – they knew they could talk Tane into returning Poppy – but Rose tells her that it isn’t up to her to decide.

Rose then heads to the farmhouse, where she gets a cold reception from Mali, who asks if she’s there to serve another warrant.

As Rose ignores his sarcasm, she gives him the same speech she gave Harper, that he should have told her the moment he learnt where Tane was hiding out.

Mali can’t believe that Rose is there to lecture him when their friend is sitting in a cell, but Rose asks him if he thinks that Tane shouldn’t be punished for his reckless act.

“No, I don’t,” Mali replies. “He brought the baby back and she was in no danger, we both know that.”

Mali adds that Tane is his friend and he trusted him, but he has no response when Rose questions, “But what about me? What am I?”

She then warns him that by helping Tane, he too could face charges if Sarge decides to act.

As Rose later returns to the pier apartment and catches up with Bree (Juliet Godwin), she opens up on how difficult she’s finding the situation, but that if someone commits a crime – even if that person is one of her friends – she still has to do her job.

The frostiness continues when Rose heads back to the farmhouse to collect Tane’s passport. While Tane himself is more than happy to oblige with the request, Mali can barely even look his girlfriend in the eye.

What Rose isn’t expecting is that she will be the one who decides whether Harper and Mali face charges.

Having recently been promoted to Senior Constable shortly after Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) resigned from the police force, Sarge has informed her that the decision is hers alone. Rose thinks that it’s Sarge’s way of “testing her professionalism” after taking issue with how she previously handled the case.

She reveals the news to flatmates Xander (Luke Van Os) and Bree, and it’s just a matter of hours before Xander passes on the news to Dana (Ally Harris), who has no issue with piling on the pressure the next time she sees Rose.

It seems Rose’s newfound responsibilities are about to make things very awkward – will she choose to prosecute her friend and boyfriend?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 3rd June (Episode 8241)

Eden is broken by Levi’s lies. Mali chooses Tane over Rose. Tane’s lost the will to fight.

Tuesday 4th June (Episode 8242)

Theo stands by Valerie. Cash feels the need to protect Stevie. Levi prepares to face the music at home.

Wednesday 5th June (Episode 8243)

Cash throws himself between Stevie and danger. Kirby offers Valerie a kind ear. Leah discovers a difficult truth.

Thursday 6th June (Episode 8244)

Rose feels the weight of unwanted responsibility. Dana is determined to help Harper. Can Theo get the help he needs?

Friday 7th June (Episode 8245)

Dana sticks her nose in. Rose works through a tough call. Can Tane’s friends get through to him?