Episode 5224

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2011
UK Air Date: 17th February 2011

Bianca questions April about her father. Gina decides to talk to Bianca about April leaving school early. Marilyn presses Sid for a decision on Nicole’s baby. Romeo and Indi grow further apart.

Written by Vanessa Ballard
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Having been told by Gina that April left school early the previous day, Bianca is concerned and tries to find out what is causing this behaviour from April – even more so when she finds a leaflet about a controversial environmental group, like the ones April’s father is involved with. April is reluctant to talk, saying it’s just research for an assignment, but Xavier inadvertently reveals to Bianca that April saw her father whilst overseas. Bianca is concerned that April omitted this piece of information, explaining to Liam that April’s father never made any time for them, being more interested in organising environmental rallies. His ideas can be extreme, and sometimes dangerous. Their conversation is then interrupted by Gina who is trying to track down five bottles of phenol and sulfuric acid that seem to have gone missing from the school science lab… Bianca later confronts April about visiting her father, and tells her that she finds it hard to believe that he will have changed. As she asks Bianca to leave, we see that April has the missing chemicals….what is she planning?

Marilyn is still trying to get a decision out of Sid about Nicole’s baby, but Sid is reluctant to decide. In an effort to clear up some of his concerns, Marilyn arranges a sit down with them and Nicole so that Sid can put his mind at ease. As Sid’s questions progress and become more probing, it becomes heated as Nicole realises there is lots she hadn’t considered. Marilyn makes it clear that if Sid changes Nicole’s mind, Marilyn will never forgive him. Marilyn later finds Nicole where Nicole reveals that she’s no longer knows what she wants to do.

Romeo has been asked to help Ruby with her algebra by Indi, and is happy to do it till he comes across a very upset Nicole on the beach and gets sidetracked. When a disappointed Ruby later tells Indi that Romeo was a no-show, Indi becomes more acutely aware that she and Romeo are living two separate lives. She talks to Romeo about things and though they make up, both are aware of the widening gulf.