Billie makes a dangerous play to hide her secret forever. Roo struggles to cope with her increasingly fragile state. Phoebe pushes Dom for clarity on their relationship.


Olivia and Hunter are back on track. Leah impulsively invites Billie to move in. Skye & Tank decide to run away.


Hunter worries about Olivia’s reaction to Skye. Nate tries to drink away his relationship troubles. Kat pressures Josh to come clean.


A blast from the past offers Ricky a startling proposition. Evelyn is staggered as Josh confesses his guilt. Ash betrays Kat in his attempts to save Josh’s skin.


Josh goes to confess to Charlotte’s murder, only to find Andy already has. Ricky leaves Summer Bay to start fresh with Brax and baby Casey. The Morgan brothers arrive.


Andy’s confession changes everything. Phoebe comes to a realisation about her relationship. The Morgan boys make their presence felt in Summer Bay.


Phoebe gets to know the Morgans. Roo spirals downwards again. Olivia insults Billie. John learns what’s happened to Skye.


Alf forces Roo to admit she needs help. VJ makes it clear to Billie that he wants to start a family with her. Olivia vows to act on her concern for Irene. Hunter learns about his mother’s murder.


Alf has a heart attack, can Justin save him? Nate and Tori face rumours about their relationship. Hunter struggles in the wake of Andy’s apparent confession. Olivia’s still worried about Irene.


The mystery of the Morgan family deepens when Mason’s ex comes to visit. Alf’s life is on the line despite Justin’s brave rescue attempt. Angelo’s receives help from an unexpected customer. Nate is disappointed by gossip.


Alf’s brought back to life but he may never fully recover. The Morgans clash over Mason’s love life. Josh’s all-consuming guilt continues. Hunter’s grief for his Mum compels him to take revenge.


Evelyn and Josh address the change in their relationship, only for Josh to be arrested. Hunter works through Andy’s betrayal. VJ prioritises Billie over study. Ash has an apology to make.


Olivia & Chris discover Irene’s been kidnapped. Billie has big news for VJ. Evie threatens Kat.


Irene remains at the hands of a madman. Mick delivers an ultimatum to Olivia. Marilyn returns in Alf’s time of need.


Irene fights back and learns a terrible truth. Justin convinces Tori to pull back from Nate. John and Marilyn readjust to each others company.


The Morgans clash about putting down roots. Billie’s denial about her rape crumbles. Andy gives Kat some home truths.


Phoebe tries to convince Billie to speak up. The staff are in for a shock when Brody takes over Angelo’s. Josh’s guilt is eating him up. Hunter prepares to learn if he’s going to juvenile detention. Roo struggles to deal with an angry Alf.


Josh has a plan to save his brother from jail. The gulf between John and Marilyn widens. Hunter immediately finds himself offside with his Community Service supervisor.


Evelyn is shattered when Josh cuts off all contact and Andy vows to protect his younger brother. Kat learns that Ash has put up the garage as security for Andy’s bail. Nate and Mason clash.


The Morgan’s dark secret is finally revealed. Andy risks far more than his own freedom. Is there an attraction between Phoebe and Brody?