Episode 6360

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2016
UK Air Date: 1st April 2016
Writer: Zokov Nyste
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Ricky recommits to Nate – but will a surprise visitor change everything? Roo convinces Maddy & Matt to move in with her. Josh realises he has to turn his life around.

Extended Summary

Ricky brings Casey into the hospital and Nate immediately gets to work. Her fear increases, wracked with guilt for leaving him to search from Brax.

Josh arrives and explains to Kyle that the girl he was with must have turned the baby monitor off, so he didn’t hear Casey crying. Enraged, Kyle tells Josh that it’s his fault if anything happens to Casey, leaving Josh terrified. When Ricky returns Josh apologises, but she doesn’t want to hear his excuses.

Nate reports that Casey has viral meningitis, but he’s going to be better soon. He takes Ricky to see Casey and she melts, relieved that her son is okay.

At home, Kyle tells Josh if he wants to make it up to Ricky he needs to pull his head in and stop taking his accident out on everyone around him.

Later at Angelo’s, Oscar gives Josh the same advice, and he realises he’s got to get his act together fast. Ricky admits that she left Casey with Josh to look for Brax, and Nate comforts her.

Later when Ricky returns to Casey’s room with coffees, she catches Nate with Casey in his arms, and feels so lucky to have him in their lives. She asks him to marry her, and he happily accepts the offer. But when she gets home that night, she finds Brax waiting for her. Where do they go from here?

Maddy and Matt discuss the pros and cons of moving in with Roo, but Matt still isn’t convinced that it’s a good idea. Alf thinks Roo’s crazy to offer them a room, but she explains that she’s missed Maddy, and this could be their chance to get closer again. But Matt still can’t be swayed, so Maddy decides that they’ll stay in the caravan and keep looking until they find their own place.

Roo’s disappointed, and still tries to convince Maddy to move in with her, but her mind is already made up. Roo bargains with Matt, pointing out that living with her is what Maddy wants, and promises to stay out of their business if they move in. Matt tells Maddy that they should move in with Roo and she’s thrilled, more in love with him than ever.

Skye and Oscar vist Carol in the psych ward, and Skye’s heart breaks when she sees how fragile her mother has become. Skye tries to speak to Carol, but she still can’t make normal conversation. Skye tells Carol that she loves her, and leaves with Oscar.

Back at the beach, Skye thanks Oscar for his support, but is sad that she’s lost the only family she’s got. Oscar tells her she’s going to fit in and have a great life in Summer Bay, making her feel positive about the future.

Oscar takes Skye back to John’s, and she’s touched when he reveals that he kept his bad news about missing out on his scholarship so he could be there for her. Is she starting to develop feelings for him?