Episode 6359

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2016
UK Air Date: 31st March 2016
Writer: Nick King
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Roo invites Maddy and Matt to move in with her. Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum. Ricky returns to find Josh unwittingly neglected Casey.

Extended Summary

Nate pops in to see Ricky and asks whether they’ve found Brax yet. She tries to explain that she only wants to find him because she’s angry with him. She tells him it’s lovely to see him and they tentatively arrange to meet up.

After he leaves Nate sees Hannah and realising she’s upset he sits down. She tells him that Chris just laid into her. They talk about their relationships, with Nate confessing that things are complicated with him and Ricky.

Matt and Maddy have just been to look at Charlotte’s old apartment, Maddy wants them to rent it but Matt thinks it’s a bad idea given the history, and that they can’t afford it – but Maddy is very persuasive.

They go into the diner and join Oscar and Josh who have both been accepted at Northern Districts Uni so they may all be studying together, if Josh decides to stick around. Matt puts his foot in it when he comments that Josh should get over Evie kissing Andy. Then Louisa, a girl who Josh knows from the HSC course comes in. They arrange to hang out later and after she leaves Maddy tells Josh that Louisa is keen on him.

John and Skye are settling into living together but when John brings up Skye visiting her mum at the hospital she’s not interested. Later on John talks to Alf about it, then when Oscar comes in he ropes him in to talk to Skye.

Nate tries to talk Chris around after seeing Hannah so upset but he doesn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile Evie talks to Hannah about it, passing on some useful advice that Leah gave her about not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

Kyle wants Ricky to go with him having heard where Brax might be. He asks Josh to babysit Casey while they go to see if they can find Brax. Josh says he can have his friends over at the house instead of going to meet them and goes to get the baby monitor so that he can hear Casey from next door.

Louisa and a couple of friends come round and they’re playing music and having some drinks but Josh keeps having to go next door to tend to a crying Casey. While Josh is next door with Casey, Louisa turns the baby monitor down.

Maddy and Matt have their application for the apartment ready when Evie comes up to them. They break the news that Josh also got into uni. She’s happy for him and after some encouragement from Matt and Maddy, goes round to congratulate him. But she finds him getting cosy with Louisa and he’s dismissive, so Evie leaves.

Roo arrives and tells Matt and Maddy that she also applied for the apartment. Not long after, Roo finds out that she got the apartment and she asks if they’d like to move in with her.

Oscar goes to see Skye and asks how things are going. He offers to go with Skye if she wants to visit her mum.

Hannah goes to see Chris and apologises for treating him badly. Chris tells her that he wishes he’d never met her, leaving her stunned. Later on after Hannah’s left, Nate tries to check in on Chris. But Chris explodes, telling him to stop interfering and stomps to his room slamming the door.

Evie and Oscar chat about uni and Evie tells him about Josh seeming to have moved on. He comforts her as she tells him that she still loves Josh. Meanwhile Josh and Louisa are kissing, oblivious to Casey crying next door.

They go to Josh’s room, next thing they hear is Kyle coming home then Ricky shouting Casey’s name… What has Josh done?

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