Episode 6358

Australian Air Date: 10th February 2016
UK Air Date: 30th March 2016
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Dylan grills Irene over Charlotte’s murder. Ash challenges Dylan after finding out that he was abusive to Kat. Chris punches Andy and tells Hannah that she’s a selfish heartbreaker.

Extended Summary

Irene reassures a worried Olivia and Hunter as she is taken in for questioning over the Charlotte King murder. Dylan and Kat interview Irene, they have DNA evidence which places her at the crime scene. After giving Irene a grilling Dylan reluctantly lets her go but tells her not to leave town.

Down at the diner John is cracking bad jokes to try and cheer Chris up after his breakup with Hannah. Andy comes in and runs into Evie. They try to work out how to stop Josh from leaving Summer Bay. At home Evie talks to Leah about Hunter’s arson court case.

At home Andy finds out that Josh has had a local uni offer and he’s stoked but Josh says he’s still going to move out. Andy tells him to stay, he’ll move out instead. Andy hopes that Josh will relent but is disappointed when he just agrees to Andy going. That night Hannah sees Andy as he walks to the gym with his bags, intending to sleep there. She guesses that things are still strained between him and Josh.

Ash is grateful that Kat has agreed to Billie moving in, saying everyone deserves a second chance. They decide to sit down and eat together instead of having takeaway dinners. Dylan enters to see them sitting together chatting warmly and joking around, he sits and eats, clearly unhappy to see them so comfortable together. When he gets up to leave he glares at them causing Ash to ask Kat about him, her expression clouds as she explains that they have a messy past. Ash is shocked to learn that Dylan used to hit Kat. He tells her to let him know if she has any trouble with Dylan. The next morning Ash stops Dylan and tells him to stay away from Kat.  There’s a stand off between the two men, which Ash walks away from leaving Dylan to scowl after him. When he arrives at work Dylan tells Kat about it, but Kat just tells him to focus on their jobs. They discuss the case and conclude that none of their suspects obviously fits the bill, they need to keep digging.

Alf and Leah talk about the murder case, wondering if Hunter could have killed his mother. Hunter is out walking with Olivia, who is supportive of him, their relationship stronger than ever.

Josh startles Chris, who’s morosely lying on a bench. Josh sympathises about him and Hannah, but when he talks about Evie and remarking that things were getting better between them until he found out that she kissed Andy, Chris jumps up and angrily marches off. Chris finds Andy and punches him and as Andy goes to fight back John and Alf rush over and break it up.

At the diner Leah checks in with Irene, who tells her she hasn’t been drinking but is angry with Charlotte for ruining everyone’s lives. She tells Leah bluntly that she didn’t kill her though, then John and Alf burst with Chris, who’s still upset. As they argue over it Hannah approaches and turning to see her Chris lets her have it, telling her that she’s selfish and only cares about herself before marching out, leaving everyone gaping at a humiliated and tearful Hannah.

Guest Cast

Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor)

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