Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson (2013-2016)
Cassie Howarth
Episodes: 58206418

Date of Birth: 17th November 1986
Date of Death:
4th May 2016

Sibling: Sarah MacGuire (deceased)

Occupation: Nurse

Hannah came to Summer Bay searching for Zac MacGuire, whose brother Ethan had married her sister Sarah. Since Zac had been out of contact with the family for some time, Hannah had to fill him in on recent history: Sarah had died and in order to deal with their grief Ethan had taken their two children, Oscar and Evelyn, to a so-called self-improvement group that Hannah believed was dangerous. She explained when the twins turned sixteen they would be forced to go through an initiation ritual. She went to the commune to try and talk to them but the group leader, Murray Granger, refused to let her see them. When Ethan took out a restraining order against Zac, Hannah decided to apply for custody of her niece and nephew.

When she learned Zac and the Braxtons had effectively kidnapped Oscar and Evelyn from the commune, she helped Zac hide the twins at a motel, hoping they could keep them there until they were old enough to choose where they wanted to live. After Evelyn had briefly run away, Hannah and Oscar moved in with Leah while Zac and Ricky took Evelyn away to try and clear her head. Murray then turned up at the house looking for the twins but Hannah managed to tip off Zac. Oscar sent Murray packing by threatening to tell the police that Murray had beat him but then Evelyn decided to return to the lodge. Hannah called Ethan and asked to meet him but Murray turned up instead and she persuaded him to let Evelyn visit them. She applied for a job at the hospital and was roped into helping treat Josh Barrett after he was shot, after which she was told she had the job. She reluctantly helped Nate administer antibiotics to Josh at the Braxtons’ when he ran away from hospital.

When she realised Oscar was finding Zac’s attempts to be a father figure stifling, she suggested she and Oscar move out but Zac decided to move out instead. When Oscar sensed Evelyn was in danger and showed Leah and Hannah a letter she’d written to him about trying to stop Spencer joining the cult, Hannah grabbed Zac and they raced to the lodge, where they managed to rescue Evelyn and Spencer from Ethan and Murray. Soon after, Ethan and Murray were arrested and Evelyn also moved in with Hannah. Hannah decided they need to find somewhere else to live. When Ethan turned up wanting the twins to live with him again, Hannah almost alienated Evelyn by acting hostilely and Zac had to calm the situation.

Hannah went out for the evening with some work colleagues and, on her return, nearly kissed Zac. The next day, they concluded that since they weren’t living together anymore something could happen between them, only for Oscar and Evelyn to announce they wanted them all to move to the Walker farm. She and Zac decided to bury their feelings for each other and concentrate on building a home for the twins. She invited Nate to dinner but didn’t tell Zac, who had let Evelyn go to a party without telling her, resulting in an awkward evening. She was angry when Ethan again turned up to try and get the children to live with him. She was on duty at the hospital when a pregnant Ricky was brought in with bleeding. Ethan then turned up at the hospital and told her she didn’t have to worry about Oscar and Evelyn anymore.

When the hospital was rocked by a bomb explosion, Hannah attempted to treat the wounded, including Ethan, who had a punctured lung. Casey and Zac arrived and told her that Kyle, Oscar and Evelyn were all missing. Ethan was found to have Kyle’s phone but died without regaining consciousness. Casey managed to work out from a message on Ethan’s phone that they were being held in a shipping crate at the wharf and together they and Tamara went and rescued them. After getting the twins home, Hannah slept with Zac. They broke the news to Evelyn and Oscar about Ethan but the twins reacted badly when they walked in on her and Zac kissing. Hannah tried to smooth things over with Evelyn but afterwards she and Zac concluded a relationship was out of the question.

She continued to have difficulties with the twins, who failed to show up for a family meal. She and Zac tracked them down to a party at the beach house and convinced them they were serious about being a family. At Ethan’s funeral, she was concerned about the presence of Denny Miller, a young woman that no-one knew. She approached her, worried that she’d been involved in the cult, but Denny explained that although she’d never met Ethan she believed him to be her father. Hannah was extremely suspicious of her but after talking with her about her mother and finding a photo of her in Ethan’s belongings, Zac managed to convince Hannah that Denny was genuine. She still wasn’t keen on telling the twins but offered a sounding board for Evelyn when she began to resent Denny because of Ethan. She was happy with the idea of Denny leaving town but told her to speak to Oscar first and she ended up staying.

When she learned that Evelyn had invited Denny to stay at the farm and Oscar had stolen from her purse in a misguided attempt to help Denny stay in town, Hannah got into an argument with Zac and walked away from a family dinner, spending the evening drinking and flirting with Andy Barrett at Angelo’s. She then spent the next day with him instead of talking with Zac and convinced him not to quit his job at the gym. After avoiding the family, she eventually told Denny to move in and made her peace with Evelyn and Oscar but continued to ignore Zac’s calls and instead kissed Andy. She slept with him and told Zac she didn’t have feelings for him anymore. She began seeing Andy in secret but Evelyn and Oscar saw them together. She was with Andy at the house when Evelyn rang asking her to bring in her homework, prompting Evelyn to tell her they already knew. When Zac also found out, she told him she needed something outside the family.

She and Zac tried to organise a family meal to discuss the Andy situation but instead ended up arguing. She stowed Brax’s belongings in a locker while he was a patient at the hospital but Andy stole a photo that Brax had previously stolen from him. Upset that he’d used their relationship, Hannah broke up with him. When she heard that Zac and Evelyn had argued at school and Zac had slept with Bianca, she let Evelyn stay off school and told Zac she’d take the twins away from him if he didn’t stop drinking. She snapped at him when his teasing of Oscar backfired but also encouraged Evelyn to make up with him. When Zac told her he thought he was the hit and run driver who had run over Tamara, Hannah advised him to keep quiet and, when Emerson turned up looking for Zac’s car, phoned Andy for help, getting him to cover up the damage and convincing him not to leave town. After Zac was charged, he and Hannah learned Oscar had been driving but decided to keep quiet and let Zac take the blame. Hannah then turned to Andy for comfort, angering Zac. She staged an intervention on Oscar with Zac and Evelyn when he told Sasha the truth and was angry when Sasha printed an article in the paper revealing everything but Oscar convinced her she wasn’t helping him by covering up. She accompanied him when he was formally interviewed and learned he had been trying to stop her seeing Zac drunk. She tried to distance herself from Andy but thanked him when he helped Oscar.

Zac had trouble seeing her with Andy and suggested they view raising the kids as merely a business relationship. She looked after Oscar when he was brought to hospital suffering from a panic attack. When he started attending counselling, Hannah believed he was fine but realised she was wrong when he spent the night in her room, claiming he’d sleepwalked, and had a panic attack when she suggested he return to school. She asked Zac for advice then asked Andy to talk to Oscar about coming to terms with what he’d done. Even though he refused, Hannah took Oscar to the gym anyway; Andy helped him but was annoyed with Hannah. She reassured Evelyn over her feelings for Josh but was put out when Zac spent the evening with Sophie. She tried to arrange a girls’ evening with Evelyn and Denny but, after both Chris and Josh interrupted, she went to see Andy and made up with him. She attempted to chat to Nate about Oscar at Angelo’s, not noticing he was on a date with Sophie until Leah and Zac dragged her away from the table. She upset Andy by refusing to show him affection in public and not letting him come to the house to set up a home gym. When he came round to try and talk about it, she seduced him instead. However, when he tried to sneak out in the middle of the night she understood how he felt and agreed to a proper relationship.

She invited Andy to have dinner with her family but Zac responded by taking Oscar camping, although he coped with Andy staying over. However, Zac objected to Andy giving Oscar parental advice, but Hannah sided with Andy after Oscar was punched on community service after following Zac’s advice. She then witnessed Andy being taken in for questioning on suspicion of drug dealing. When he was released, he told her the drugs had been planted. When Oscar pleaded Andy’s case, Hannah accused Zac of trying to frame him, prompting Zac to decide to move out. When she found drugs in the barn, she saw this as confirmation of her theory and told Oscar. She then told Andy she’d flushed the drugs. When she came home to find Josh had been beaten up, Andy stopped her calling the police. She continued to try and blame Zac for the drugs but was forced to admit Andy was responsible; however, despite her apologies Zac moved out anyway.

She continued to defend Andy but found herself at odds with Evelyn, who deliberately excluded her from a family dinner. She secretly spent the night with Andy, ushering him out the next morning, and offered to lend him money to pay back his dealers, then tried to contact them personally. She found out Andy had been beaten up and he told her to stay away for her own safety. When she thought someone was following her, she went to Brax and Ricky for help. Casey took her, Josh, Evelyn and Denny back to the farm to hide out together where Evelyn criticised her for still seeing Andy but ultimately forgave her; however, they ended up falling out again when Hannah got angry about Evelyn spending the night in the same bed as Josh. She then found out that Josh and Evelyn had been kidnapped and wanted to call the police. Although Andy managed to get them freed by paying the dealers off, Hannah blamed him for what happened.

Maddy told her Oscar was over exercising but she was reluctant to accept help from Andy. She told Zac what was going on, then learned Oscar had lied about Zac giving him a lift back from community service. Andy found Oscar collapsed and Hannah spoke to her nephew, who admitted he wanted control over his appearance. She let him attend the gym with restrictions on how long he could spend there and took advice from Nate on nutrition. When Andy attempted to force her to have coffee with him, Nate stepped in, but afterwards Sophie told her not to see Nate outside work. Hannah complied but told Nate to ask Sophie why.

She learned Oscar wanted to invite Maddy to the school formal but dissuaded him when Maddy told her she’d say no if asked. She encouraged Zac to pursue Leah and felt uncomfortable when she had to treat Jake Pirovic, Casey’s murderer. She admitted to Denny that she was attracted to Nate before telling Nate himself. She tried to get out of a barbeque Nate and Sophie were holding and was suspicious when Sophie scalded her arm after seeing her and Nate talking. She joined Nate kayaking, after which he kissed her and she ran off. When she next saw Nate, he told her he was committed to Sophie. She worried about Nate when he went missing in the bush and was assigned to look after him when he was hospitalised. He told her his marriage was over but she told him not to involve her.

Hannah helped Andy check out the gym accounts and realised he had trouble reading. She offered to help him apply for a fitness instructor’s course but was annoyed when he tried to kiss her. She then ended up making out with Nate in his office but he stopped short of sleeping with her. She received a serve from Sophie when she found out and began to realise Nate was just using her. She discovered Sophie had used her keys to rob the drugs cabinet and went back to helping Andy. She suspected Oscar could be the father of Maddy’s baby and encouraged him to try and get her to have an ultrasound. Oscar confirmed her suspicions and she tried to get him to tell Josh. She also tried to talk to an increasingly confused Sophie and told Oscar she had made a bad situation worse by lying. She convinced Josh and Oscar that Maddy hadn’t been lying when it turned out the test results showing she was pregnant were false.

She offered to look after Sophie, who was about to be sectioned, but Sophie drugged her and left her in her bed while she made her escape. Andy took her home and looked after her and she admitted to Denny that she still had feelings for him. She was annoyed when Denny warned Andy off her but realised Denny had a point about the amount of trouble Andy had caused the family. However, she was receptive when Andy came to the hospital and dragged her into a side room to get intimate. The following day, they went on a date at Angelo’s and she was surprised when he let her go with just a good night kiss afterwards. She found out Andy had slept with Neive Devlin while they were apart and was initially fine with it until she found out it was because he thought she wasn’t interested, and called him a child, saying he wasn’t what she needed. She resisted breaking confidentiality and telling Evelyn about Maddy’s cancer, even though she was confused why Josh had broken up with her. She went on the coach trip to support Phoebe’s launch but was thrown to learn Andy was going to be at the launch, shortly before the bus crashed.

She was impaled in the crash and rushed to hospital. Andy visited her and she told him that the doctors said she might never walk again. She kept the news from the rest of the family and forgave Nate when he admitted he and Sophie had caused the crash. She initially refused Nate and Andy’s attempts to get her to open up to people, but when Denny found her upset she admitted the truth. She still tried to keep the information from the twins yet wanted to leave hospital. Andy supported her and convinced Nate to let her go home, moving himself in. She got Andy to cancel a hospital appointment but Nate came to the house anyway. Hannah wanted to change doctors but Andy sided with Nate and walked out on her, leaving her confined to the bedroom. Zac turned up and convinced her to start using the wheelchair. Although she started making progress, she was concerned that she and Andy hadn’t been intimate since the accident and when she tried to initiate things he rejected her. When she next saw him, she broke up with him. When she had a fall, Denny was unable to help her and had to call Nate. They tried to get her to go back to hospital but she asked them to wait a week. Andy then returned and they reunited, and at dinner that evening she got the feelings in her legs back.

Hannah asked Nate for gossip when he made a visit; he told her he was in a new relationship but refused to name names. He later told her they had a casual arrangement. Going stir crazy at home, she convinced Andy to take her out in a dinghy but it was overturned when another boat got too close. Hannah wasn’t wearing a life jacket but Andy managed to get her to safety and she assured Josh and Evelyn he wasn’t to blame. She realised Evelyn was sleeping with Josh and gave her her blessing, before sleeping with Andy at last. Nate admitted the person he had been seeing was Kat but she had backed off because she didn’t want people knowing about them. Hannah dropped hints to Kat that people would accept her as she was. She tried to help Andy study for his fitness instructor’s exam but he ended up getting frustrated and storming off. Nate helped her to stand for the first time since the accident, which she quickly showed off to Andy. She helped him with his revision by arranging a strip study session. Soon after, she began walking again.

She was concerned when Andy hired Oscar at the gym, worrying it would see a return of his body image issues. She went to the gym on the pretext of doing physio to check up on him. Oscar was annoyed but assured her he would quit if his old issues resurfaced. When she was told she could get rid of the wheelchair, she arranged a meal out with Andy to celebrate but Andy invited Oscar along, so she invited Phoebe, Ash and Billie. Then Andy announced he was moving in permanently. Hannah fretted about it then had a dream about kissing Nate. She quickly began to feel smothered by Andy’s presence but when she told him she felt pressured he refused to talk about it. She confided in Phoebe, who wondered if she wanted to break up with Andy, but he agreed to give her some space. She visited Ricky after she had given birth.

She went to a gig Phoebe was having in the city where she got drunk and danced with a stranger, Oliver, before Ash and Denny took her home. She later ran into Oliver on the beach but when Andy saw them together he punched him. He told Hannah he’d followed her to the gig and seen them, and broke things off. Denny got them talking and they reunited. Hannah returned to work but was thrown to find Sean Gleeson working at the hospital as Leah’s surgeon and tried to avoid him. When they did get talking, they got on well but she told him she was in a relationship. She explained to Leah that she and Sean had been engaged and were planning to go overseas when Sarah fell ill and she had to stay; she had often wondered about what could have been.

Nate and Sean asked her to help out with Leah’s surgery. Afterwards, Sean told her she was acting around him the same way she did when they first met. She slept with him and was nearly found out by Andy. She told Sean she was going to leave Andy for him but changed her mind when she learned Sean was married. She confided in Denny but Evelyn overheard and threatened to tell Andy if Hannah didn’t. Hannah couldn’t bring herself to do it and Evelyn reluctantly agreed to keep quiet. She then met Sean’s wife Emma, who quickly sensed they’d slept together and told her there had been several others. Sean warned her that Emma would tell Andy, and Hannah went to get in first only to find Josh had already told him. Andy moved out and Hannah ended up in an argument with Evelyn, slapping her when she called her a tart. Evelyn went to stay with Zac and Leah, and Hannah admitted to Leah that she wasn’t happy with her life. Sean turned up saying he’d left Emma and wanted to be with her, just as Andy appeared. Hannah went looking for Andy but found him crying at the gym, where he told her to go away.

Hannah tried to talk Evelyn into going home, but when Evelyn was only interested in making snide remarks Hannah lost her temper and said she’d given up her life for the twins, prompting both Oscar and Evelyn to move out. She also found out Andy was now seeing Charlotte. She went out for the evening with Denny but they saw Andy with Charlotte and Ash with Phoebe; however, the evening resulted in Phoebe and Kat moving in with them. Denny convinced her to sign up for a dating app and she slept with her first date, Billy Altman. She continued getting drunk and sleeping with blind dates, so when Denny found a positive pregnancy test she suspected it was hers…in fact, it was Phoebe’s. Chris helped her get rid of another one night stand. They acted as each other’s wingmen on their next blind date but both were a disaster, with Hannah’s date, Wayne Eccles, living with his mum and a cat. Afterwards, Marilyn suggested she and Chris might make a good couple. As a result, she avoided helping Chris set up with the fundraising banquet for Zac and Leah until he told her he wasn’t interested in her.

Despite this, Hannah agreed to pretend to be Chris’ girlfriend when he attended the same fundraiser as his ex, Ivana Frost, even going as far as kissing him to help with the act. She took him out when he was hurt by one of John’s comments and learned he put on his clown persona to make people like him, assuring him he didn’t have to put on an act around her. Denny forced her to admit she liked Chris but before she could tell him she saw him kissing another girl at a party. She was frustrated when he asked her for advice dating the other girl, so instead kissed him and told him she liked him; he reciprocated and cancelled his date. Hannah asked him to keep the relationship secret, supposedly for Andy’s sake, but when Andy found out and told her he was fine with it Hannah continued the secrecy. When she hid the relationship from John and Marilyn, Chris told her he wasn’t interested in being her secret so she loudly announced the relationship on the beach.

She encouraged Chris to train as a lifesaver, while Chris encouraged her to become a paramedic when she looked after Ash after he opened up his wound from a transplant operation. Nate confided in her that he had slept with Ricky while on a break from Kat; she felt uncomfortable spending time with Ricky and Kat, and was pestered by Chris to share the news with him. This resulted in Kat finding out and losing her temper with Ricky during Denny’s farewell. Phoebe told Hannah she thought she was miscarrying and Hannah took her to hospital where they learned she had miscarried one of a pair of twins. She helped decoy Ash when Phoebe was initially unable to tell him what had happened and convinced Kyle to respect her decision about aborting the remaining critically ill twin. She had to deliver the news that Phoebe had miscarried the second twin. She was worried when she saw Ricky and Nate getting close again. When she found out about Evelyn and Tank’s relationship, she tried to have a reasonable chat with Evie about it, unaware Tank was hiding under the bed. When Chris told her he loved her, she was unable to respond in kind. She sent him away when he turned up at the hospital with a picnic but later told him she liked him.

However, she also spent a lot of time supporting Andy when Josh was in hospital and encouraged him to turn off Josh’s life support when the doctors advised so. She took Andy home for a feed where he kissed her. On Leah’s advice, she told Chris, who walked away. She went to his bronze medallion assessment to support him but he told her he expected her to cheat on him; however, they later made up. She then walked out on a date when she heard Josh had regained consciousness. She had to remove Evelyn when Josh was distressed by her persistence, and admitted to Nate that she still had feelings for Andy. However, Andy told her they couldn’t be friends. She confused everyone when she said she wouldn’t be helping with Josh when he came home and instead went with Chris to meet his family. On her return, she offered to help Leah out with the wedding, which resulted in Chris, who was lobbying to be Leah’s “bridesman”, seeing her as competition. Leah told Hannah to choose and Hannah told Chris Leah had chosen him, then accidentally told him she loved him. Although Chris was elated, Hannah admitted to Phoebe that she hadn’t meant it in that way, but continued using the word.

She visited Josh on his return home and stressed how much Andy had done for him. She and Andy took him out for a walk but it went badly. She then learned Denny had been killed. Andy comforted her and she went back to his place but left when he told her he loved her, reminding him she was with Chris. As a result, he told her to stay away from him. At Zac and Leah’s wedding reception, Chris asked her if she had feelings for Andy and she admitted she had, ending their relationship. She told Andy but he seemed uninterested and she later saw him kissing Evie. She told Evelyn she could talk to her and then confronted Andy. Evelyn assured her that she had initiated the kiss and Andy hadn’t taken advantage, and Hannah agreed to keep quiet.

She attended Denny’s funeral in the city and was on the receiving end of a rant from Chris in the Diner. She tried to talk to him but he reminded her she’d told him he could be himself around her then rejected him anyway so she began staying away from the Diner to avoid him. When Andy suffered a head injury while surfing, Hannah took him home and slept with him, only for them to quickly realise the spark was gone, leaving Hannah wondering if she’d messed things up with Chris for nothing. She performed the biopsy on Evelyn when she found a lump on her breast and accidentally let slip what was going on to Oscar. After the tests came back benign, Hannah confirmed they had a history of the BRCA gene in their family and agreed they should all get tested.

She signed on to the ambulance course at uni and attended orientation week with the teens. Seeing Chris running a stall, she tried to catch his attention by challenging Matt to a balloon hammer fight. Later, she ran after Chris to try and talk to him but tripped over and knocked herself out. Chris took her to hospital where she admitted the truth and they reunited. Despite this, they were still unsure how to proceed, waiting for the other to make a move, until Chris came to the house and kissed her. They spent the night together after Chris attempted to arrange a night time picnic, but next morning she was called in for her test results. She discovered that she had the gene, even though the twins didn’t, but refused to see a counsellor and broke up with Chris. Nate convinced her to let Chris make his own choices and Hannah asked him to accompany her to see the counsellor, after which he helped her realise she wanted the double mastectomy.

Hannah threw a party to mark the end of her breasts but was left uncomfortable when she overheard Billie describing it as mutilating her body. She agreed to Chris’ idea that she have herself photographed prior to the operation. The procedure went well but suffered an allergic reaction after she came round. Although she soon recovered, she worried she’d done the wrong thing, especially after seeing the results of the photo session, but Chris reassured her. Upon being discharged, she found Chris had sent everyone away and freaked out when he walked in on her changing her drainage bag, but was buoyed by a visit from Ricky and, with Chris by her side, looked at her new body for the first time. She was uncertain about attending the fundraiser Chris had organised but Irene convinced her to go. She seemed positive at first but attempted to walk out during Irene’s speech before telling everyone that she’d butchered a perfectly healthy body. She initially rejected Chris and Ricky’s attempts to talk to her but after Irene told her about her abuse and the need to stop being a victim she asked Ricky to photograph her new body, intending to chart her recovery.

She and Phoebe attempted to stage an intervention with Kat when she started seeing Dylan but Phoebe’s unsubtle attempts resulted in Kat telling them both to stay out of it. However, when she saw Kat kissing Dylan she asked her if she was sure he’d changed. She was a bridesmaid alongside Phoebe at Ricky and Nate’s wedding and seemed open to Chris’ idea to go travelling and then start a family. She and Chris attended the hospital fundraiser, where they tried to matchmake between Phoebe and Dom and discussed moving in together. She disappeared after the event was hit by an explosion, then on her reappearance learned of Oscar’s death. She insisted on going into work and refused to get a head injury checked. Chris came to see her and asked her to come home. She promised she’d be along soon, but just before she could leave she collapsed in the corridor: The head injury had caused a bleed on the brain and, after Nate and Tori failed to resuscitate her, she was pronounced dead.