Coronation Street’s George and Glenda clash over inheritance secret

This week on Coronation Street, George’s secret is rumbled when he’s forced to admit to Glenda the truth about their father’s recently discovered will.

Archie (Roy Hudd) had left son George (Tony Maudsley) the undertakers business upon his death back in 2018, with his daughter Glenda (Jodie Prenger) seemingly having not been accounted for.

However, when Todd (Gareth Pierce) went snooping for George’s recently updated will a few weeks back, he discovered an alternative will of Archie’s that had fallen down the back of an old file.


This version of the will stipulated that Glenda should in fact receive the business jointly with her brother. Although Todd briefly considered keeping it a secret from George, knowing that he was set to inherit the business himself one day, the truth soon came out and George was left in a quandary.


Firstly, with the date smudged, there was no way of knowing if this was Archie’s actual last will and testament, which he didn’t get around to taking to a solicitor before his death.

Secondly, as much as George loves his sister, he’s all too aware that she isn’t the most responsible when it comes to cash, and it would be a huge risk having her come into the family business.


I think from George’s point of view it was always odd that Glenda wasn’t left much by their father,” Tony Maudsley explains. “I think he understood why, because Glenda has always been into high kicking on the high seas, and singing songs. She’s Little Miss Showbiz, she always was, she was never a responsible kid.

“She couldn’t even look after her pets properly. Pets died and she went and got another one or she’d wait for a new fad to kick in and say she wanted a terrapin.

“So George knows that she’s not a responsible person. He’s just got to tread very carefully.


Next week, after hearing that Estelle (Ruthie Henshall) has put performing arts academy Little Big Shotz up for sale, Glenda is desperate to try and buy it herself, already having bought the Weatherfield franchise last year with £5,000 lent by George.

Feeling particularly guilty, George offers to help Glenda apply for a loan, but as he looks over her accounts he realises there’s no way the bank would ever approve it.

Glenda goes to Estelle with the suggestion that she could buy the business off her in instalments, but a concerned George is quick to scupper her plans when he points out to Estelle that Glenda doesn’t have the finances to come up with the cash every month.

Estelle, played by West End star Ruthie Henshall, was last seen in April 2023. ITV

Glenda is frustrated at her brother for sticking his nose in, and when she sounds off to Todd about George’s betrayal, he incorrectly assumes that she’s talking about Archie’s will.

Todd soon realises he’s put his foot in it when Glenda demands to know what he’s talking about, and soon all hell breaks loose!

Determined to get her hand on what she believes is rightfully hers, Glenda seeks the advice of solicitor Adam (Sam Richardson). But he points out that suing George for half of the business would be a very costly exercise, and there’s no guarantee that she would win.

To add insult to injury, a devastated Glenda then manages to collide with Michael (Ryan Russell) in the street, ending up covered in his drink.

Glenda soon bounces back though, with George and Todd confused when their rival Rupert from RestEasy turns up and announces that he’s interested in acquiring Shuttleworth Funerals. It’s only then that they realise Glenda has put their business up for sale!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 6th April (Episode 11258/59)

Liam steals Paul’s secret stash.

Roy has no luck with the necklace.

Bernie catches Dennie red-handed.

Alya tells Adam that their kiss has ruined her career prospects.

Glenda has a business idea.

Wednesday 8th May (Episode 11260/61)

Bethany’s past comes back to haunt her.

Gary is caught on camera.

Glenda learns about the will.

Will Alya be able to bring herself to leave?

Friday 10th May (Episode 11262/63)

Bethany’s dismayed to be proven right.

Glenda won’t go down without a fight.

Bernie makes sure Paul’s night is a success.

Gary’s hoping for a reconciliation, but Maria makes it clear that’s not on the cards.