Episode 6357

Australian Air Date: 9th February 2016
UK Air Date: 29th March 2016
Writer: Holly Lyons
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Olivia supports Hunter in the aftermath of his confession. Have Kat and Dylan found Charlotte’s real killer? Ash and Phoebe try to get back on track.

Extended Summary

Hunter tries to explain why he set fire to Zac and Leah’s house, but they struggle to understand where he’s coming from, leaving Hunter feeling shut out. Olivia texts Hunter to check in, but Irene encourages her to give him some space. Meanwhile, VJ arrives home with Leah and tells Alf the news about Hunter. When Hunter and Zac get back from the police station, VJ unleashes his fury, and decides to move out. Zac and Leah wonder if Hunter killed Charlotte, but as they’re putting the pieces together, Hunter walks in, disappointed they think he could have done it. He exits hurt, making Zac feel even worse.

Olivia finds Hunter and he explains what’s been going on. Olivia feels sorry for him and takes him to her place to see if Irene will let him stay. Hunter’s story blows Irene away, and she goes to see Zac and Leah to ask if it’s okay for her to take Hunter in. Zac and Leah thank Irene, relieved to have one less problem on their minds for now. That night, Zac apologises to Leah for bringing Hunter into their lives. Leah points out that nothing that has happened is his fault, and they’ll get through it together.

As Dylan continues to suspect Hunter killed Charlotte, he knows they need some solid evidence to back up his theory. They receive a call informing them that Hunter confessed to arson. When Hunter’s brought into the police station, Kat formally charges him for Arson with Malicious Intent, and Dylan questions him, now convinced he killed Charlotte to protect his secret. Kat and Dylan interrogate Hunter but he’s uncooperative, increasing their suspicion. That evening, Kat and Dylan receive DNA evidence linking Irene to Charlotte’s murder scene, and go to bring her in for questioning. Is she Charlotte’s killer?

While Billie and Phoebe are excited about Billie being cleared of her arson charges in the wake of Hunter’s confession, Ash believes Hunter needs to pay. Ash is still fired up when they get home, but Billie thinks that holding a grudge is a waste of time. Ash tries to use her advice to get closer to Phoebe, who’s tempted to forgive him, but dodges his advances. Later over pizza, Ash and Phoebe try to convince Billie to stay in the Bay, pointing out that she’ll be seen as a hero now. Phoebe offers Billie the spare room at her place, and she accepts, happy to be staying in town. She moves outside and Ash kisses Phoebe, both giving in to their feelings. But afterwards Phoebe explains that they’re going to have to take things slowly if he really wants her back.

Guest Cast

Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin)
Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor)

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