Andy Barrett

Tai Hara

Andrew Barrett (2013-2016)
Tai Hara
Episodes: 58185849; 58666462

Parent: Debbie Barrett
Sibling: Josh Barrett (half)

Occupation: Gym Worker/Manager; Mechanic

Andy was first seen in the aftermath of Heath and Bianca’s wedding, arguing with Casey at Angelo’s during the reception. Andy objected when Casey stopped a drunken Maddy making out with his brother Josh and encouraged Josh to start a fight with Casey. After Casey and Maddy had left, Andy chased after the pair, with a reluctant Josh as passenger, and forced them off the road, leaving them for dead. Maddy later saw the brothers around town and told Brax, who attacked them both and had to be stopped by Maddy and Bianca. Andy threatened Josh into keeping quiet but was soon wanted by the police after Alf reported them.

When Brax tracked him down, with help from Heath who had been in juvenile detention with Andy, the truth became clear: Andy blamed the Braxtons for the fact that his stepfather Johnny Barrett, who he viewed as a father, had disappeared just after he and Danny did a robbery together. Brax confessed to the police that he had accidentally killed Johnny when he tried to take all the proceeds of the robbery. Andy waited outside the court with a gun, intending to kill Brax, but his mother Debbie took the gun and tried herself. Instead, she accidentally shot Josh. Andy accompanied Josh to hospital, but tried to blame Maddy and the Braxtons for what had happened. Heath reminded him that their fathers had started the feud and that Andy had to accept his own part in what had happened to Josh. Andy was arrested.

He was released a few weeks later in time to stop a fight between Josh and Matt Page, explaining he’d been let off with a good behaviour bond. He was annoyed to find Josh dating Maddy and Josh refused to leave town with him. Andy was stabbed and admitted he really got out because he informed on a cellmate. Heath got Nate to give him treatment on the quiet and Andy reconciled with Josh, with Nate arranging for them both to stay at the motel. Maddy tried to make an effort with him, inviting the brothers to dinner, but Andy began manipulating Josh, convincing him Maddy only saw him as a project, and Josh was unable to stand up to him despite Maddy’s pleas. When Maddy turned up at a beach party, Andy spiked her drink, causing her to flirt with Matt and upset Josh. When she tried to go swimming, Andy told Josh to stop her and Josh realised the truth. When Maddy found out and was upset Josh had kept it from her, Josh punched Andy. Emerson questioned Andy about the incident and Josh covered for him but told him to get out of his life. Before leaving town, Andy encouraged Maddy to forgive Josh, telling her he was just looking out for his family.

Despite his apparent departure, Andy soon reappeared and made a failed attempt to talk to Josh and Maddy. He came across Heath, who had dragged Jade Montgomery to the hospital to try and force her to confess to planting the bomb that had wrecked the building. Andy stopped Heath hurting her and Montgomery confessed when Leah confronted her with evidence of her wrongdoing. Heath thanked Andy for stopping him making a mistake and it was enough to get Josh talking to him again. Maddy agreed to go along with Josh’s wishes and they approached Andy together. Andy was thrown out of the surf club by John for betting on a game with Jett but John apologised when he found out it had been Jett’s idea.

Maddy convinced Casey to give him a job at the gym but it was vandalised by Sean Green, the old cellmate that Andy was testifying against, and Casey blamed Andy. Sean told Andy he wanted him to falsely confess that he, rather than Sean, was responsible for stolen cars. Andy, who had moved into the caravan park, filled Josh and Maddy in and wanted Josh to join him in confronting Sean but Maddy talked Josh out of it. Andy was attacked by Sean and his friends and rescued by Casey and the River Boys, who hid him and Josh at the Braxton house. Andy was annoyed when Josh went out to make sure Maddy was okay but soon after Sean was arrested.

When Josh considered dropping out of school because they couldn’t afford the rent on the caravan, Andy asked Casey for an advance. He tried to give the money to Josh, who assumed it was stolen. Andy was initially angry until he accepted he’d given Josh reason to think the worst of him. When Josh wanted to leave town after a fight with Maddy, Andy told him to stick it out. Andy met up with Hannah on the beach and they went for a drink and flirted. When he found out Casey was trying to get Brax out of jail, he spent the day with Hannah instead of going into work, although Hannah talked him out of quitting. Andy was furious when Brax was released and punched him on the beach, refusing to forgive him even when he found out it was Adam who had finished off Johnny. He then kissed Hannah and they started sleeping together in secret. He refused to tell Josh the story behind Brax’s release and showed no interest in Josh’s plan to recover Johnny’s body for a funeral. He was furious when Brax accompanied Josh to the city instead, but was eventually convinced to accompany him in collecting Johnny’s ashes and effects. Zac saw him kissing Hannah goodbye and by the time he returned, their relationship was common knowledge. He again had to be pressured into joining Josh in looking through Johnny’s effects, finding a photograph of a baby that they assumed was Josh, and in scattering his ashes. When Hannah mentioned finding the photo from Johnny’s effects among Brax’s belongings at the hospital, Andy stole her keys off her to recover the photo from the hospital locker and then confronted Brax about it. Hannah was furious at being used and broke up with him. Andy was suspicious and after telling Casey about the photo he quit the gym and abruptly left town.

When Andy returned, he had been to see Debbie and learned that Casey was Johnny’s son. He tried to blackmail Brax, threatening to tell Casey. Brax gave him $5000 but pointed out Andy didn’t want Josh to know either. However, Josh overheard and Andy tried to convince him to keep quiet. He was annoyed when Brax told Casey anyway so provoked a fight with Casey in Angelo’s by letting him know that Brax and Ricky had known the truth for ages and had paid him off. Despite this, Andy found Brax had no interest in keeping Casey and Josh apart and he and Brax ended up in a fight over it. When he saw Josh hanging out with Kyle, Andy tried to get him to leave town but Josh refused. Andy decided to go anyway.

As he was about to leave, Hannah contacted him for help in covering up damage to Zac’s car, which could have implicated him in Tamara being run over. Andy decided to stay and resumed seeing Hannah. He asked Casey for his job back but Casey said he would only give it to him if Andy proved himself working elsewhere and Andy turned down the offer. Josh tried to get him to apologise to Casey but when they walked in on a police raid at the gym Andy couldn’t resist taunting Casey about it, then told Brax he should have finished Casey off when he ran him off the road. When someone shot at the Braxton house, Brax blamed Andy and attacked him in the surf club, having to be restrained by Casey and Kyle. Andy was evasive about whether or not he was involved until Casey asked him straight out, at which point he stated he had nothing to do with it. Casey realised he was telling the truth and reinstated him at the gym.

Hannah started giving him a wide berth after Oscar was charged with running Tamara over. Andy helped Oscar when he found him having a panic attack but ended up in an argument with Zac, who he blamed for ruining everyone’s lives. However, the incident did convince Hannah to start seeing him again. Hannah asked him to have a talk to Oscar about coming to terms with what he’d done but he refused. Hannah ended up taking Oscar to the gym anyway and, despite dubbing it babysitting, Andy did eventually advise him to deal with what he’d done and move on; however, he remained annoyed with Hannah. Andy tried to support Josh over his exams and congratulated him when he did well. He noticed Casey and Denny giving each other looks and encouraged Casey to go for it, after which Casey told him he was no longer on trial at the gym. Hannah turned up to see him and they kissed and made up.

He did his best to reassure Oscar when he worried he’d got off easy with his community service. Since working at the gym was helping Oscar, he offered to set up a home gym for him but Hannah was reluctant to let him into the house or show affection towards him in public. Heath told him that Hannah didn’t see him as an equal and he finished with her. He tried to go out on the pull with Casey to prove a point but Casey had to babysit Harley. He then went to talk to Hannah but she seduced him instead. When he tried to sneak out on her in the middle of the night, she understood how hurtful her actions were and agreed to a full relationship.

He was invited to have dinner with Hannah and her family, but Zac and Oscar made themselves scarce, turning it into a double date with Casey and Denny. He advised Oscar to stand up to his fellow community service workers and Oscar then turned up at his caravan with a bloodied nose. Andy patched him up and taunted Zac that his advice for Oscar to keep his head down had backfired. However, Andy had started dealing drugs, hiding a package underneath his caravan. He returned to find Josh with the marijuana, which had been found by Chris and Spencer, and hid it at Hannah’s farm. He was taken in for questioning by Emerson but released because of a lack of evidence. He protested his innocence to Hannah, claiming he had been set up, and tried to extract violent retribution on Chris for reporting him. Alf stepped in, throwing Andy out of the caravan park and saying Josh could stay if he went quietly.

Hannah found the drugs and, while she believed they were Zac’s, she flushed them, leaving Andy unable to pay his suppliers. When Josh was beaten up, he stopped Hannah phoning the police. Josh had a go at him for letting Hannah and Oscar think Zac was to blame and both of them realised the truth. He ended up sleeping in the gym to save money and asked Casey for extra shifts but refused a handout. However, he did agree to Josh staying with the Braxtons, while Hannah continued to support him. He secretly spent the night with Hannah then stole money from her purse and gave it to Josh to give to Casey. He tried to get Josh to stay off school, then prepared to confront the dealers empty-handed, prompting Casey to give him $1000 he’d stolen from the gym. However, he got dumped by the road after being beaten up. He told Casey to keep Josh safe and also told Hannah to stay away. Brax gave him $4000 to clear his debt but he disappeared with it. He returned when he found Josh and Evelyn had been kidnapped by his contact, Cody Dalton, and paid him off. He revealed he had used the money to buy more drugs and earned enough to pay Brax and Casey back and get their own place but Josh refused to move in with him.

He found out Oscar was overexercising and insisted on helping out despite Hannah being angry with him for what had happened to Evelyn, checking the gym logs with Spencer and learning he had been going there twice a day. When Oscar went missing, Andy managed to find out from his community service co-worker Mitch where he had dropped him and found him collapsed, but was surplus to requirements once he’d got him back to the farmhouse. He rejected an offer of help from Brax, instead accepting more work from Cody. He began taking advantage of Brax and Casey’s desire to help, not turning up at the gym and taking free pizzas. However, when Cody told him they needed him to keep in with the Braxtons he began acting like a model employee. Cody then introduced him to their boss: Jake Pirovic, who blamed Brax for his brother’s death and warned him Brax could take his brother away from him too. When Andy learned Brax had tried to discourage Josh from seeing him, he punched him. He was bitter when he saw Brax giving Josh a driving lesson but followed Jake’s instructions and befriended Brax again and seemed affected by Brax’s trust in him. He tried to get Hannah to have coffee with him but when he took hold of her arm Nate stepped in.

After Brax had invited him round to help get Josh ready for his formal, he told Jake he wanted out of his revenge scheme and was shocked to realise Jake actually intended to kill Brax. When Jake threatened Josh, Andy left him a message to try and warn him. When he realised he was too late, he went to Casey and together they went to rescue Josh. They succeeded, driving Jake off, but when Brax and Kyle arrived Jake fired through the window and hit Casey. Kyle sent him and Josh back to the farmhouse but when they heard the news Casey had died Josh blamed him and ran off. Andy received a phone call from Jake and unsuccessfully attempted to convince him to end his revenge campaign. He then admitted to Brax he had been helping Jake and found himself volunteered to help get revenge. He was asked by Brax to help carry Casey’s coffin and stopped him walking away from the funeral bent on revenge. At the wake, Cheryl told him that Johnny had refused to be with her and Casey because he didn’t want to leave Andy.

Andy accompanied Brax in tracking down Cody, who told them Jake’s whereabouts, and was in the car when Brax drove straight at Jake’s vehicle, causing Jake to crash. He stopped Brax finishing Jake off in front of the police but was unable to stop him attacking Jake at the hospital and getting himself arrested. On the day Brax was released, Andy overheard Kyle and Ricky discussing the fact she was pregnant. He lured the police guard on Jake away by vandalising a car in the car park, then went into the room and turned off Jake’s life support, killing him. When Brax and Kyle were questioned by the police, Andy offered to turn himself in but Kyle told him not to. He was questioned by the police but the case was dropped when Josh gave him a false alibi.

He prepared to move out of the Braxtons’ but Brax offered him Casey’s old room. He attempted to make changes to the gym but turned down the manager’s job when Brax offered it to him if he got qualified. He checked over the accounts with Hannah’s help and discovered $500 missing. He realised Maddy had taken it and agreed to keep quiet if she returned the money. When she admitted she couldn’t, he agreed to return the money for her and let her pay him back later but Brax caught him and fired her. Roo paid him back the money Maddy had taken and he offered to try and get her job back but Roo told him not to. When Ricky told him a stranger, Ash, had been asking after Brax, he confronted him and started a fight but came off worse. Ash turned out to be a friend of Brax’s from prison. He admitted to Hannah he had trouble reading and she offered to help him with his application for the fitness trainer’s course but rejected him when he kissed her. However, he decided to apply anyway.

He mishandled things when Josh revealed Maddy was pregnant with his child but talked Josh out of quitting school, saying he’d support them. It eventually turned out Maddy wasn’t pregnant. He was annoyed when Ash turfed him out of his room when he brought a girl home. When he overheard Ash saying that he had a lead on his missing sister Billie, Andy filled Brax in. He offered to go with Ash to look for her but at the last moment Brax decided to go instead. He tried to take Ricky to a doctor’s appointment but was distracted by the news Sophie had gone missing after attacking Hannah. He took Hannah home but quickly left when Denny turned up. He received a message from Hannah inviting him out for coffee but when Denny told him that Hannah wasn’t interested in him he instead slept with Neive Devlin. However, on learning Denny had misrepresented Hannah’s views, he went to the hospital and got intimate with her in a side room. The next day, he apologised to her and got Kyle to put on a romantic meal for them at Angelo’s. Afterwards, he surprised her by letting her go with a good night kiss, saying he wanted to take things slowly. When he saw Neive at Angelo’s, he ushered Hannah away. Hannah realised they’d slept together and, when he explained it was because he thought she wasn’t interested, called him a child.

Kyle asked him to go to the city to keep an eye on Phoebe at her launch and Ash and Matt went with him. When Phoebe fell and cut her hand, Andy went to get a first aid kit but was knocked out and locked in the basement with Ash. On recovering, they escaped and saved Phoebe from being raped by Neive’s assistant Grant Masters. He learned that Kyle and several other residents had been injured in a road accident and on going to the hospital found Hannah among the injured. He sent Oscar and Denny home and was with Hannah after she learned she might never walk again. He continued to keep the rest of the family away when Hannah said she didn’t want anyone knowing and blasted Nate on learning he and Sophie had caused the crash. He tried to get Hannah to tell her family what was going on; she initially told him to go away but eventually agreed.

He supported Hannah when she wanted to go home, overriding Nate and Denny’s objections, and moved himself into the farm to help look after her. He cancelled her hospital appointment at her request but Nate told him Hannah needed to do things herself so he walked out on her. In his absence, Zac managed to convince Hannah to dress herself and start using a wheelchair. He rejected Hannah when she tried to be intimate with him and, when he went back to talk to her, she broke up with him. Denny tried to convince him to go back to Hannah; he initially refused but later turned up and insisted she speak to him. They reconciled and he moved back in. Brax made him manager of the gym when it looked like he was going to jail and later asked him to try and move the stolen money Ash had left behind at Angelo’s but he was too late and the police found it, sealing Brax’s fate.

Hannah convinced him she needed to go out so he hired a dinghy from Alf to take her on a boat trip; however, another boat got too close and overturned them. Although he managed to get Hannah to safety, he was blamed by Josh and Evelyn and felt guilty for putting her in danger; however, Nate and Josh convinced him to go back to Hannah and they slept together. Kyle reminded him that he needed to pass his fitness instructor’s exam, since without one the gym would lose its license. Hannah tried to help him study but he ended up getting frustrated and storming off. Josh tracked him down and Andy asked him for help. He began improving and got his reward when Hannah stood up in front of him. He struggled through his verbal exam, only made more insecure by Spencer prompting him, and was left only just scraping through and needing 90% in the written exam to pass. With Josh busy on an Anzac Day trip, Hannah helped him with his revision with a session of strip study. Looking for a replacement for Spencer at the gym, he hired Oscar, despite Hannah’s concerns. He learned he had passed his assessment and began encouraging Oscar to get qualified too, treating them like a protégé…which prompted Oscar to quit, since he’d never seen it as more than a part-time job.

With Ricky and Ash’s permission, he took Brax’s place in leading the River Boys in their Anzac Day commemoration. Ash convinced him to move to the farm permanently so Billie could have his room at the Braxtons’. He threw himself into the household, rearranging things, cooking dinner and planning holidays, but when Hannah told him she was feeling smothered he shut himself away in the bedroom and refused to talk about it. However, after Oscar pointed out to him that he could be full on at times he agreed to give her some space. When Hannah went to a gig Phoebe was having in the city, Oscar convinced Andy to go and surprise her but he left without her seeing him after he saw her dancing with a stranger, Oliver. He kept quiet until he saw Hannah and Oliver chatting on the beach a few days later, at which point he punched Oliver and broke up with Hannah. After spending the night at the gym, he admitted to Denny that he didn’t think he was good enough for Hannah and she got them back together.

When he learned Josh had walked out of his surprise 18th birthday party, he followed him home and learned he was upset the big celebraion Debbie had promised had never materialised. Andy convinced him to go back. He helped Denny over her break-up with Ash by bringing some boxing gloves home and letting her hit his hands. He had to tell Josh of Brax’s assumed death and Evelyn had to convince him to go back and talk to him. He met Sean Gleeson, the surgeon who had operated on Leah, and learned from Nate that he was Hannah’s ex. Denny encouraged him to do something different and he prepared a candlelit dinner at the gym. Josh gave him a recording showing Hannah had cheated on him with Sean and he angrily confronted her. He got drunk and spent the night on the beach. Josh tried to stop him driving the next morning and Andy shoved him to the ground, then ran his car off the road. He was found by Josh and Charlotte King whio took him to collect his things from Hannah’s. He moved out to the gym, although he convinced Josh to forgive Evelyn for covering for her. After finding Sean at the house, he nearly slept with Emma, Sean’s wronged wife, but put a stop to it and Hannah found him crying in the gym.

Maddy confided in him that a friend was in a troubled relationship with an older woman. When he overheard Leah teasing Charlotte about having a secret lover, he put two and two together and claimed he and Charlotte were an item, keeping up the pretense by accompanying her to a family barbeque. Knowing that it was Matt who she’d been seeing, he forced him to delete incriminating photos of the two of them together. He and Charlotte continued to spend time together and ended up kissing for real. They slept together at his place and he noticed a baby photo in her purse. He agreed to be a topless waiter at the fundraiser for Zac and Leah and found Josh when he was knocked down the stairs by an intruder at the caravan park, learning he’d been taking drugs. He kept an eye on Charlotte’s son Hunter when he turned up and, like Josh, turned a blind eye to the possibility that he was the one that attacked his brother. He turned down a liaison with Charlotte and admitted to Josh that he still liked Hannah, then learned she had kissed Chris. When he found out Josh had been expelled, he convinced him not to give up school, reflecting that he had once wanted to be a mechanic. He and Charlotte spent the day together but found the situation awkward and accepted their relationship was over, with Charlotte admitting she still loved Zac.

He convinced Evelyn to help Josh apply for a place in adult education, then worked out Hannah and Chris were seeing each other and told her he was fine with it. He overheard Charlotte leaving Hunter a phone message in which she mentioned that he was the one who had burnt Zac and Leah’s house down. After speaking to Hunter and identifying with him as someone who had grown up without a father, he told Charlotte he would keep quiet, even though Billie had been charged with the arson, but that Charlotte had to keep Hunter under control. He found Marilyn when she ran away from the hospital suffering from amnesia and summoned help. He tried to stop Kyle giving Maddy a hard time at work when Phoebe had just had a miscarriage. He ignored Charlotte’s attempt to seduce him, then learned she had slept with Matt again. He warned Matt off her and realised he liked Maddy. When he realised they were still seeing each other, he told Charlotte he wouldn’t cover for her again but Charlotte retorted that she didn’t care.

He then received the news that Josh was in a critical condition in hospital after being hit by Tank Snelgrove, Evelyn’s ex-boyfriend, and blamed Evelyn for it. Hannah had to talk him out of going after Tank and supported him at the hospital, although he lost him temper with Kat when it looked like the police were doing nothing. He apologised to Evelyn, then was told by the doctors that Josh’s brain activity wasn’t increasing. Hannah encouraged him to turn off the life support and he agreed. However, when Josh moved his hand just before he was disconnected Andy withdrew permission. He spent most of his time at the hospital; Hannah took him home for a feed where he kissed her, even though she was dating Chris. Although he insisted he meant it, he took Chris to task when he nearly broke up with Hannah as a result. Shortly after, he was with Josh when he opened his eyes but his elation was muted when he learned Josh was blind. He tried to remonstrate with Josh when he blamed Evelyn and, when Hannah tried to support him, told her they couldn’t be friends. He brought Josh some podcasts from Evelyn but Josh instantly saw through the deception and sent him away. Andy then went for a meal with Evelyn. He tried to convince Josh to go to the school formal on his return home, then asked Hannah for help with his depression, admitting he missed her. He took Josh out with Hannah but Josh was soon unnerved and admitted to Andy that he wished he’d let him die.

Charlotte then told him she knew he’d killed Jake and demanded money from him. He learned Denny was dead and broke the news to Hannah. He took her back to his place but she left when he told her he liked her, reminding him she was still with Chris. As a result, he told her to stay away from him. He found out from Josh that Charlotte was threatening to reveal everyone’s secrets and from Evie that she had killed Denny, ignoring the fact Hannah was now single after breaking up with Chris. He kissed Evie, before going home in a state and washing his hands.

He and Evelyn tried to put the kiss behind them but then Hannah confronted him about it. He persuaded Hannah to keep quiet and was delighted when Josh regained his sight; however, Josh promptly found out about the kiss after seeing a message Andy had sent Evelyn and announced he was leaving town. When he learned that Josh had got into Northern Districts, Andy offered to move out so Josh didn’t have to and started sleeping at the gym. Chris started a fight with him on the beach when he learned about the kiss, which Alf and John had to break up. He moved back into the Braxton house after Josh calmed down but then injured himself while surfing. Since he had a head injury, Hannah took him home and they slept together. They instantly realised the spark was gone and settled for being friends.

When he learned Billie’s trial was coming up, he told Hunter he knew he was responsible and, while he wouldn’t drop him in it, he’d back him up if he wanted to blame it on the late Charlotte. (In the end, Hunter confessed.) He learned that Ash was thinking of setting up a garage and offered to be his partner. They were turned down by the bank but Kat offered to lend them the money. The garage they were trying to buy was bought by someone else so Phoebe suggested they set up their own and they looked into setting up a workshop at the caravan park. Alf rejected the idea but pointed them towards a vacant lock-up. He learned Hannah was in hospital having a preventative double mastectomy and helped Evelyn, Oscar and Josh get the house ready for her return. He accidentally dropped Matt in it as a suspect for Charlotte’s murder when Kat overheard them discussing Matt threatening her over the photos. Maddy approached him about taking Matt on as an apprentice and he and Ash agreed. When the garage was subsequently vandalised, Andy spoke to Dylan about it and Dylan suggested it was an enemy of Ash’s, prompting Ash to realised Dylan was behind it. He went to court to support Kyle when he was charged with armed robbery.

When Tank was paroled, Andy tried to threaten him into leaving town. Josh complained about Tank being allowed to attend the hospital fundraiser so Andy followed him to the caravan park and beat him up outside the event, in the process damaging a gas canister and leaving an electric wire exposed. Andy drove off, leaving Tank behind, and later that evening heard there’d been an explosion at the event and Oscar had been killed. He spoke to Sergeant McCarthy and learned the explosion had been caused by the gas canister, realising he was responsible. He found Tank wandering around injured and took him to hospital, telling him what had happened and saying he was going to confess. He then learned that Hannah had died too, and had Chris blame him for taking time away from them. He learned that Tank was taking responsibility for the explosion and was willing to let him be blamed until Greg begged him for help. He went to the police station and confessed that he had started the fight. He was charged with manslaughter, with Tank being cleared. He confessed to Chris, who later attacked him for it, but Leah told him to keep quiet. When Evelyn found out, she attacked him, although Josh immediately forgave him.

He tried to quit working at the garage but Ash insisted he stay, although it meant awkward encounters with Maddy, who had lost an arm in the explosion, and Matt. Ash told him that Josh had killed Charlotte and Kat was going to arrest him. Andy hid Josh at the garage and tried to get him to go on the run but he refused, so instead Andy confessed himself, also admitting that he killed Jake and Charlotte had been blackmailing him about it. Hunter came to the station as he was being transferred for his bail hearing and Andy agreed to talk to him, but when he could offer no explanation Hunter stabbed him with a pair of scissors. He suffered no serious injuries but the hearing was delayed and Hunter delivered a contemptuous speech to him about what he had supposedly done. He was held at the police station to stop him contacting Josh and criticised Kat for blaming Ash for everything. Josh tricked him into admitting he was lying and confessed himself. Ash bailed Andy out, using the garage as collateral, and Andy threatened Hunter to stay away from Josh. Despite promising to keep his nose clean, Andy contacted an old acquaintance, Burt “Simmo” Simmons, and started doing car ringing for him, getting him to bring the cars to the garage after hours, and working with him on an escape plan. At the last minute, Simmo told Andy he needed more money so Andy stole a car himself to Simmo’s direction and then re-birthed it. Leaving behind money to recompense Ash for losing the bail money, he bribed Josh’s guard, Beau Mitchell, into letting him escape after the sentencing, picking him up outside the court house. In the bush, they changed clothes and car and abandoned their phones before driving off together.

Around four months after their escape, it was revealed that Andy and Josh had hid at an abandoned farm, sleeping in the farmhouse and sheltering in a makeshift shack in the ground where they had set up a water supply. They moved on before the police arrived, but were later mentioned as having been arrested at the state border.