Debbie Barrett

Debbie Barrett (2013)
Olivia Pigeot
Episodes: 58415848

Spouse: Johnny Barrett (deceased)
Children: Andy & Josh Barrett

Debbie was the mother of Andy and Josh Barrett. She had a long-standing feud with Cheryl Braxton and was aware that not only had Cheryl had an affair with her husband Johnny, but that he was Casey’s biological father. She encountered Brax while he was looking for Andy, who was in hiding after causing the car crash that had left Casey in hospital. They discussed the disappearance of Johnny, who Debbie believed had run off with the proceeds of a robbery he and Danny Braxton had done after Danny was arrested, and how it had affected Andy. However, when Andy turned up and fought with Brax, Debbie told him not to blame the Braxtons for Johnny leaving.

Ironically, not long after, Brax confessed to accidentally killing Johnny when they fought over the robbery proceeds. Debbie attended his sentencing hearing, where she said the confession was thirteen years too late and argued with Cheryl, saying not all of them wanted their husbands to die. The next day, she met with Andy and Josh and ended up taking the gun Andy had brought to outside the court house and going after Brax herself. She tried to kill him as he was being taken to the prison van but instead wounded Josh when he ran between them. She was promptly arrested. She was not seen again but was mentioned on occasion as being in jail during her sons’ time on the show.