Episode 6355

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2016
UK Air Date: 25th March 2016
Writer: Rebecca Greensill
Director: Danny Raco

Can Oscar save Skye from her Mum? Will Maddy adjust her lifestyle to suit Matt’s? Billie prepares to face her charges.

Extended Summary

Skye tries to explain to Carol why she escaped from home, but it’s no use as Carol orders her to get organised so they can leave before John returns. Oscar arrives to thank Skye for her advice and hears shouting, but can’t see what’s happening and moves off. Skye’s helpless as Carol forces her off to pack her bags. Almost ready to leave, Carol tells Skye to write John a note, but when she disagrees, Carol loses it, and blames her for the car accident that killed her sister. Skye defends herself, pointing out that the accident was Carol’s fault – she was speeding and lost control of the car. Carol can’t take any more and pushes her into a wall, when suddenly Oscar bursts in and puts himself between Skye and Carol. Carol wants Skye to take her accusation back, but when she doesn’t, Carol breaks down, admitting that Skye is all she has left, and begs her not to leave. Oscar calls the police as Skye watches her mother, horrified.

As Carol is taken away by the police, John arrives, and is shocked to learn what happened. Skye hugs Oscar before moving inside with John. John receives a call and learns that Carol has been put into psychiatric care. As Skye tries to absorb the news, John offers her a room at his place. Overwhelmed, Skye accepts, happy to finally have a home. The next morning Skye sees Oscar at the diner, and he gives her a piece of cake to welcome her to the Bay. Skye beams – things are looking up for her for the first time in ages.

Maddy screams when she finds a possum on the bed, and runs out of Matt’s caravan. Matt’s amused, and Maddy realises she overreacted, but knows it’ll be tough to stay positive about moving in. They see Roo at the diner, who reveals she’s moving out of James’ place, about to begin a new chapter in her life too. At work, Maddy struggles to concentrate as she scratches her mosquito bites from last night. Maddy tells Roo that she’s freaking out, and Roo advises her to be honest with him. Back at the caravan, Maddy admits that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to handle living there, but Matt convinces her to give it a proper go so they can be together. That night more mosquitoes and the noise from other caravan park residents keep Maddy awake, but after Matt takes care of it, the possum returns, pushing Maddy’s patience as far as it can go. In the morning Maddy fills Roo in about her dilemma, and she suggests Maddy move in with her when she finds a place, giving Maddy an idea. At Angelo’s, Maddy suggests they find a proper house together. Matt looks at her numbers and worries it’ll be too expensive, but Maddy’s firm – if he wants to live with her, this is how it’s got to happen. But is Matt ready to play house for real?

Ash tries to help Billie keep calm ahead of her trial tomorrow, but the pressure has clearly started to get the better of her. When Ash calls Billie’s lawyer, he learns the situation is worse than he thought. Ash tells Phoebe the lawyer wants Billie to plead guilty so she gets a lighter sentence. But Ash doesn’t want Billie to go down for something she didn’t do, and is worried he won’t be able to get Billie to fight the charges. Phoebe visits Billie and tells her about Ash. Billie considers running away, and Phoebe tries to talk her down. The next morning Billie tells Ash to meet her at the diner before court. But when Billie’s late, Phoebe tells Ash about her plans to do a runner. They find Billie on the side of the road, and Ash tries desperately to get her to stay and face her charges. What will Billie do?

Guest Cast

Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin)
Carol Peters (Caroline Brazier)