Episode 6354

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2016
UK Air Date: 24th March 2016
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Danny Raco

Are Matt and Maddy moving too fast? Hunter grieves for Charlotte – but who is he hiding from Olivia? Skye helps Oscar move on with his life.

Extended Summary

Matt and Maddy wake up in each others arms, happy to hide from the Bay together in his caravan. Later, Maddy tries to sneak inside the house but runs into Oscar, the tension between them thicker than ever. When she tells Matt about the encounter, he offers to let her move into his caravan, and tells her he loves her for the first time. Maddy’s excited and accepts, and tells him she loves him too. Maddy soon updates Roo, who worries that Maddy’s taking things too fast. Roo warns Maddy about living in a caravan, but Maddy’s determined to make it work. Alf worries that Maddy’s rushing too, but Roo assures him that if it doesn’t work out, she’ll be happy to take Maddy in when she gets a new place. Packed and ready to go, Maddy shares a bittersweet goodbye hug with Oscar, still friends despite everything. Matt welcomes Maddy into his van and even though it’s not ideal, they love each other and that’s all that counts.

In denial about Charlotte’s death, Hunter meets up with Olivia, frustrated that he feels like everyone’s just waiting for him to fall apart. He gets a call from Lindsay, but rejects it and covers in front of Olivia. Olivia’s worried that he’s not coping with his loss, but Hunter tells her he just doesn’t care and walks out. Olivia finds Hunter at Charlotte’s murder scene, and he finally lets his guard down, admitting that he misses his mother. Grateful for Olivia’s support, Hunter tells her that he’s glad to have her. He receives another call from Lindsay, and is forced to decline it again. When Olivia leaves Hunter’s phone rings again and he picks it up this time, firmly telling Lindsay he’s got a girlfriend, and she needs to leave him alone.

Safely away from her mother, Carol, Skye’s starting to feel comfortable at John’s place. They learn that Carol has been released by the police, and John assures her he’ll protect her. She sees Oscar at the diner, and noticing he’s down, tries to help cheer him up, leaving him intrigued. She introduces herself and as they bond, Skye encourages Oscar to let go of his anger over losing Maddy. He passes Matt’s caravan on the way home and finds out Maddy’s moving in. Remembering Skye’s advice, Oscar congratulates Matt, and offers to help Matt get the van ready for Maddy’s arrival, leaving Matt confused. Later, as Skye sets the table for dinner she hears someone outside, assuming it’s John, but she finds that Carol has let herself in. Carol tells her she’s taking her away to punish her, leaving Skye terrified – what’s her mother planning to do?

Guest Cast

Carol Peters (Caroline Brazier)