Episode 6353

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2016
UK Air Date: 23rd March 2016
Writer: Kate Bradley
Director: Danny Raco

Kat shuts Dylan down. Hunter returns and finds out that his mother has been murdered. Josh tells Evie and Andy that he’s leaving Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Josh storms away, as Evie protests that kissing Andy meant nothing. Evie finds Andy who goes to look for Josh.

Hunter still isn’t answering Zac’s calls when Kat comes to take Zac in for an interview.

Dylan pushes the point that Zac was out all night when Charlotte was murdered, and no-one saw him. When Dylan asks about Hunter’s reaction to Charlotte interrupting Zac and Leah’s wedding Zac recalls Hunter’s threatening conversation with her, but just tells Dylan that no teenager has a smooth relationship with their parents.

Back at home Alf, Leah and VJ await Zac, VJ frustrated, Alf trying to reassure Leah. Then Hunter appears in the doorway… He’s back. When Zac gets home he hugs Hunter, telling him how worried he was, wanting to know where he’s been. Hunter just says he stayed with a friend, then Zac and Leah gently tell Hunter that his mother is dead. After a moment Hunter just gets up, thanking them for letting him know and walks outside. When Zac goes to check on him, Hunter is still stoic and says he’s fine to go to the station and talk to the police straight away. Zac and Leah talk alone for a moment, Zac expressing his worry for Hunter after seeing him seem to threaten Charlotte at the wedding. Leah is concerned to hear that Zac didn’t tell the police. Zac accompanies Hunter during the interview with Dylan and Kat. Hunter tells them he was out of town and doesn’t hold back in expressing how bad his relationship with his mother had become.

Later on Dylan tries to ask Kat to go for dinner and she pushes him away, recalling how he used to hit her. Dylan tries to tell her that he’s sorry, that he’s changed but Kat just walks away from him.

Josh bumps into Hannah and wants to know about her keeping Andy and Evie kissing a secret. Hannah tells him that it meant nothing to either of them and that everyone makes mistakes. She takes him home where he confronts Andy about it, accusing him of always screwing everything up before storming off. Leah finds Evie crying and Evie tells her about kissing Andy and the trouble it’s caused between her and Josh. Leah encourages her not to dwell on it. Leah and Zac talk about how worried they are about Hunter. Leah wonders if Hunter could have killed Charlotte but Zac is adamant that he couldn’t have.

Hannah goes into the diner and is given the cold shoulder by Chris who’s still hurting.

Olivia overhears Alf and VJ talking about Hunter and asks if he’s back and whether he knows about his mum. Hunter goes to see Olivia who’s both angry and relieved to see him. She asks how he’s feeling but he shrugs off her offer to talk saying he wants to forget about all that. Hunter tells Olivia that he was picked up by an old guy but she doesn’t see the text that he receives from someone called Lindsay: ‘Best weekend of my life xxx’.

Evie goes to see Josh who’s drawing again. She tells him how sorry she is, that she wishes she could take it back. Andy walks in and before he can leave them to it Josh says he wants to talk to them both. Josh tells them that he’s leaving the bay – for good.

Guest Cast

Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor)