Episode 6352

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2016
UK Air Date: 22nd March 2016
Writer: Eloise Healey
Director: Danny Raco

Ash is interviewed as a murder suspect. Josh finds out that Evie and Andy kissed.

Extended Summary

Nate tries to get his head around the news that Brax is alive. Despite Ricky’s reassurance that it changes nothing between them, he tells her that he needs time to think, leaving her worried. Nate tells Irene who’s shocked, and tries to reassure Nate that he shoud have faith in his relationship with Ricky.

Ash is very concerned that Kyle is trying to find Brax. Ash tells Kyle to stop, but Kyle’s angry and determined. Ash tells Ricky what Kyle is doing and Ricky tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to look for Brax. Kyle just says that Brax is family and they can’t pretend he isn’t out there.

Dylan attempts to use working together on the murder investigation to get closer to Kat. They interview Ash, with Dylan putting pressure on Ash, asking why he would try to strangle Charlotte, giving away the fact that Kat has told Dylan about the incident. After the interview Dylan sees Kat’s closeness with Ash and asks about them, she tells Dylan that her friendship with Ash won’t affect her work but is there more to Dylan’s concern than just professional interest?

Andy tries to explain to Hannah why he and Evie kissed but just ends up making her more angry. Evie’s trying to check for university offers when Andy tells her that Hannah knows they kissed. Evie goes to talk to Hannah and sets her straight, Evie wasn’t a victim, she initiated the kiss, and both she and Andy were in a bad place so it was a momentary lapse of judgement. Evie then asks Hannah not to tell anyone, especially Josh. Hannah reluctantly agrees but warns Evie that lying will come back to bite her. Hannah finds Andy and apologises for blaming him. They talk about what’s going on between them and say they can’t ignore their feelings for each other.

Andy is ecstatic to find that Josh is starting to get his sight back and Kyle encourages him to tell Evie even though Josh is worried that she won’t want to hear from him. Evie is so happy that Josh can see again that she hugs him without thinking. For a moment things are awkward then Josh apologises, telling her that it wasn’t her fault and he shouldn’t have taken his fear out on her. They agree to be friends again and talk about the possibilities for the future now that Josh’s sight is coming back. As Josh and Evie relax and start getting back to being comfortable together Josh picks up Evie’s phone, intending to hand it to her but sees the text that Andy has sent ‘Hannah won’t tell Josh that we kissed.’ Josh goes cold, asking Evie if she kissed his brother…

Nate breaks off his engagement with Ricky, saying that she’s the only woman he’s loved this much but that until things are really sorted out with Brax he needs to protect himself from getting hurt again. A tearful Ricky sits on the beach, mind churning with memories of Brax and what she went through with him over the years. Ricky goes to Kyle and lets him know that she wants to find Brax with him – not because she’s yearning for him, but because she’s so angry that he’s going to wish he’d died by the time she’s through with him…

Guest Cast

Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor)