Episode 6351

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2016
UK Air Date: 21st March 2016
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Danny Raco

Charlotte’s body is found. Ricky decides to tell Nate that Brax is alive. Detective Dylan Carter comes back into Kat’s life.

Extended Summary

Reeling from the news that Brax is alive Ricky tells Ash and Phoebe to get out. Next door Phoebe and Ash fight about having told Ricky – Ash thinks they should have continued to keep it from Ricky to protect her, Phoebe thinks Ricky deserved the truth, especially as she was getting engaged to Nate. Phoebe and Ash go back to check on Ricky but she’s still angry and again, tells them to leave. Kyle is angry with Ash when he finds out that Brax is alive, and that he wasn’t in on it.

Nate leaves the house talking to Ricky on the phone, on his way to celebrate their engagement. Inside the house Irene notices a tear in her jacket, then Nate comes back in, saying that Ricky’s ill so he’s not going round. Irene reassures him that there will be plenty of time to celebrate. Later on Irene stuffs her jacket into the rubbish and takes it outside, almost bumping into a frantic Olivia who tells Irene that Hunter’s gone. They go and tell Zac, Alf and Leah. Zac receives a text from Hunter telling him that he’s fine, but when Zac tries to call him it goes straight to voicemail. They talk about how hard it must have been for Hunter to find out that his mother is a murderer.

Charlotte’s body is found in the water and Kat tells Emerson that she’ll let people know. Leah talks to Evie who is still devastated about Denny. She says she’s going for a walk and Zac is still leaving voice messages for Hunter. Kat appears at the door looking for Hunter. She breaks the news that Charlotte was murderered.

Phoebe goes to see Ricky who says she isn’t angry with her. Ricky just sits holding Casey close as they talk, Phoebe asking Ricky whether she’s going to tell Nate but she says she isn’t. Phoebe goes when Nate arrives. Ricky tells Nate how much she loves him and they kiss tenderly. They take a walk on the beach, then as Nate gives Ricky a kiss goodbye and leaves for work, Ash tries to talk to Ricky. He wants to know what she’s going to do about Brax and that she’s okay. Ricky tells him she just wants to get on with her life.

A mystery man arrives in a smart suit. He walks into the police station where Kat and Emerson are briefing the officers on the Charlotte murder case and is introduced as Detective Dylan Carter, he’ll be heading up the investigation. Once Dylan tells the gathered officers what he wants them to do he dismisses them. As he leaves the room he quietly speaks to Kat, telling her it’s good to see her again… Down by the beach pool at the murder scene Emerson tells Dylan and Kat that the divers found Kat’s gun in the water. As they speculate about what Charlotte may have intended to do with Kat’s gun, it becomes clear to Emerson that Kat and Dylan already know each other. When Emerson asks, Kat just says that they’ve worked together before, but Kat’s discomfort shows that there’s more to it than that.

On her way to work, Pheobe goes to see Ash and tells him they need to sort stuff. Ash apologises, knowing she was just trying to do what she thought best for Ricky. Phoebe appreciates it but is still unwilling to accept Ash lying to her and thinks they should stay away from each other.

Hannah finds Evie in the diner and tells her that she’s there for her if she wants to talk about Denny. Feeling awkward about the kiss with Andy, Evie thanks her and quickly heads off. Andy himself walks in and when Hannah gives him the cold shoulder asks what her problem is. She says it’s about him kissing her niece, revealing that she knows…

Nate comes to have lunch with Ricky but she puts him off. They agree to see each other later instead but after he leaves Phoebe talks to Ricky, asking whether it’s fair to keep the truth about Brax from Nate. Ricky goes and finds Nate to tell him.

Kat asks whether Dylan took the case to be near her. He tells her it was coincidence and acknowledges that he wasn’t good to her when they were together… He then asks whether he needs to take her off the case and Kat has to say she can work with him, for fear of losing her position in the investigation. Suddenly Dylan is back to business, vowing that they’re going to find the killer…

Guest Cast

Charlotte King (Erika Heynatz)
Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor)

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