Episode 2351

Australian Air Date: 30th March 1998
UK Air Date: 29th April 1998

Irene and Marilyn arrive in England to visit Selina who has contracted malaria in Africa.

Return appearance, last seen in #2273. Was reunited with Selina in London after she had contracted malaria, where they finally agreed to marry and travel the world.
Return appearance, last seen in #2273. Was visited by Irene and Marilyn in London suffering malaria.
Bill’s son. Met Selina in Africa where she contracted malaria and brought her to England to recover.
Geoffrey’s father. Wealthy English gentleman who acquainted himself with Irene following Selina’s illness.
Served Irene and Bill in the local tavern.
Geoffrey’s mate who helped him warm the boiler for the museum.

Extended Summary

The episode begins with views of the town of Ironbridge in Shropshire, England. Marilyn calls Donald from the local pub in Shropshire. Amusingly, Emily Symons would end up playing a barmaid in the pub in British Soap Emmerdale a couple of years after this. Marilyn doesn’t realize it is 2am for Donald in Australia! Donald tries to explain to Marilyn that she needs to add hours instead of subtracting them. Marilyn narrates parts of the episode, telling Donald what has been going on.

Tempany Deckert makes a brief reappearance in the show with a new short haircut, as Selina is recuperating from malaria in bed. Irene tries to convince her to get out of bed and go outside. They are staying in the house of Geoffrey Burns, an Englishman who Selina met on her travels in Africa. He tries to persuade Selina to come away with him again.

Irene worries that her money is running out fast and she needs to get back to Australia as quickly as possible. Geoffrey’s father Bill has apparently taken a liking to Irene and is disappointed that she will be leaving soon. Irene is worried about leaving Selina but tells Bill that she has arranged something to cheer her up. They go to the airport to meet none other that Steven Mattheson, also making his reappearance. Irene apologises to Steven for having stood in his and Selina’s way in the past.

Selina is delighted to see Steven, but annoyed with Irene for meddling. Steven tells Selina that he likes her new hairstyle, and they have a cup of tea. Irene asks Bill at the pub why he never remarried. He tells her that he couldn’t think of making a commitment to someone else after his wife died until now. Irene questions why he says “until now”. Bill tells Irene that they should enjoy each other’s company while it lasts.

Marilyn steps off a bus, wearing a mini skirt in the rain, with some large shopping bags. She sees Steven across the street but shakes her head, telling herself that it can’t possibly be him! Steven and Selina visit a living museum where Steven tells her that he still loves her. Marilyn gets to the house and Irene confirms that it was Steven she saw. Irene also tells Marilyn that she and Bill have booked a hotel room for the night.

Steven and Selina run into Geoffrey volunteering at the museum and Selina introduces him to Steven. Geoffrey realizes he has missed out on Selina’s affections and asks his workmate if he would like two tickets to the Greek islands! On the Iron Bridge, Steven pulls a ring out of his pocket and reminds Selina that she told him he might need this one day – is today the day? Selina says yes and they kiss.

The episode ends with Marilyn completing the story on the phone, but Donald has fallen asleep!

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