Rhys’ fortieth birthday party is full of surprises; and not all of them are pleasant!


Someone decides to leave Summer Bay. Alf discovers the who really took the money. Sally has a special proposal for Flynn.


Dani and Shelley’s relationship reaches crisis point. Brodie gets an unwelcome room-mate.


An accident at the gym puts Jesse and Josh’s jobs on the line. Alf is scared – what is happening to him?


Covering for Jesse could cost Josh his career. Brodie and Alex declare their love for one another. Shelley is horrified when Jade puts her life in danger as part of her ‘live for the moment’ philosophy.


Kirsty falls for the new guy at school – who happens to be Angie’s son. The Sutherlands reach the end of their tether with Jade’s behaviour. Sally and Flynn adapt to living together.


Kirsty is convinced that Rhys is having an affair. Alex suspects Jesse is attracted to Leah. Alf is devastated when he learns there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s.


Kirsty avoids her father, convinced he is cheating on Shelley. Josh has a shock proposal for Dani. Alf retreats further and further into himself, believing he has Alzheimer’s.


Angie reveals a secret to Rhys that will change his life forever. Sally has some shocking news for Flynn. Dani decides to leave Summer Bay with Josh.

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Kirsty and Dylan’s romance is discovered – with terrible consequences. Shelley is starting to wonder what’s happening to her family.

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Angie demands that Rhys tell Shelley the truth.. or she will. Kirsty and Dylan grow closer than ever. Will Jesse get a second chance?

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Shelley and Angie start to form a friendship. Kirsty and Dylan’s secret romance goes public. How will Angie cope with the new autistic student?

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A fight breaks out in the surf club.. while someone is drowning outside. Will Josh leave Summer Bay without Dani?

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Will Shelley discover Rhys’ terrible secret? Hayley puts Jesse in a difficult situation. Dylan learns some devastating news.

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Shelley tells Rhys the family’s future is on his head. Hayley tells Jesse she cannot work with him. Kirsty is shattered by Dylan’s change of heart.

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Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Dani confronts Angie. Alf’s behaviour becomes hazardous.

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Alf is stunned to hear of Morag’s plans. Flynn discovers the truth about Tara. Sally makes a connection with Mikey.

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Kirsty learns of Rhys’ devastating news. Jesse tells Leah that Vinnie is in trouble. Brodie takes Alex on a secret getaway.

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Seb is frantic when Mikey disappears. Alex accuses Jesse of muscling in on Leah. Morag recognises Angie.

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The search for Mikey comes to an end. Sally’s hurt to find a negligence report has been filed against her. Life-threatening complications arise for VJ.

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