Episode 3391

Australian Air Date: 21st October 2002

Shelley tells Rhys the family’s future is on his head. Hayley tells Jesse she cannot work with him. Kirsty is shattered by Dylan’s change of heart.

Forty-fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #3390. Heard Hayley’s statement about Matthews’ harassment of her.

Extended Summary

Shelley is upset because she found out from a tape and not from Rhys and Shelley throws the tape at the wall and walks out. Jade, Kirsty and Nick go out and Kirsty waits for Dylan to turn up and Dylan didn’t show up. Kirsty goes to the diner to look for Dylan. Dylan tells Kirsty that he can’t see her anymore and Kirsty gets very upset. Shelley and Rhys trys to sort things out.

Shelley and Rhys go searching for Kirsty and finds her on the beach asleep and Kirsty starts crying over the break up with Dylan. Jesse and Hayley get interviewed at the police station. Kirsty and Shelley tell Jade that it is true about Rhys’s affair with Angie. Jade bumps in to Dylan in the diner and tells him that he should leave the bay with his mum Angie. Dylan and Angie talk to each other about their feelings.

Angie goes over to the Sutherlands to talk to Shelley, Angie tries to talk to her but only ends up with Shelley slamming the door shut in Angie’s face. Shelley tells Rhys that he has to tell the kids sooner then later. Starring Kate Garvan as Jade, Cgris Egan as Nick, Ben Unwin as Jesse, Rebecca Cartwright as Hayley and Paula Forrest as Shelley.