Episode 3388

Australian Air Date: 17th October 2002

Shelley and Angie start to form a friendship. Kirsty and Dylan’s secret romance goes public. How will Angie cope with the new autistic student?

First episode. Autistic student who attended Summer Bay High for a short period. Admired the colour red.
First appearance. Mikey’s mother.
Participated in the Gambler’s Anonymous session attended to by Colleen and Shelley.

Extended Summary

The new autistic student Mikey arrives at Summer Bay High and he trys to settle in. Seb shows him around. Rhys is shocked when Shelley talks about Angie around him. Mikey farts in class and everyone starts laughing and Mikey starts banning on the table and the class starts doing the some and Mrs Russell trys to settle the class and keep them back for 40 minutes. Seb takes Mikey to the beach. Rhys tells Dylan that he can’t have the job now and Dylan didn’t take it well.

Max hides the tape recorder in the surf club and Rhys and Angie has a talk and they don’t know that it went on tape. When Rhys gets home he finds out that Dylan is staying for tea and he gets very angry and he tells Dlyan to leave. Rhys tells Shelley his shocking secert that he had are affair 17yrs ago with Angie. Shelley is very upset and Rhys feels very guilty about it. Shelley stays at the drop in centre overnight, could this be the end of Shelley and Rhys marriage.

Sally meets are old friend from primary school in the diner and they shut about their lifes. Josh takes his mudes out on Hayley and Jesse outside the surf club and Hayley puts him in line and he backs off

Starring Sebastian Elmloglou as Max, Kate Ritchie as Sally, Michael Beckley as Rhys, Mitch Firth as Seb, Daniel Collopy as Josh, Paula Forrest as Shelley and Rebecca Cartwright as Hayley.

Rachael Jennings

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