Episode 3389

Australian Air Date: 17th October 2002

A fight breaks out in the surf club.. while someone is drowning outside. Will Josh leave Summer Bay without Dani?

First episode. Sally’s old primary school friend who gave her ideas surrounding surrogacy. Moved in with Sally and Flynn with plans to be surrogate mother for Sally until it was revealed she had killed her husband and youngest daughter in a car accident some years earlier. Her elder son was living with her parents.
Gym customer who Jesse forcibly removed after he was found making lecherous moves on Hayley.
Visited the Beach House to inform Jesse of Kelvin Matthew’s charges.

Extended Summary

Sally tells Flynn that she has ment up with are friend from primary school that she wants him to meet her and invites her over for tea. Mikey gets in trouble in the water and Seb gets help and Josh goes in the water to save Mikey. A guy in the gym starts craky on to Hayley and trys to stop him and Jesse walks in and starts beating in to him and he loses it and the guy leaves the gym. Hayley thanks Jesse for saving her from the mess. Josh gets his job back as head lifeguard.

The police turns up at Irene’s place to talk to Jesse. Sally asks Tara[Sally’s friend] to stay the night and Flynn asks why and Sally says” I want to get to know her littlie bit more. Irene finds out that Hayley has feelings for Jesse and tells Hayley that she has problems if she is going out with Noah and has feelings for Jesse. Starring Ben Unwin as Jesse, Rebecca Cartwright as Hayley, Kate Ritchie as Sally, Martin Dingle-Wall as Flynn, Mitch Firth as Seb, Beau Brady as Noah, Lynne Mc Granger as Irene and Daniel Collopy as Josh.

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